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  1. Hello everyone, A new season in JRX is starting soon and now is a good time to join. JRX is a rallycross league on PS4 which provides close and fair racing to everyone. Season will have 10 rounds and biweekly there will be 2 rounds on Sundays starting at 18.00 GMT. In JRX, you can compete alone as a privateer or in a team to also go after the Teams' title. The car class will be the 2019 Supercars. JRX will use the in-game format (4x Q, 1x SF, 1x F). There will be qualifyings in lobbies before the races if there's more than 8 drivers which is the lobby maximum. This split into 2 tiers will make the racing more closer with everyone racing against similarly paced drivers so it will be more enjoyable. With us having 2 rounds at each time, we are expecting the racing to take 1,5 hours. Feel free to ask any questions and give JRX a go. We don't have any requirements for how many rounds you need to do so you can join for the rounds you're available if you're not sure you can do a full season. Joining our Discord is mandatory for the league as that's where everything is organised. Discord: https://discord.gg/GxMYKsh
  2. Good news for WRX. Kouvola is getting closer to hosting an event after Höljes in August. Idea is IMG's so hopefully more new tracks to the calendar too. They've already got some funding from the city and SET Promotion is trying to get everything sorted. Decision will be made next week.
  3. nPiipo

    Junior Rally Championship

    Hello everyone, A new season of Junior Rally Championship (JRC) is starting in a weeks time so now it's a good time to join. JRC replicates a real WRC career path with R2, R5 and 2000cc cars. After each season, you can get promoted or relegated depending how you have performed. This weekend we are having a quick extra qualifier rally where the fastest will get to skip JRC3 (R2 tier) to have more equal competition. You got time until 9 am UTC on Monday to do those 4 stages in New England with any R5 car. With a new season you can also create a Fantasy JRC team and manage it during the season with the top tier drivers. If you are interested you need to join our Discord so you can team up with other drivers next week. We also have other leagues too. JRC Historic with historic classes and WRC '93 that was voted by our community as a part of themed championships. https://discordapp.com/invite/GxMYKsh
  4. nPiipo

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    Kevin Hansen doesn't seem to know the rules of rallycross. Absolutely stupid push to pash overtakes and everytime extending the track limits after the hairpin.
  5. nPiipo

    DiRTy Gossip

    The people of the old Evolution studio don't own the rights for Driveclub. Sony has them. And as a Codemasters studio, they will do Codemasters games, not Sony's game.
  6. nPiipo

    Club Leagues/Divisions

    We have a new season starting soon at JRC with a WRC-like tier system. 3 tiers with 2000cc at the top, R5 in the middle and two classes available at the bottom with R2 and R4. We are more of a casual league than AOR with less aliens. More info here and on our Discord.
  7. nPiipo

    Junior Rally Championship

    Hello everyone, A new season of Junior Rally Championship (JRC) has started with qualifying rounds and now it's time to inform the people of Codies forums about it. This season will have 3 tiers (JRC, JRC2 and JRC3) so everyone can fight against drivers with similar skill levels. The car classes are R2, R5 and 2000cc, just like in real life WRC. JRC has taken a lot of inspiration from WRC to make the championship feel like an authentic rally career where you can get promoted or relegated depending how you will perform. As mentioned, the season has kicked of with qualifying rounds. Round 1 is ending tomorrow, that is done in New Zealand with R5 class. Fastest from it and fastest from earlier season are going thru to the higher split for round 2 to battle for a place in JRC. Higher split is with 2000cc cars. Everyone else will be with R2 cars trying to get the last spots from JRC2. Locations for 2nd round is Scotland. Everyone will jump into the unknown for the newest rally of the game. After qualification rounds we will have a little break so everyone can form their teams. Teams will be tier specific and then teams can get senior or junior teams from other tiers to form Organizations. Organizations will have an own championship so if you are in a esports team, your team can have a team in each tier to maximize your Organization points. Calendar (Rounds are weekly and dates will be confirmed later) New season also comes with new features like Podium interviews where every round will have 1 podium interviewed. If you are interested you need to join our Discord. We also have other leagues too. JRC Historic with historic classes and Themed Championship with the most voted theme from real life rallying. https://discord.gg/GxMYKsh
  8. nPiipo

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    Yes it was. It was part of Legend Edition and somehow I haven't watched it yet. Got the game on console launch day so i'm pretty late to it. Might watch it before the flat out dlc.
  9. The layout for Nurburgring is out. I was expecting a lot better but it seems to be one of those "modern" tracks with many chicanes and not that much gravel sections. https://www.nuerburgring.de/en/news/artikel/nuerburgring-stellt-rallycross-strecke-fuer-fia-wm-rennen-vor.html
  10. Few more ideas that I don't think have been mentioned here. Tyre change limits for clubs. It would be awesome if we could limit the tyre changes so that we couldn't change tyres on every service. This would add more strategies to the game. Improved "Stop by marshal" spots. Most of the stage have enough road from the end of the stage to the marshal where you stop at. Some stages have issues with this. Especially Jagodno where the marshal is too close to the end of the stage. And why the jump on Abies Koilada is after the stage and not in the stage? There needs to be enough distance to the marshals so we don't have kill them or damage our cars and if there's any jumps, they need to be in the stage. Alternative rallycross layouts need to come back. They were fun in DR1 but why aren't they in the game now.
  11. - Engines overheating from your mistakes It would be good if leafs could get stuck on your bumper if you have driven thru a bush. High grass could also cause some issues if you drive thru a field. Snow could get stuck on the bumper too. These all would cause your engine to overheat and we should be able to "get out of the car" to clear them off against a small time penalty. - Photo mode It just needs to be in.
  12. nPiipo

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    I had couple of crazy multiplayer events that had enough action for a generic compilation video with fails, crashes and dirty drivers called DiRTy Compilation