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  1. Best lap at Monaco is a 1:09.2. This appears to be a track in which setup is not as the same as other tracks. I went super soft on the suspension settings. 1 for the front, 2 for the rear, 1 front anti roll bar, 2 rear anti roll bar and 2 front ride height and 3 rear ride height. Before, I was using 1 front suspension and 6 rear suspension, 2 front anti roll bar and 5 rear anti roll bar. The softer setup appeared to be way better under braking for turn 1 and the nouvelle chicane.
  2. Complete inverse. Lower pressures mean lower temperature but higher wear and lesser grip. I think the best pressures would be to increase them up to a point that you can drive normally and keep the tyre temperatures at 100 degrees celsius. If you find out that you are keeping the tyres at around 97 degrees, then probably you can increase the tyre pressures by 1 click to the right. I am a pad user, and I find out that for the rears, you should keep them below 97 degrees, as it appears that above that temperature, the rears can start to snap out... maybe it’s different for you guys and
  3. I for once, need to do quite a lot of warmup on the tyres for qualifying, and I always run minimim pressures. I think it is mainly of me not being good in one lap pace. In Monaco, I still get 100 degrees starting from the Lowes hairpin until Portier, but from the tunnel to the nouvelle chicane, the temperatures normally drop.
  4. I am at Spain in season 2 of my team in a 22 race season. I had a safety car in every race so far in the season.
  5. Legends? Screw the legends we need Max Chilton, Pastor Maldonado and Yuji Ide 😁
  6. Car was actually way better in qualifying and in the race. Grip delta from 3 practices to qualifying and in race felt a lot bigger than on other tracks.
  7. Does anyone feel that Vietnam has less grip levels compared to other tracks? I get understeer in the first and final sectors regardless of what setup I use, and it also feels like you can’t go on the throttle on the exit of corners without the slightest step out from the rear.
  8. LOL I am bsck after a long time, and got motivation to finish my team season 1. Bottas has won the championship in race 22 Brazil by more than 50 points. However, he has had only 1 DNF, while Hamilton, main rival has had 4 LMAO.
  9. The issue is that, when you say that to the engineers, straightline speed can be adjusted by the following based on my knowledge: lower wing angles to an obvious extent, lower the ride heights of the car, increase tyre pressures, adjustments to the rear toe can also be done and I think there are also many ways than those in the game. The drivers need to also describe where in the track they are losing straightline speed, because it can also be a battery deployment aspect, where the team can adjust the deployment of the battery in the lap. If you watched the practice sessions, I think it was Gr
  10. 1. That is obviously different than in the game of course, as they have the entire car to change, whilst we only have some of them. I am sure there are parts that they adjust which are not available in the game. You will also need to take in a lot more variables, such as weight priority, which was the aspect that Mercedes were not factoring when they lost to Red Bull in the Anniversary GP. I am pretty sure they do this in the debrief room with their computers, and I think the mechanics are the ones adjusting it on the car. Watch it. It is F1 porn LOL.
  11. This is what I always hate. People just do not know how to read accurately. He clearly perfectly, crystal clear indicated that he was inquiring for the successor of F1 2020. I am pretty sure they already have a plan for this, whether it will be the successor of this game, or the succeeding games. I am sure Nurburgring and Istanbul Park are not that much of an issue since it was present on F1 2011 and F1 2013. Mugello, Portimao and Imola are the ones that could cause some issues for them. I am sure everyone just wants a chance to get on the game, take the fastest car, and just driv
  12. Same here. PS4 controller, straight out of the first game, I was able to use manual gears. Gotta love everything when it gets realistic
  13. Hamilton’s awareness decreased by 5? Really? And they keep Bottas’ awareness at 99. So let me get this straight, Bottas, who lost the lead at the last race due to a lockup, basically has no effect on his awareness, which is defined as car control in the game. In Russia, Bottas could not get his qualifying lap due to cold tyres, and he even gave Mercedes’ main rival, Verstappen, a tow on his final lap. Unless Mercedes wanted Bottas to start P3 in Russia due to the cleaner side of the grid oferring a grip advantage at the start, then this is ridiculous to keep Bottas at 99 and Hamilton at 83. A
  14. It’s all part of the ULTIMATE, THE GREAT FERRARI MASTER PLAN..........
  15. I have already mentioned this is some other threads. It’s crazy about those strategies.
  16. I see. I wish they would make it that when all cars have all upgrades fitted, that they will be having equal performance points.
  17. For R and D, are you confirming that the My Team car is actually the car that can have the highest performance points when all cars are fitted with all the upgrades? In other words, the performance graph in the picture shows when every team has applied all of their upgrades on the tree? I am curious to know which team has the highest performance points after all upgrades are applied.
  18. I think ai strategies need to be adjusted. I just won a totally unexpected race of the US Grand Prix in Season 1 in a 22 race season when my car is closely matched with the midfield. I started from P8, due to grid penalties from Ricciardo and Verstappen, and there was a safety car on lap 11-13, and the ai decided to pit for hard tyres instead of medium tyres, and some even went for the 2 stop strategy. The one stop Soft-Medium or vice versa appeared to be clearly the better strategy, and I only overtook Albon to win the race, while the others, I just overtook on track through the pit stops. S
  19. This is really annoying as hell. Particularly on grid starts. Ai cars just park it on the apex or suddenly slowdown at the exit. I really hate grid starts becuase of this, as winning on grid starts is almost a lottery.
  20. I think that if you can get within 1-2 seconds of the top times of time trial that are legit, then you can race from 100 ai difficulty above. I have been always 1-1.5 seconds off the F1 esports drivers and I race at 105 difficulty.
  21. I am interested in this. I think their engine and drag will be drastically nerfed. I am not sure about their chassis or aero downforce. I think their tyre wear must be nerfed, but not sure about aero and weight performance. This will be quite tough to be honest.
  22. Turning points are the only slightest challenge. But braking zones are fine as long as there are meter boards around. Otherwise, I’ll have to base my braking based on the sound of the car.
  23. I use default cockpit camera with halo. I have not bothered to change the settings. It seems very easy to drive on them, and I play on a pad with no assists.
  24. I believe Bottas had some bad luck last season, but still way off Hamilton in race pace and racecraft. In Monaco, he was sent out in traffic in qualifying during his last run. In Britain, a safety car was called out, allowing Hamilton a free pit stop. In Hungary, he was hit on lap 1 by Leclerc, sending him to the back, and the need for a pit stop early in the race. In Singapore, Mercedes made a mistake in the pit stops, asking him to drop back to give Hamilton a chance to still attack for the win. In Brazil, his engine blew up and had to take extra components, forcing him to start at the back
  25. I wonder how could they put our retirements in the game? We can’t have brake failures... Power unit issues? Maybe increase the chance of a component failing when it reaches 60%? I normally switch to another component when I have 50% wear on that specific component, and I start using the 50% component in practice and switching it out during qualifying. I watched Tiametmarduk’s career in season 2 at Austria, and it was seriously funny as hell. Control electronics survived even if if was at 90 something percent hahaha
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