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    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    My f1 2014 ideas; 1- i would like to have the option in career, co op and grand prix weekend, you should be able to get out of the car and look at telemetry in the middle of the pits, even if it is basic stuff like speed traps of all other cars and your team mates like wheel spin, turn in points and stuff like that, they had a telemetry option in v8 supercars 3 on the ps2. Which was way more advanced than that 2- Also when you get out of the car in practice or qualy in co op career and grand prix mode, there should be a watch session option, so you are not just sitting in your car watch lap times. 3- R&D objectives, they should make them a bit longer, in practice 1 and 2 in real life, the drivers are developing the cars/doing tests of new parts for most of the session so in career and co op when you have an R&D objective you should get to choose what you want made better/upgraded, like tyre wear, more front/rear grip etc, also make the number of laps longer, or you get to choose the amount of laps testing the part, the more laps= more chance of part working. 4- this is just a little thing but at spa and monza when you set your rear wing for under 3 say, it should be the narrow rear wing like in real life, makes it more realistic and other drivers can see oh he is running low wings and that. 5- pre season test, i thought at the release of the 2013 game that cause of jerez being in the game they were going to make a pre season test, if they did that it would be more realistic and when you get to round 1 you know they car, say you are in the caterham, you do the pre season test, and you notice your front grip is down, when you get to round 1 you can choose the R&D and choose to have more front grip. 6- formation lap, enough said. And the option to drive into the pits freely, like in practice, qualy and for pit stops in the race, yeah codies wont do that cause noobs will go as fast as they want in the pits but would be cool, and also driving out the pits, and the in lap after the race. 7- more mechanical failures, with the new braking system this year they should make in the game brake failures! And like engine troubles and all other mechanical stuff, if people dont want all that then codies should make the option in the menu like they have for the damage (full, visual and off) they should have mechanical, full which happens randomly, mild where it happens only if you are reving the car and driving badly, and off. 8- with the new turbo engines this year, they should make when the track is either a bit wet and very wet, that when you go over the kerbs that if you put the power down you get alot of wheel spin, i went to the melbourne gp this year and on saturday when is was wet i was at the exit of turn 12 ( the fast left right ) and the amount of times all cars went on the astro turf and got sideways just made me think wow i wish 2013 was like that, cause i tried with traction off and in the full wet, went over that kerb and i didnt get any wheel spin.. They are my wants in f1 2014, this may sound like i hate all previous f1 games which i dont! I love them all and i think f1 2013 is the best one yet, the handling is good but yeah these things are what i want.