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  1. thanks for the reply, but no. doesn't works done everything you suggest, but after the introductive video EGO dumper starts popping and it's impossible remove it. with the Beta i haven't this problem.
  2. i've tried 451.48,451.67 and 446.14 I try also this. Edit: Nope. it don't starta at game launch, but nearly later, at introductive video... but are again every seconds and continue in loop thanks 666824-20200713-095330-0.zip 666824-20200713-095328-0.zip 666824-20200713-095326-0.zip 666824-20200713-095324-0.zip 666824-20200713-095323-0.zip 666824-20200713-095313-0.zip 666824-20200713-095309-0.zip 666824-20200713-095307-0.zip 666824-20200713-095245-0.zip 666824-20200713-095427-0.zip 666824-20200713-095425-0.zip 666824-20200713-095420-0.zip 666824-20200713-095419-0.zip 666824-20200713-095342-0.zip
  3. 1. A description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. I get egodumper error evrytime at the game start. close one another appear 2. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) The latest on PC 1.03 3. Game-mode? All game mode 4. Are you able to recreate the issue? If so, please include recreation steps on how you encountered this issue. every launched game session 5. How often do you see this problem? Is it the only time or does it always happen? continuosly 6. Have you tried any troubleshooting? We recommend the steps here as a starting point for any issues. Please let us know what troubleshooting methods you have tried while creating this post. So i disabled the overlay, try to start the game in dx 11 and 12, play in windowed mode, tried other nvidia drivers 7. Any accessories you are using (gamepad, wheel etc) keyboard 8. Any screenshots or video of the issue? I have attached my dxdiag and ego report I have EGO DUMPER error message every second, EVERY SECOND, close one immediatly another is open The game starts after close 10 ego message, and after i can play with ego message on "background", but it's not possible in this way tried some fix read here, different nvidia drivers, very low graphics, DX11 and DX12 but nothing works, EGO dumper starts immediatly whe i start the game Attached some of these 666824-20200713-090551-0.zip 666824-20200713-090549-0.zip 666824-20200713-090548-0.zip 666824-20200713-090546-0.zip 666824-20200713-090545-0.zip 666824-20200713-090543-0.zip 666824-20200713-090541-0.zip 666824-20200713-090604-0.zip 666824-20200713-090603-0.zip 666824-20200713-090602-0.zip 666824-20200713-090600-0.zip 666824-20200713-090559-0.zip 666824-20200713-090555-0.zip 666824-20200713-090554-0.zip 666824-20200713-090552-0.zip DxDiag.txt 666824-20200713-090554-0.zip 666824-20200713-090552-0.zip 666824-20200713-090743-0.zip 666824-20200713-090740-0.zip 666824-20200713-090604-0.zip 666824-20200713-090603-0.zip 666824-20200713-090602-0.zip 666824-20200713-090600-0.zip 666824-20200713-090559-0.zip 666824-20200713-090555-0.zip
  4. Oasis81

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    for names packet 4 give me "player" or something like that, packet 9 give me nothing or 2/3 char without sense but i don't understand, if i see it in the game there are just public. so why there aren't sent by udp? about the packet 7, yes seems telemetry are not publi, i test it only with unranked lobby randomly to chek if it works. but also this, is nosense
  5. Oasis81

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    I can't see the name of the players in lobby, i have always char with "iocatore" or "player" visualized for all. is it normal? and also tyre usage or fuel remaining aren't visualized in lobby
  6. Oasis81

    Controller vs Wheel

    mmm there something strange pad vs wheel could be the same of keyboard vs pad in other games yes, if you are good enought you can drive better with pad vs someone that has the wheel, but there are things that with pad are not managable... for example: have 8 button (xbox pad without accelerate and brake that are dedicated) vs 14 button (example g29 without acc and brake) must give some disadvantage, at the same condition, for manage ers, fuel, menu, gear etc..,to the pad... or not? without the debate about trajectory and driving style.
  7. Oasis81

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    HI @Hoo another request is it possible, for you, add the lapdistance for the 2 sectors for every tracks? I mean, in France the S1 is at about 1414 of lapdistance... I ask if it's possible have this values this for the s1 and s2 for every tracks Maybe is too long work now, near the release. thanks
  8. Oasis81

