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  1. What about ERC? From 2022 onwards has the same promoter as WRC and WRX.
  2. WRC + ERC in a single game? https://dirtfish.com/rally/erc/wrc-promoter-to-take-over-running-of-erc/
  3. Didn't thought of that, if all the gossip is true, it seems high likely to happen. We already have the Fabia, so fingers crossed for the Xsara to come too, and all the rumours to be true.
  4. #nodlcfoldermethodsupportnobuy I really want to enjoy the DLC cars with the custom liveries made by the community. Please make this happen.
  5. Would be really nice if someone makes a list with the slots available per car, since some cars only have the 00 available, others have more
  6. Not the first time cycling and rallying met 🙂
  7. i was talking about modded liveries, not the ones from the myteam editor... cant help with that 😞
  8. DiRTy Gossip intensifies Thats an 100% fan favourite I need that car... NOW What about the not so loved 307cc? Now more serious, if they bring the Xsara too i would be already pretty happy
  9. And snow all over the road with destroyed snowbanks for the late runners
  10. Interesting fact: Phil Mills co-drove an Almera https://www.ewrc-results.com/plates/?plate=12176
  11. I would 100% take the Almera over the Sunny
  12. Cars or liveries? Dirt 4 liveries work perfect... Didn't tried with Dirt Rally liveries
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