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  1. They are coming to this game that is already confirmed. Probably this year, but i read that some people think there not gonna be ready until january. And that is next year, but still for 2021 game. But novody knows. My guess is that at least one track is out in september
  2. I use the my team car and it has one purple light for drs and two purple lights when wing is open. Not all Cars have this light. I think alpha Tauri is one that dont have it.
  3. Nobody knows. Some think its not even this year... My guess is that they do one track, then release it and then do the next one.
  4. Same here, no Issues at all. And i drive in cockpit cam with all assists of with a wheel. used the normal setup and James setups from f1 carsetups. Some kerbs you arent supose to go over. I like the new design. Before their where so much complain about codemasters only had flat kerbs in the F1 games, now its fixed 😊 You cant take all kerbs in full speed.. I
  5. Cappachino78

    no legends

    Why is that? You dont kneed to hire them if you dont want to. You have the choise when you start career. Once the are turn on you cant turn it off. But when you start career you dont have to turn it on right away. You can turn it on at any time.
  6. I drive in cockpit for 2 years now, and never see the drs graphics anymore. Just listen to the drs beep. Just now its to quiete but whait for a patch.
  7. Ok didnt no that… Thanks for the info China was the first track i tried in this game so i did know it wasnt gone.
  8. I tried this before with no luck. What settings do you have?
  9. It cant be increased in settings. Codemasters need to patch it. i have the same problem on ps5
  10. Yeah its never been default before but could been turn on and off the same as now. You can even download any other players lap and turn on their racing line to make impovements to your own drivning. I used that many times to get faster laptimes
  11. F1 changed the calender so many times, tracks comes and goes. Codemaster uses the original calender for the game. The game goes more to realism than arcade the last years. Now we have better damage mode and you cant hit any kerbs like a maniac. And Physics is way better now then prevoius games. Then we have 1,5year of covid-19 that sure affects the developing of the game. and they cant just change tracks, they need to be rebuild from scratch. And now they have three new tracks that got to be added later on. I dont care so much for breaking point, but a story mode sure can get new players
  12. Its been in the other games for many years 😊
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