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  1. 9. Drive yourself to your grid position 

    10. AI not to crash during formation lap in slow corners

    11. More flexible track limits in some parts of the track, sometimes only with a tyre in the grass they give you a penalty

    12. AI to be faster in the first lap

    13. Tutorials as they did in F1 2012 and F1 2013

    14. Pre-season and in-season testing in the career mode, for example to learn how to drive the car or how to use the ERS

    15. Visual updates during the season as in real life

    16. Fix license system in multiplayer

    17. Investigation of the incidents in long races make more realistic the game and the penaltis



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  2. Whats up guys!

    I just bought a Thrustmaster T300RS and I was looking how to set it up properly to play F1 2018 in my PS4. I realized that here we don't have a dedicated forum for the steering wheel setup, and I think it can be a great idea if codies guys create one in order to help people like me to enjoy the games with a steering wheel. We also could use it to help codies people fix bugs which appear in the differents codemasters games and to develop them in the different platforms.

    What do you think??