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  1. Didn't thought of that, if all the gossip is true, it seems high likely to happen. We already have the Fabia, so fingers crossed for the Xsara to come too, and all the rumours to be true.
  2. #nodlcfoldermethodsupportnobuy I really want to enjoy the DLC cars with the custom liveries made by the community. Please make this happen.
  3. Would be really nice if someone makes a list with the slots available per car, since some cars only have the 00 available, others have more
  4. Not the first time cycling and rallying met 🙂
  5. i was talking about modded liveries, not the ones from the myteam editor... cant help with that 😞
  6. DiRTy Gossip intensifies Thats an 100% fan favourite I need that car... NOW What about the not so loved 307cc? Now more serious, if they bring the Xsara too i would be already pretty happy
  7. And snow all over the road with destroyed snowbanks for the late runners
  8. Interesting fact: Phil Mills co-drove an Almera https://www.ewrc-results.com/plates/?plate=12176
  9. I would 100% take the Almera over the Sunny
  10. Cars or liveries? Dirt 4 liveries work perfect... Didn't tried with Dirt Rally liveries
  11. About the car files names the 99r is probably the R-GT Porsche 😉
  12. That is sad. So for most of the cars we can only replace the real livery
  13. I know that, but what Im asking is if it is possible to replace other liveries since I already replaced the 00
  14. Any idea on how to replace liveries besides the livery_00?
  15. Another suggestion B. Magalhães / H.Magalhães Skoda Fabia R5 - ERC 2018
  16. With that option i think both parties would be happy. Full agree with that solution
  17. My question: Why not making Leagues/Challenges a separate part of the game leaving the career mode alone or with the historic championships? I,personally, dont mind having to be connected to the Internet to play the career mode but we have to agree it is not the most consumer friendly decision
  18. Completely agree, the career mode is an OFFLINE single player part of the game in my point of view
  19. For now, i think hybrid is the only possible solution, full electric would be impossible without dramatic changes to the current WRC format
  20. Announcing this bad boy + VR to test the thread to the limit
  21. I bet the announcement at 2 pm is a sneaky way to test if the new forum is working properly 😂
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