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  1. Haha yeah no one likes dirty races, what platform are you in? And yes this game is perfect! Well done to the guys
  2. Haha okay i get you now! Yeah what would be good is a bonus for laps, like 1% a lap or something, so if you do a 20 lap race, means you get 20% extra xp does that make sense? And ive done races where i raced side by side through the last 3 corners at mount panorama with a random on the 2nd lap, all was good, same thing the last lap but i swear this player has bipolar or something cause we went side by side again through the second last and third last corner and the last corner he got in front and i did the criscross cleanly without touching him, had the better exit and before i even blinked i
  3. The reason people play in private lobbys, like me and my friends is so we dont have spaz drivers taking you out when you do a clean pass, or having a lot of lag racing with people from different countries, and by the way what do you mean by boosting? Having 5 or so friends in a private lobby racing clean so theres no money lost from damage costs and can play the game as its meant to be played.. Racing? so, sorry i have to disagree with that statement @NWRCharger‌ sorry! :)
  4. Hey @Loore‌ could you tell the guys to let us change the colour of our numbers? Its a bit annoying having a number on the only black part of my car haha :)
  5. @Loore‌ i think ive found a little glitch/bug, im in custom cup on the ps3 in the V8 supercars at bathurst, and i put my brake bias +20 to the rear and was locking up my fronts, so i thought hang on i might put the brakes all the way to the "rear" and then went back out on track and i had both fronts locked up big time into turn one, so i turned the bias to the "front" and yep you guessed it i locked the rears haha i was slamming on the brakes to actually test it but yeah could you tell the guess that they will have to re do the brake bias :) absolute ripper of a game by the way! :D
  6. Wow. This is a HUGE flaw if it's true @Loore. Especially considering how long it takes in MP to even get to the point you can even buy a car.  Yeah im 100% serious with this, has it happened to anyone else? Cause it really does suck, and also @Loore‌ could you tell the guys to make the repair prices lower, or maybe have an option in custom cup to turn car conditioning off? Its a real pain having to spend so much money to repair a car expecially when your car goes to 70% each race or when you do half a lap and retire and it still goes as if you did a full race, and the repair price i
  7. Just a little problem my friends and i found, i have 2 mates that we race the formula c with and we bought have bought them and done liveries and tuning with and we were all up to level 26-30 when BOTH my mates levels went back down to 1, they noticed it when they went to change there livery, @Loore‌ is this a glitch? And has anyone else had this problem? Still an awsome game
  8. I think it depends on the discipline Touring cars Endurance and Open wheel do. Street I think is decided on championship standings . I do think all discplines have practice but only the first 3 I mentioned have qualifying But i mean online? Like ive done online racing via custom cup on all disciplines and theres no option for practice or qualifying, does that make sense @sjsharp2010‌ ? Ive done the first race in career in touring cars and i did practice there :)
  9. Hey @Loore‌ i thought id say it on here so you can read it, i got the game 15 hours ago and have played it for about 12 hours, luckily or unluckily i had footy training.. But playing this game with a few mates, and we all love the game!! It is so fun and realistic, and as we are aussies we would like to thank you guys that the V8's are doing realistic times and are reaching realistic speeds around bathurst! everyone deserves a big congrats, the amount of cars is insane! Months of entertainment. I just have 1 question, if i read it correctly i thought on online you could do practice and q
  10. I know it is not in their f1 license but it would be so good if GP2 and GP3 was in F1 2014, even if they drop classic cars and use that money on the GP2 and GP3 series, that would make career better and online better, as reading most of these forums not many people were playing classic cars, so maybe CM should try a different approach
  11. Still waiting for this V8s around bathurst gameplay hahah @Loore‌ @justbiglee‌
  12. @Loore‌ im pretty sure there will be heaps pumped for the V8 video! Can't wait :D
  13. @Loore‌ is there any chance of some gameplay or screenshots of the V8 supercars? Holden and ford :)
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