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  1. 15 hours ago, MisterJes said:

    They nerfed the race starts in 2019 because they were OP. I FEEL like maybe they went a little to far in the opposite direction. 

    They react pretty good, but it’s the launch and acceleration where you can exploit them at times.

  2. Seems alright for me, and I play on a pad with no assists, on 105 difficulty. I run soft suspension settings like 1 front, 5 rear most of the time, and at times I either get a good start or a bad. But what’s more of a factor is the tyres. If you get the tyres to at least 80 degrees with formation lap settings, I have noticed that there is a higher chance of you getting a start like Hamilton in Abu Dhabi 2014, where he just had a lot of rear grip off the line…. As long as you have a decent reaction to the lights going out…

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  3. On 6/5/2021 at 6:18 AM, s00zster said:

    You can't convince me that they didn't get Bottas and Hamilton mixed up. 🙃


    How on earth did you get the ai to have great reliability? I wonder if this has to do with awareness more than pace because Bottas’ awareness is the highest in the game, while Hamilton’s is 10 points lower.


    guys… our boi Bottas needs some love come on…

  4. 35 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

    Is there a real physical reason for a relationship between ERS use/harvesting and ERS in this way? You've got me thinking... The best I've come up with so far is that lower top speeds would lead would probably lead to less energy harvested when braking for the the next corner, I think.


    I have no idea really. I only got that from TRL Limitless, especially when he did the TSRL league race in Japan when he made a crazy one stop work from lap 6 or 8 I think. He said that one click of wing adjustment could affect 3-5% ers I think or even more, but it is not higher than 10%. We all could test it though. Just go into a Grand Prix mode,  set the ai to low levels, and do drive around different setups to see how much ERS usage you get. 

    In F1 2018, it was brake pressure that you could adjust in order to affect your ERS harvesting. In 2019, I am not sure of it because I did not play f1 2019 as much as I play f1 2020. I do wonder if there is indeed a relationship in real f1 with this or in the game as well.

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  5. 9 hours ago, ChicagoSeminole said:

    It is black and white. Mercedes and the other teams were running more aggressive Qualy modes, Mercedes called it Party mode/strat2. Mercedes was able to run higher RPMs/revs while limiting the harvesting of the battery during the hotlap, then they tune down the engine for the race for reliability. FIA couldn't tell who was doing what so they banned it(with obvious help from Redbull and Ferrari).

    Now, If the Mercedes is suddenly running 500 more RPMs in a sector halfway in a race, the FIA can see it and ask question why.

    Teams can run whatever setting they want in practice, so teams like Ferrari and Alpine are running higher engine modes to make themselves look better than they are in practice, and Mercedes and Redbull can run lower modes, (or likely just more fuel) to sandbag before Quali. Most of those "strat modes" on the wheel are for ERS energy deployment during SC, pit, in/out laps. Its something every team does automatically in certain situations. So its pointless to include it in the game. 

    I don't mean you personally, but reading these comments makes me wonder how much F1 you guys watch IRL. "Party mode" was a pretty extensive topic around Spa I think and Martin Brundle and those guys explained it pretty well. 

    Also, ERS is already mapped for each track. Do a hotlap at Azerbaijan and watch how slowly you lose ERS on those straights compared to like Spain or Netherlands. Adding some type of powermap to the game is moot IMO.  Every team is already mapping ERS and power the same to their abilties.  Save some overtake button on the DRS straight, Deploy less ERS on tracks with less braking points etc. 

    I think the main issue is that drivers are allowed to change strat modes during the race, which we think are the engine mode settings, but in fact the ERS settings. In addition to that, I think we may understimate the effect of the ERS on the cars, or we probably not noticing it, as it is not that « visible » to our eyes or ears. I still think there is more explanation needed to note the difference because I feel like the engine mode is controlled by the team in the pitwall, whilst the ERS modes which are the strat buttons on the steering wheel, are controlled by the driver. As you said, if strat modes are ERS deployment modes, then including 13 of them in the game is an awful tough task for codemasters, but if all of this is correct, and they could try to include those, then that would be fantastic for us. 

    By the way, the more downforce you run in f1 2020, the faster your ERS drains and the harder it is to harvest, which is why Netherlands and Spain typically « eat » a lot of ERS. This is the reason why low downforce setups are preferable, provided that you can extract the lap time and keep your tyres in decent shape. 

