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  1. There is still Wheel stutter in the game, it is a bit better but it is still there. Does not matter if i run the game from SSD M.2 or HDD 7200 RPM the stutter is still there. When i disconnect my Logitech G29 wheel then the stutter is gone( i have tried different USB ports but the stutter keeps coming back as soon as i put the wheel in). I tried it in 60Hz and 144Hz. For those who might say it is my wheel that is at fault then the stutter issue is only in Dirt Rally 2.0. I tried Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2, WRC7 there i do not have the stutter. Wish i could refund this game because the stutter makes this game pretty much unplayable. The Stutter started ever since the Monte Carlo release and nothing has been done to fix it. Tried it with 2 different PC-s both able to run Dirt Rally 2.0 without a problem and both getting such stutters while other racing games as i mentioned above do not have any stutters in them. Only fixes i find is from users who say start disabling Devices in Device Manager but that is not a solution and a problem of a single PC its rather problem of the game if it starts stuttering in only one game so Codemasters should find a fix for it or offer an option for people who have this issue to get a refund...
  2. Hello, I scrolled through this forum but did not notice topic related to this. Has anyone else been having MicroStutters playing Dirt Rally 2.0? I have Logitech G29 racing wheel with pedals and i have played many sim games (from F1 to Project cars 2 and assetto Corsa and Dirt Rally) but lately i have been getting randomy microstutters in Dirt Rally 2.0. The Stutters are related only to Dirt Rally 2.0, no other game gets them or has them. I have tried my wheel on 2 different computers both of them getting this stutter. I have read alot of reddit topics about this but no useful information about if codemasters are looking for a fix or if it has been reported even. I makes rally on technical stages like Argentina and Monte Carlo very hard to play if during a tight hairpin you get a stutter...