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  1. jagged

    Least Favourite Track

    Are you me?
  2. jagged

    Rubber band AI?

    Does the AI cheat in this game?
  3. jagged

    Avalaible on steam !!!

    Doesn't work for me.
  4. jagged

    Rubber band AI?

    I think we need to bump this thread up. There's a lot of discussion of rubberbanding AI on the Steam forums. Maybe we could have some more input on this matter by the devs either here or on the Steam forums?
  5. jagged

    What A.I. difficulty are you using?

    Hard. I'm all for realism and it wouldn't be realistic for a rookie driver to win every race and cup.
  6. Codemasters, are we going to have detailed cockpits sometime in the future? A patch? DLC? I race in interiors only so this really is a big deal for me. Right now interiors look like a GTA IV first person mod.
  7. Codemasters, please release a free DLC with detailed cockpits...
  8. Pitstop II on a PC back in the 80's. But my first "real" racing game was Indianapolis 500 by Papyrus (released in 1989). I remember it rained a lot in the summer of 1990 or 1991. I was a kid back then and I spent those rainy days trying to beat that 200-lap race... To this day every time it's dark and rainy day I remember Indy 500...lol
  9. jagged

    Rubber band AI?

    That's good to hear. If there is something I hate about racing games, it's the rubber band AI. I'm glad this isn't the case so my pre-order stays. Come friday!! :)
  10. 1440p with 60 fps, so obviously the PC.
  11. jagged

    The 'I purchased Autosport' Thread

    Did they email your Steam key right away? I'm also thinking of ordering from them but I just want to know if they're legit... Also, did you get the "Black Edition" preorder bonus from them?
  12. jagged

    Cockpit View - Will you use it?

    Will always use it. I don't like to play as a floating eye behind the car. I'm all for the immersion.
  13. jagged

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Helmet camManual pitstopsMechanical failuresRealistic damageCar STOPS when out of fuel%-difficulty sliderFormation and victory lapsBetter AIFocus on PC/PS4/XBONE, make the game look gorgeousMore spoken race engineer lines