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  6. On 6/10/2021 at 5:09 AM, HamishOK said:

    Just to add some options to this discussion here is a (fairly basic) description of the Mercedes wheel lifted from Formula1.com website earlier today when discussing 'brake magic' button (on the reverse side of wheel somewhere near the paddles) - note Strat Mode Rotary (13)  and HPP Rotary (15) both adjustable during the race.


    Mercedes Wheel.jpg

    Yea, I think it is not in black and white regarding the rule of engine mode ban. Otherwise, teams would be penalized in every race. 

  7. 18 hours ago, DRTApophis said:

    At the end of the day, the series has never advertised itself to be a full-simulator, but a game of F1.

    For something that's related to such a major global sport, its goal will always be aiming at reaching the widest audiences possible. Sim is great, but unfortunately it's too out of reach for majority of the people to really enjoy its full magic.

    It’s a shame really. But at least they are going closer to a simulator. Although one thing I want to know, is the percentage of players playing on a controller be it PS4, PS5 or Xbox at Ultimate difficulty (101-110). Because I imagine it is difficult to play on a controller and going on at decent speeds without committing too many errors. I play on 105 difficulty. I think the reason, personally, is because of the difficulty in enjoying the game on a controller because a decent wheel is quite costly. 

    Well, they are starting to implement sliders, so I think we can all say it’s a step forward?

  8. 13 hours ago, Exasperated said:

    I think you are mistaking this game for a simulation , this is an arcade game and the main audience members  are youngsters or kidults hence the amount of time spent on producing sideshow items like the banana splits oven gloves and  ephemera available in the pits shop or the amazing ' Childs Story ' Breaking/Braking point. There  is a confusion here about what this game is actually about , because its about so many things that not everything can be fully realised, IMWO of course.

    One would think that tracks would matter , but what about what Devons butler is upto , will he , wont he , maybe he will , maybe he wont. You see that's taken your mind off tracks.

    We really need to turn this game into simulation. I am glad they are making huge steps with the damage, the temperatures and the handling. I absolutely hated it when players can just easily stay within drs range without the power unit overheating and saving all their ERS. I really can’t believe that people prefer to know what Devon Butler is doing rather than making the tracks closer to the real life models and design. I can’t really say that those are real F1 fans to be honest, and that is a bit disappointing and a bit depressing to hear. This is probably the only way we can get close to the real feeling of the sport. I hope Breaking Point does, though, show us the business side, internal discussions of the sport though, like I don’t know…. For example maybe something like when Steiner was negotiating with sponsors in the Drive to Survive series. 

  9. 23 hours ago, petro1319 said:

    Then just don't change the current system.  If it's not accurate, or giving "unfair" advantages then change the negative impacts of running low or high mode to be more penalizing.   I think we all know that when we run in high fuel mode not only are you burning more fuel, but you're running the engine at hotter temps.  I do believe that running more on high also increases wear on the engine components, but to me it's not significant enough.  Therefore, increase the temps and wear when running on high for too long. Increase the change of player "failures" for running on high too long.    Same with low.  Slow the car down even more if you're running on lean than you already do.  Yes it's nice to see the engine temps cool, and I assume reduce wear on the components too, but make the speed differential slower.

    We all know there's different power modes available to teams on the grid IRL, so we should have a similar system represented in the game somehow.  I dont see a problem with the current system other than its not penalizing enough.  Increase the negative effects of running both lean and high should solve any issues with abuse or it not being as "real".   Then you can't run 5 or 6 consecutive laps on high with no real negative effect.

    Doing something to modify it so it's more accurate is better than simply removing it.  in a perfect world it would be great if we could map it all on our own, especially ERS based on running practice programs etc rather than it just happening automatically. I'd agree the engine mode system isn't perfect right now, but i think there's ways to fix it aside from just removing it.

    They already increased the range of overheating temperature in the power unit in F1 2021. I think based on youtubers, engine is considered to be hot at around 100 degress already, and you will need to cool the car down. I don’t think you can anymore do Rasmussen’s strategy, if you follow f1 esports, and stay behind someone for the entire race. Either way, I am fine as long as we are getting closer to realistic settings. 

  10. 11 hours ago, petro1319 said:

    I don't like the change if that's the case.   I was OK with the ERS change last year because it responds more to how things really work.  I don't like the idea of removing the fuel mix settings though.  We know the engineers on the pit wall and drivers can change settings to increase engine power and technically therefore fuel usage as well.  I mean, we see/hear the calls all race long from the teams telling the drivers to adjust settings, or from the driver's requesting for more power when chasing down the leader.   So because they can't find a way for it to work logically in the game we're just going to remove it?  Not a fan of that decision at all.

