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    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    In my view they will need to balance it between an arcade and a sim. This means finding a balance between the mechanics. For example, if you are going to make tyre wear like in F1 2018 for Singapore and Monaco, and then the ai not having any effect on tyre wear, that destroys the fun. This year, you can drive Singapore and Monaco flat out without having to worry about the left front reaching 105 degrees. Of course, you could adjust the ai difficulty, but it seems quite ridiculous to reduce the ai difficulty because of that. Next thing, let us take more speed into corners without having to use high wing settings, and let us match the gears used by the current drivers in the real world. Like, using 1st gear? Drivers dont even use first gear unless it is at the start or extremely unique situations. But for a hairpin to get the front turn in? In addition to that, slipstream and Drs is overpowered in this game. Or at least make the dirty air more powerful because it is almost impossible to create a gap if the performance is similar, and you might as well stay behind and wait for the last lap, and overtake the car in front. Save all the ERS, and just deploy overtake and DRS. I get it that the slipstream and DRS is supposed to be powerful due to the bigger wings, but we should not be able to stay within one second of a car for fhe entire race that easily... There is a lot more that can be added, but codemasters need to find the balance between simulation and arcade. However, we do want to get closest to the real life, don’t we? Or make a game that has both settings or mechanics so that we can choose what we want.
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    General Handling as official F1 series

    This is the dream for die hard F1 fans. I wish this for F1 2020 no matter how hard the game it is to play...
  3. Krisperfectline

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    I wish this game was more simulation than arcade. I’d rather pay 100 euros/pounds for a game that gives us the best experience than one that does not.
  4. Krisperfectline

    Suzuka last corner Bump

    Steering angle needs to be straight and you’ll need to stay as far to the left as you can..
  5. Krisperfectline

    Massive understeer at F1 2019

    This is ridiculous.. I can’t believe that we have to use lower gears to get the nose turned in.
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    AI using unrealistic amount of ERS

    I have not bought the game yet. I will get it tomorrow. In the past games, it seems as if the ai can use unrealistic amount of fuel or ERS. In 2015, I noticed that they would do the same thing as you shown in the video. However, this was with the fuel. They would keep the fuel on rich for long laps, and it was absolutely crazy.