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  1. Yeah. Its mostly fixed for the drivers i believe but its still an issue for spectators which is quite a downer for race streams... About when can we expect not to see this issue anymore?
  2. I find it infuriating that such a promising game, not only this year, but year after year has its multiplayer ruined by bugs that make the experience frustrating. Having lobbies crash, lag, freeze and stuck in loading is just killing the fun out of it. When driving in an open lobby, getting screenfreezes when someone joins or leave the lobby us unbareable. Trying to time you steering correctly trough the final chicane in Canada, but OH NO! A screenfreeze just as you need to turn, and badabing badabom, a penalty. Having that go on in a lobby 3 or 4 times every lap is just the worst. When it comes to league mode, nobody is using it because it doesnt bring anything new to the table, frankly it restricts more than it brings. Reserve drivers should be easy to pick when the need is there, and why not add something like engine parts that wear which u have to account for over the season, grid penalties for changing parts and so on. There is so much to flesh out if one were to take inspiration from in real life F1, or even your own Career mode. Im really sad about the state of the game, multiplayer in particular, which is why i bring these things up. Now, i dont know what you guys in Codemasters are doing about these things, but as it is, we dont seem to get any updates on what is being done. I really want to see this succeed, and that things are being done. But for the love of god, do not announce a damn pumpkin costume skin for halloween, because that just shows everyone that you are not even concentrating your efforts on the things we need to get fixed.