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    Patch 1.04 ps4.

    I have installed thepatch just now https://www.google.se/amp/s/updatecrazy.com/f1-2020-update-1-04-patch-notes-for-ps4-pc-xbox-one/amp/
  2. Cappachino78

    Free advertising for Codemasters

    Thats what youtube influensers are all about....
  3. Cappachino78

    Is any part of this game actually working?

    Seems to be a few Big bugs in the game. Dont know igen there will be a new patch already on friday, when there was a day one patch to 1,03 when the game was out yesterday. I Also has the game hang up on loading sometimes in tim trial and if you try to replay a session you need to hold down forward button the entire lapp or else it wont play
  4. Cappachino78

    No Commentary is practice and qualifying anymore

    Havent the changed the voice, guess its to save money then.
  5. Cappachino78

    F1 Seventy Edition and had Pre Order but i cant play

    Schumacher edition has early access. And there is only 2 versions of the game, standard and 70’s are the same and Rhen there is Schumacher edition. And there is the Steelbook wich is the same as the Schumacher edition.
  6. Cappachino78

    classic cars categories

    They should have a different leaderboard for every classic car except for them that's in the same year/or almost same year. To bad there are many of the old classic cars that won't be in the 2020 game.
  7. Cappachino78

    Codemasters, Safety Car

    I have almost drive a full season now, and haven't had a singel safety car yet.
  8. Cappachino78

    Change weather in carreer mode to dynamic not working

    I don't think you can change it in career mode.
  9. Cappachino78

    AI strategy

    In my race today every AI starter on medium outsider Top 10
  10. Cappachino78

    Can we choose our teammate?

    Same for me.. Drive for Mclaren with Norris as teammate.
  11. Cappachino78

    AI too careless during overtake.

    I have this problem to. The AI only drive its race Line, and its like im not even there and they drive right in to me. Very annoying
  12. Cappachino78

    F1 2019 FFB settings? Share

    have a really different setup now that like more T300 F1 wheel PS4 FFB 55 Road effects - 12 Kerbs - 20 Offroad - 20 Wheel weight - 0
  13. Cappachino78

    F1 2019 FFB settings? Share

    I am on PS4 only, sorry
  14. Cappachino78

    Braking glitch on f1 2019

    I cant seem to set Brake saturation right if you want 15% do you set number 15 or number 85 then. Because i tried both and brakes seem to be equally sensitive.
  15. Cappachino78

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    Maybe they paid Hamilton a huge lot of money.... But that seem a little unrealistic. But after i heard Ricciardo leaving Red Bull for Renault or Damon Hill went to Arrow after he just won the WDC and Williams was a great team. Neither did it make sense for me that he would have wanted to leave or that Williams didn't want to sign him anymore.
  16. If you look at pictures from 1990 the suit that Prost and Senna has in the game are the correct red suit that the have from 1990.
  17. Cappachino78

    F1 2019 FFB settings? Share

    T300 F1 wheel FFB 110 Road effects - 35 Kerbs - 50 Offroad - 55 Wheel weight - 35
  18. I thought that the would include classic tracks both in 2017 and 2018 when we got the classic cars. But still nothing in 2019 game. adding DLC tracks should be an easy income from us costumers
  19. Read a Codemaster interview yesterday that now its confirmed that only the popular classic cars will return to 2019 game. Brawn is 100% confirmed.. If you look at race fans page, it seems only Ferrari 1995 and 2002 are left out of the game. And then of course we get 4 new classic cars in the Legends edition. https://www.racefans.net/2019/05/03/f1-2019-car-and-track-lists-for-each-game-edition/
  20. I don't fully understand how the Senna & prost battle is used in the game? We will have 8 race with theme battle it out in track. But is the race only those two drivers and two cars? Have they said wich version of the game is in the Steelbook edition?
  21. Cappachino78


    Why dosnt the F1 stars use cockpit cam, when they play the game? I have just gone from t-cam to cockpit cam, and its so much more fun to drive now.. If it was 2019 I'm sure Codemasters would tell us. Last year we hade plenty of this videos. Grosjean, Gasley, Ocon and Sainz playing the game when it was time for Paul Richard.
  22. I know Faya said before that all classic cars from 2018 will return, But in this press release it said that "2010 Red Bull RB6 and many of the classic cars from F1® 2018 which have been retained" Many doesn't sound like all... And I'm worried about that since i drive 2018 cars in career mode but outside that i mostly drive the classic cars. And i would hate any of theme disappear. I want more old cars from 60s-80s. Well i guess we get two more, Senna and Prost cars! Also i would love to have som classic tracks.