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  1. Krisperfectline

    The Worst Things Jeff Says to You

  2. Krisperfectline

    Is My Team too easy?

    I think ai strategies need to be adjusted. I just won a totally unexpected race of the US Grand Prix in Season 1 in a 22 race season when my car is closely matched with the midfield. I started from P8, due to grid penalties from Ricciardo and Verstappen, and there was a safety car on lap 11-13, and the ai decided to pit for hard tyres instead of medium tyres, and some even went for the 2 stop strategy. The one stop Soft-Medium or vice versa appeared to be clearly the better strategy, and I only overtook Albon to win the race, while the others, I just overtook on track through the pit stops. Same goes for Q2, if the ideal strategy is a Medium-Hard like on Baku, Bahrain, France and Singapore, make the ai qualify on the Medium tyres in Q2.
  3. Krisperfectline

    New update

    You cannot cut the second part. As soon as you dip 4 wheels over the white line, it is a corner cut slowdown. I have been slightly conservative through the chicane to avoid that. I think a 20 second final sector is still possible with good line and speed through there. My best sector 3 is a 21.4.
  4. Krisperfectline

    OP AI traction

    This is a minor problem in the game that can be slightly reduced by setup changes. What really gets to me is the ai not being affected by carcass temperatures, and all of us know that once your tyre temperatures go above 100 degrees, you lose grip greatly. I hope codemasters do fix this problem in the future. Otherwise, surface and carcass temperatures is just not fun.
  5. Krisperfectline

    Still no Ai car stopping fix??

    This is really annoying as hell. Particularly on grid starts. Ai cars just park it on the apex or suddenly slowdown at the exit. I really hate grid starts becuase of this, as winning on grid starts is almost a lottery.
  6. Krisperfectline

    France - Paul Ricard

    I have not had problems learning this track, and I am on a controller. This track is just driving porn like Suzuka. As Jeff says, late apexes is the style here. Sector 3 even highlights this to a greater extent. You need a car that is stable and responsive for this track. You are going to need to use some of the kerbs in sectors 1 and 2, but you will want to avoid all the kerbs in sector 3. It is not that much a brake-accelerate “stop and go” circuit, and it is not that much a late braking track. It seems to also suit slow and smooth steering. Trail braking is also great for sector 3. I am sturggling to get grips with USA. I don’t know what it is, but I just cannot get a decent time Sector 1 and 2. I think this could be brake setup, and I plan to try 53% brake bias instead of 50%. I have been learning USA for 4 days now, since this is the first time I have reached USA in the F1 codemasters games. Bahrain seems to be fine for me. It’s another track that I am not great in terms of speed, but I can drive extremely consistent laps.
  7. Krisperfectline

    1.10 just dropped - PC

    I don’t believe it. We have fake news for patches of video games? And I thought fake news of F1 was hilarious...
  8. Krisperfectline

    1.10 just dropped - PC

    I think there is also ai adjustments. i’ll try to find the link saying this. Edit 1: https://updatecrazy.com/f1-2020-update-1-10-patch-notes-for-ps4-pc-and-xbox-one/ I wonder what ai improvements are these.
  9. Krisperfectline

    Career mode car

    I can acheive identical laptimes with both cars. I just feel the multiplayer car is less prone to sliding. Maybe it”# just me.
  10. Krisperfectline

    Season 2 Podium Pass Details

    I like the Pure Joy podium. Not sure to purchase it since I only have the normal edition.
  11. Krisperfectline

    My honest thoughts about F1 2020!!!

    I know it looks like a league race, but... that’s what happens when you run out of cash in MY TEAM 😛 One thing that really frustrates me is when the ai takes over during the formation lap. I try to predict when the ai takes over, as it does not appear to have any consistent timing in reference to the race track. Speaking of the pit crew, I wonder why they removed the pit crew upgrades...
  12. Krisperfectline

    Podium Pass Season 2

    Just some questions. Do weekly items return in the future? Like the “Pure joy” podium celebration. Will it return as a weekly or daily item in the future? Are weekly items purchasable everyday? Or are they just exclusively available in the item shop? The pure joy celebration looks nice.
  13. Krisperfectline

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    I think that if you can get within 1-2 seconds of the top times of time trial that are legit, then you can race from 100 ai difficulty above. I have been always 1-1.5 seconds off the F1 esports drivers and I race at 105 difficulty.
  14. Krisperfectline

    Invitational events too difficult

    Just Tiametmarduk style corner cut on them. Damn, they really made it so that you have to drive like a race in My Team. I corner cut the last corner against the first placed car in Russia, and still won with only a warning.
  15. Krisperfectline

    Multiplayer car v equal performance car v grand Prix car

    I have a clarification on this. After driving the Mercedes and the multiplayer car in time trial, it felt like they could achieve similar lap times, but the multiplayer car is a lot easier to drive. It seemes less prone to sliding compared to the Mercedes. Anyone feeling the same? I have tried searching for confirmation that the multiplayer car is exactly the same as the Mercedes, but with a different livery, but I can’t seem to find that evidence. Note: I have always driven the Mercedes in GP mode.