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  1. Mythics

    AI Difficulty

    It is absolutely ridiculous how much the ai changes track to track it should be one of the first things they fix it is ridiculous going to Austria doing the qualifying program it saying I beat the provisional pole time putting it up to 100 for the race and finishing 8th put it back to 95 for silverstone I qualify last and and only beat latifi didn’t race too bad either
  2. Mythics


    Has the difficulty changed since the update on Xbox just seems a lot easier?
  3. Mythics

    Character skins

    Any chance of more older driver skins like Alonso button massa etc
  4. Mythics


    But surely they can be put on the game even if there not in the current season
  5. Mythics


    Are we ever gonna get more track like Nurburgring, Valencia and was disappointed to see Malaysia go
  6. Mythics


    Would there ever be mods on console? Would love to edit cars and change driver names