    I think strat modes are different to engine modes, which I think we are not seeing things in black and white. Otherwise, teams would be receiving penalties every race. I think the ban on engine modes requires more technical details to the fans. I don’t think it is that simple. 

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  11. 2 hours ago, Ultra3142 said:

    I can't help but feel you're overthinking 5 lap races. They are intended as quick, fun races rather than deep strategy challenges surely?

    Honestly, maybe I suck so bad at qualifying or low fuel runs LOL But leaving the fuel mix on rich for the whole 5 lap race has never been my style. 

  12. Quick thing regarding the 2nd drivers, my teammate Russell continues to get poor tyre choices and strategies from the team. In Austria, we qualified 5th and 6th on soft tyres, and he decided to do a 2 stop S-S-M, while I decided to do a one stop on S-M. It was day and night difference that the one stop was faster. This is not the only race he did that, 2nd driver appears to be getting poor strategies like in Netherlands he also went for the 2 stop when a one stop was clearly faster. 

    I have seen a lot of youtubers getting this as well. Hopefully this is fixed for next game.

  13. On 6/6/2021 at 3:49 AM, Shark2Racing said:

    On 5 lap MP Races  to not have this option will have quite some impact 

    fuel mix on start and the right corners made a difference ….

    Curios to see this in practices 

    In F1 2020 you could use this in a very good way during race to overtake or prevent from being overtaken/ together with the right timing of ERS …

    This is another issue I have. At times like on Singapore and Monaco, I wish to have the car underfuelled, and in the majority of 5 lap races, the car is overfuelled for my liking. But it would be great if they could fix the fuel discrepancies, because lean appears to be the best fuel mode in race trim for a set of corners or sections that do not require long full throttle application. Because it is better to go to lean than to standard in those sections to save tyre wear, particularly the rears, and at Baku or Canada, where rear tyre wear is just off the charts, this becomes a really great technique due to the game mechanics.

  14. 11 minutes ago, HamishOK said:

    Sounds like if we had different engine modes (ie a choice of STRAT modes) we could manage situations like this better for example would the old (2019) LOW engine mode become an option? - my limited understanding  of different pre-mapped STRAT modes allows for different ERS, SOC, Derating and Timing throughout a single lap - in other words it is pre mapped to change "during" different sections of a lap and the driver is instructed to rotate the STRAT dial during a race to delivery different STRAT (ie engine) modes, as needed, at different phases of a race. I don't think they change the fuel mix at most corners to increase/decrease traction (that's what the 3 x Diff rotary wheels on their steering wheels do and I don't think they do it at nearly all the corners?). If I remember correctly pre-mapped engine modes (ie STRAT modes) was covered in some earlier posts by @Sloppymusic back in May 2020. Also there is some interesting bits in this youtube by Hywel Thomas Mercedes Power Unit Director who explains about the number of pre-mapped "Strat Positions" (engine modes) available to drivers during a race. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwwUOYTbyfs&feature=emb_rel_end%5C


    Look, in real life I firmly don’t believe that the drivers change the fuel mix every corner or every sector. If the team pre map their settings, and if they can implement this into the game, that would be really useful in the race. 

     By the way, I never use lean in qualifying. In the rain, I may switch it to rich on some corners, because the acceleration difference in qualifying between lean and max is massive.

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  15. 9 hours ago, HamishOK said:

    Similarly I have recently noticed in F1 2020 an number of (if not all?) Esport drivers are using fuel mix as an exploit to gain traction into/outof corners - so if Codemasters are planning to reduce the number of options for fuel mix are they going to provide us with an option to change STRAT MODES (ie engine modes) during the race?

    I use lean fuel mixture in a lot of slow speed sections for this main reason, and to preserve the rear tyres. That is I only race against ai at 105 Difficulty. Or sections like the entire 3rd sector of Singapore, I would run the entire sector in lean until the start/finish straight.

  16. Honestly, it’s a bit shocking that majority of track in F1 2020 still use the same run off areas or build as the past f1 games. At least they removed critical parts, like the bump at the exit of the chicane at Suzuka. But it is shocking that the licensed f1 game does not have tracks that are correctly modeled to those in real life in terms of aesthetics. Really hope that F1 2021 is the start of improvement in this aspect. At least, we are getting closer to a realistic simulator experience after seeing all the videos released by the content creators. 

    Now, who dares to still dive bomb me at the start of a race when simulation damage is turned on? 😛 Anyone want major damage to their cars? 

