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  1. HI

    uint8       m_penalties;            	// Accumulated time penalties in seconds to be added

    field penalties doesn't works.

    i'm in race and i have 2 penalty time about 5 seconds

    and another pilot has 5 seconds of penalty 


    but penalties field doesn't have a value , always zero for all the drivers

    all the other fields are correct, only penalties doesn't works


    also after i spent my penalty at the box for the pit, the field is always 0







  2. I really don't understand why you don't storage the sector!

    in the packetlapdata only the bestlap is stored, the sector is always resetted.

    but in the table during the Q every bestlap has is sector

    I'done  a lot of work for find a way to store the sector for every bestlap for every driver, but if i FFw the time obviously i lost that info.

    if i come back to garage directly the time has a jump and i lost the info if some driver does his best lap.

    why?! wehre are that info?!



  3. On 6/22/2019 at 9:05 PM, Retornik said:

    I would like to know why many people can play F1 2019 and even make lives on the game since yesterday, yet the game only comes out on the 25/06/2019 Legendary, and normal on 28/06/2019


    this is not the zone

    pls user general zone.

    game on pc was unlocked yesterday evening and on phisical store was sold before, same as other games.


  4. HI

    The Sectors in the laptime, for every cars, are stored this year or not?

    in the 2018 I had to save it everytime because after the lap they disappeared, and it was not so simple

    it will be good if every laptime in Q and Race are saved with their sector time... or stored when the lap is complete and overwrite in the new lap.


  5. 8 hours ago, FIE said:


    Qualifying started | Outlap | All 20 drivers on screen


    5 Minutes to go | Ricciardo at risk | 4th lap | Leclerc is fastest


    Time is over | Personal fastest sector 1 (green) | fastest in sector 2 (pink) | Ricciardo lost some time in S3 (yellow)
    Example: Raikkonen personal fastest lap from 7th to 6th place (green box) | Grosjean lost a place (red box)


    Race | Intervals between every car | Bottas has fastest lap (pink box Clock icon) | Animation Fastest Lap Bottas with sounds | Yellow Flag in Sector 2


    Leclerc (Leader) is in the official lap 45 of the race (big lap box) | Ricciardo personal lap counter with lap times (sectors too) on the Right hand side





    it's my WIP.

    in Q i miss something same as best lap and lap number  ,  the personal best lap in green and the Pos Number withe/gray caused by in lap or in pit, but it's not a problem

    my big problem is to add the DRIVER AT RISK box , yellow flag and the 2 box for the elimination pilot and the different column type, with laptime and without laptime, so symply the extended right column visible or not 

    other things are all done for the 2018

    the video of the project is up.


    for the race it's more diffucult.


    i've done the same thing.

    left column with distance between cars, and external box with distance from car in front and car behind that is updated at every sector.

    the problem is that something the data are updated wrong so rarely you can see wrong time distance, but it became correctly ater the lap.



  6. 1 hour ago, BelgiumDude said:

    I meant the F1 real graphics develop video. I do like how the drivers list in the halo hud looks. It's not in the picture above. But it's just 3 names very minimalistic. I really don't like the original broadcast TV style name tower. But in the Halo Hud are very nice design choices. I like minimalism 

    i understand. but it's just a vistory if we'll have the tower .


    the new halo hud with pilot i think it will be a dream

  7. 1 hour ago, BelgiumDude said:

    I really hope they don't do it like in that image of yours. It would ruin the entire gameplay. It's covering a huge part of the scene. No tnx!

    That is the broadcasting in F1 atm.

    Maybe more little but it's this

    Same as this


    I hope they realease the original f1 tv graphics



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  8. 7 minutes ago, UP100 said:

    Uhh. Am I misunderstanding or something but it is very clear that we have the official broadcast UI this year for spectating as such as it doesn't fit the normal gameplay without some changes to it.

    is it clear? 

    we'll have the graphics that you can see in my video few post up?

    I haven't read any confirm about this.

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    I'm working on it for the 2018 pc version yet.

    It's not perfect i know but it's better the originaL.


    If i had been have the beta access I could been start to check what i need to change to my work


    But because  i haven't it..The release time will be more long


    I don't think the original 2019 version could have this... But obviously  i still hope


    ok, i understood the first point.. it's a bit annoying  but ok
    for precision: the telemetry stops after the timer is gone to 0. because the problem still also if i stay all the Q in the garage. so for the game the 00:00 time equals the finish line for the player.


    for the second point.. your suggestion is interesting
    i can check in the code with if 0 < currentlaptime < 10..   with a some arrangements, it could works... my problem is only the visbility of the text of the laptime.

    i'll check better this evening.




    edit: thanks cjorgens79, works perfectly.  

    image before start line, current laptime and after sector with delta.

    thanks a lot






  11. 9 minutes ago, JesseDeya said:

    I also installed the Krisdix 2019 mod, but I duplicated my steam F1 2018 install first and just rename the folders when I want to switch between 2019 and vanilla. I haven't tried the DX12 beta with the 2019 mod, so maybe that's your problem?

    HDR works, but yes, Windows 10 is terrible at it. I just enabled HDR in windows 10 and it works in F1 2018. In my Nvidia panel I use either RGB, 8 Bit, Full, or 4,2,0 12 Bit, Limited. Samsung UA55KS9000.

    Happy to help you with HDR, did you have a specific question?

    mmm, i use a lg b6v 4k tv, with 4:4:4 60hz and 8 bit, and my image is too luminous.. can't fix with the game  hdr setting and w10 or tv hdr setting.

    with the console it's perfect anyway... the problem it's only with the hdr pc.

    do you mean that rgb settings on nvidia fix the hdr problem?

  12. On 3/13/2019 at 10:13 AM, KiLLu12258 said:

    Better visualisation in spectator for qualifying.


    Quali is such a important and exciting thing, but with those sector times not really showed (only in the edge right on the top) there is missing those feeling.

    So pls give us some real sector times in the middle for the qualy like it is in RL.


    I've done it by myself the image in the red square (only for the player) .... so i think that also codemaster can do it without problems.


    the question si... they want?


  13. HI All


    how did you managed the laptime on the q3?


     i've create a simple classification same as tv show with the laptime and delta in realtime for the qualify.

    in the q3 (also in the othre Q but in Q3 has more evidence), the game stops to send the data before the lastest lap, because when the time of the session is finished, some cars are yet on their flying lap.

    so, after the session, my timedata are old and different than the game time data.

    is there a way to fix this or not?


    2nd request:  currentlaptime starts at the start session time, so if you are in the box the currentlaptime is running.
    obviously , when you cross the start line after the outlap the count is resetted. but how i can check with precision when i cross the start line?


    i've tried with currentlaptime = 0 but doesn't works

    tried with trackdistance  == 0 but doesn't works

    only if i use the signal > 0 works.

    is there a way to check it with precision?


    thanks in advance