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    ah ok, i didn't know., thanks so, i can't test it atm until the beta 3.1?
  9. Oasis81

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    HI It's only my problem surely...but my CarStatus packet is 1300 bytes, and not 1344. remove the DRSActivationDistance that is not added in beta 3 atm, seems missing something yet, but i've searched for very very lot of times my definitions and seems it's all ok. too many bytes for only 1 field missed. where is the problems?
  10. Oasis81

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    @Hoo Really appreciate that you have implement our suggests in the UDP, especially the bestlap sectors ! Thanks!
  11. Oasis81

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    HI Yes I must use that field now, the problem i that i must rewrite more and more part of the app because the packet comes with all the data, and without that carposition for invalid cars it was more easy to do, without filtering before.
  12. Oasis81

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    a question it's only mine problem or there is an error when you go on Q2 about the data? the car with index 15 has CarPosition at 1, and my app generate errors because there are 2 cars with CarPosition at 1., the first and the 15 the problem is that the car is inactive because in the Q2 the Car 15 is out of qualify, so, sam as other cars under it, the car position should be 0, not 1. with f1 2019 I haven't this problem. edit: after some checks i see that the first car out of range (15 in Q2) ... 11 in Q3 ... 21 in Race has always Car position at 1, and not at 0.
  13. Oasis81

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    Hello Hoo thanks for the answer. For the first point yes, the data stops when the player ends the Q. but usually there are some cars in the track that have no finisched their laps, and this could be modify the classify. My suggestion is the choice to the player to stops immediatly the Q same as now, or to choose to continue to follow the Q in spectator mode same as multy, until all the cars are over the Q time, to have the UDP data also for this time left. it will be also more realistic, because maybe in the Q I have the pole position, but when the Q finished at the next screen I'll see that i'v lost it, but I couldn't followed this in real time. for my view. For the second point. My app atm works same as this: every car has a personal list of record that stores every sector and every lap, order the list with the better lap and select the first record. , after this match this data with other list with other cars time and export the classify. this data can be stored only in real time mode, ex: car 1 | lap 3 | time 3 | sect 1.3 | sect 2.3 | sect 3.3 car 1 | lap 2 | time 2 | sect 1.2 | sect 2.2 | sect 3.2 car 1 | lap 1 | time 1 | sect 1.1 | sect 2.1 | sect 3.1 ------------------------------------------------- car 2 | lap 2 | time 2 | sect 1.2 | sect 2.2 | sect 3.2 car 2 | lap 1 | time 1 | sect 1.1 | sect 2.1 | sect 3.1 -------------------------------------------------------- Class car 1 | time 3 | sect 1.3 | sect 2.3 | sect 3.3 car 2 |time 2 | sect 1.2 | sect 2.2 | sect 3.2 ecc... but this has 1 big problem: 1) if the player skip something, same as the pit exit or the return to the box or i FFW the time and other cars are on track and does their laps, , the data sent from the game about the sectors could be skipped, so i can't store it. so, my suggestion is STORE the Table that the player seen on the monitor when is at the box , where is all the cars with their better time and the respective sectors. because the game can store this data in some way, also if i skip something or FFW the time, but i can't. I can suggest something like this: m_bestlap (there is) m_bestlapSector1 m_bestlapSector2 m_bestlapSector3 or only sect 1 and 2 could be fine. I don't know if it's clear 😄 thanks regards
  14. Oasis81

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    HI same 2019 the data stops before the finish time in Q. is it possible to extend the data sent until all the cars have finish the session? second and most important thing for me: the sectors: in the 2019 the sectors are erased after the lap, because at the new sector 1 in the new lap overwrite the sector 1 of the last lap. this happen in every case, if the next lap is the pit entry or if it's a worst lap than the previous. is it possible that the new sector overwrite the old sector only if the new lap is better than the previous?
  15. Oasis81

    F1® 2020 | First Gameplay Trailer

    someone has just ask if there is the possibility to have spectator mode also on single player mode? in a race or weekend, not season obviously.