  17. One thing that is also OP: Alpha Tauri in a straightline. Their car is 3rd best on the power unit, whilst I am 9th, and their car is 6th best on the aerodynamics, while I am 3rd. However, Kyvat and Gasly appear to just overtake everyone with ease, including the Mercedes drivers. 

  18. The only place on this track where you need to brake late is at the hairpin after the long full throttle section following the round about style corner.

  19. 12 minutes ago, neiluk03 said:

    by the end of season 5 the AI version of Alpha Tauri had become the best car. Ferrari were only above Haas and Alpha Romeo at the bottom

    Oh ***********.... Those Alpha Tauris are massively quick in a straightline LOL I have struggled to overtake Kyvat and Gasly in a straightline even with drs. 

  20. On 5/29/2021 at 7:09 PM, neiluk03 said:

    All these answers are fine and I have no doubt there is merit but they don't answer the original query. I was playing the game exactly the same way when I was in Mercedes beating Bottas to the title at AI 88 that I was when playing as Williams now at AI 83. Simulating about 50 to 60% of the races , always do full qualifying but I accelerate time when in the garage. So while these answers about faster AI times when simulating are no doubt valid they don't answer the query of whether the AI has been tweaked

    I don’t think the ai has been modified, as codemasters never mentioned a patch in altering their behavior, but I am at season 2 of my team at Baku in a 22 race season with Russell as my teammate, and he is 90 overall rated, with 97 pace. At the moment, we are tied 4-4 in the qualifying battle, but I have outraced him 7-1 because of the strategies he has done in the races. However, pace wise he is matching me close. It was only at Australia, Vietnam, China and Baku where I was clearly ahead because of how good I am at those tracks. But on all other races, he has been close to my pace. This is all at 105 difficulty. I’d imagine he would be faster if I construct a spec 3 simulator facility, as it is at spec 2 at the moment. 

    Just never accelerate or simulate sessions. Ai does not appear to have a difference ever since the game was launched. Or, it can also be the difference between the Mercedes and the Williams’ car behaviour that could have an effect.

  21. 45 minutes ago, KNT2011 said:

    While this is a work around it shouldn't be the solution. I've only just heard about this here, if true (not something I've personally tested) this is a mjaor issue and embarrassment for the game. 

    This actually works, and is good, as long as you are decent in one shot qualifying. Cause the grip in one shot qualifying is... not that spectacular lol

  22. On 5/25/2021 at 5:37 PM, DonBlanko said:

    Krisperfectline, You are right, Monaco, Baku and Singapur are tracks were temperature can be too low or too high in some corners. But these situations are still rare when you look at the amount on tracks we have. 

    I think it would be enough, when CM would make the window of the best tire temperature smaller (from 85-105 to 95-100 f.e.) and make the grip level difference between tire with good temps and tires with too high/low temps a bit bigger. Next to it should setup changes make a bit more difference to tire temp. I have the feeling that tire pressures make the most difference in that. But toe should also have more effect in that (DAS was also useful for Mercedes because they were able to warm up their tires with changing the toe while driving under SC f.e.)

    And last but not least car upgrades should especially take part of this problematik, so you have cars which seems to be less aggressive to tires and to have lower temps like Mercedes and cars which are more aggressive to tires and have normally more temps in tires like Ferrari or Red Bull. It would make the cars even more different. Some would like this tracks and some like other tracks more. 

    What do you think? 

    I am down for it being close to realistic, since that is the reason why I play these games lol. 

  23. Straight away... never simulate sessions, because the ai seem to set crazy lap and sector times. Unless you want to explore like Aarava. I just finished Monaco my team today in season 2. I tried to accelerate time in Q1, and Verstappen set a 17.6 first sector in Q1 on 105 difficulty, which is 4 tenths faster than anyone else did in the entirety of Q1, Q2 and Q3 and 7 tenths faster than what I managed in any session. However, I stopped accelerating time when he started the second sector, and he did a 33.9 in that sector, which was close to Hamilton, Bottas and myself, as all 4 of us were in the fight for pole position. Verstappen then finished the lap with a 1:09.5 in the first qualifying session. 

    In Q3, when me, the two Mercedes and Verstappen were fighting for pole, without simulating or accelerating time, I started with a 1:09.3, then Bottas and Verstappen set laps in the same bracket as me, but Verstappen was 0.050 faster than me. 

    Never simulate or accelerate time in sessions, especially in later seasons of my team, as crazy lap times, or even unrealistic lap times occur. 

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