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  1. They react pretty good, but it’s the launch and acceleration where you can exploit them at times.
  2. I have done a couple of Grand Prix mode starts in the rain at Monza and starting at lean fuel mix from 3rd as Bottas, and I was easily able to constantly jump Verstappen and Hamilton just before getting into 5th gear…
  3. Seems alright for me, and I play on a pad with no assists, on 105 difficulty. I run soft suspension settings like 1 front, 5 rear most of the time, and at times I either get a good start or a bad. But what’s more of a factor is the tyres. If you get the tyres to at least 80 degrees with formation lap settings, I have noticed that there is a higher chance of you getting a start like Hamilton in Abu Dhabi 2014, where he just had a lot of rear grip off the line…. As long as you have a decent reaction to the lights going out…
  4. How on earth did you get the ai to have great reliability? I wonder if this has to do with awareness more than pace because Bottas’ awareness is the highest in the game, while Hamilton’s is 10 points lower. guys… our boi Bottas needs some love come on…
  5. I have no idea really. I only got that from TRL Limitless, especially when he did the TSRL league race in Japan when he made a crazy one stop work from lap 6 or 8 I think. He said that one click of wing adjustment could affect 3-5% ers I think or even more, but it is not higher than 10%. We all could test it though. Just go into a Grand Prix mode, set the ai to low levels, and do drive around different setups to see how much ERS usage you get. In F1 2018, it was brake pressure that you could adjust in order to affect your ERS harvesting. In 2019, I am not sure of it because I did no
  6. I think the main issue is that drivers are allowed to change strat modes during the race, which we think are the engine mode settings, but in fact the ERS settings. In addition to that, I think we may understimate the effect of the ERS on the cars, or we probably not noticing it, as it is not that « visible » to our eyes or ears. I still think there is more explanation needed to note the difference because I feel like the engine mode is controlled by the team in the pitwall, whilst the ERS modes which are the strat buttons on the steering wheel, are controlled by the driver. As you said, if st
  7. Yea, I think it is not in black and white regarding the rule of engine mode ban. Otherwise, teams would be penalized in every race.
  8. It’s a shame really. But at least they are going closer to a simulator. Although one thing I want to know, is the percentage of players playing on a controller be it PS4, PS5 or Xbox at Ultimate difficulty (101-110). Because I imagine it is difficult to play on a controller and going on at decent speeds without committing too many errors. I play on 105 difficulty. I think the reason, personally, is because of the difficulty in enjoying the game on a controller because a decent wheel is quite costly. Well, they are starting to implement sliders, so I think we can all say it’s a step f
  9. We really need to turn this game into simulation. I am glad they are making huge steps with the damage, the temperatures and the handling. I absolutely hated it when players can just easily stay within drs range without the power unit overheating and saving all their ERS. I really can’t believe that people prefer to know what Devon Butler is doing rather than making the tracks closer to the real life models and design. I can’t really say that those are real F1 fans to be honest, and that is a bit disappointing and a bit depressing to hear. This is probably the only way we can get close to the
  10. They already increased the range of overheating temperature in the power unit in F1 2021. I think based on youtubers, engine is considered to be hot at around 100 degress already, and you will need to cool the car down. I don’t think you can anymore do Rasmussen’s strategy, if you follow f1 esports, and stay behind someone for the entire race. Either way, I am fine as long as we are getting closer to realistic settings.
  11. I think strat modes are different to engine modes, which I think we are not seeing things in black and white. Otherwise, teams would be receiving penalties every race. I think the ban on engine modes requires more technical details to the fans. I don’t think it is that simple.
  12. Honestly, maybe I suck so bad at qualifying or low fuel runs LOL But leaving the fuel mix on rich for the whole 5 lap race has never been my style.
  13. Quick thing regarding the 2nd drivers, my teammate Russell continues to get poor tyre choices and strategies from the team. In Austria, we qualified 5th and 6th on soft tyres, and he decided to do a 2 stop S-S-M, while I decided to do a one stop on S-M. It was day and night difference that the one stop was faster. This is not the only race he did that, 2nd driver appears to be getting poor strategies like in Netherlands he also went for the 2 stop when a one stop was clearly faster. I have seen a lot of youtubers getting this as well. Hopefully this is fixed for next game.
  14. This is another issue I have. At times like on Singapore and Monaco, I wish to have the car underfuelled, and in the majority of 5 lap races, the car is overfuelled for my liking. But it would be great if they could fix the fuel discrepancies, because lean appears to be the best fuel mode in race trim for a set of corners or sections that do not require long full throttle application. Because it is better to go to lean than to standard in those sections to save tyre wear, particularly the rears, and at Baku or Canada, where rear tyre wear is just off the charts, this becomes a really great tec
  15. Look, in real life I firmly don’t believe that the drivers change the fuel mix every corner or every sector. If the team pre map their settings, and if they can implement this into the game, that would be really useful in the race. By the way, I never use lean in qualifying. In the rain, I may switch it to rich on some corners, because the acceleration difference in qualifying between lean and max is massive.
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