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  1. I got only Powertrain reset for season 2. Luckily, I only have 4 upgrades in that department. The great thing about r and d reset, is that you can choose the upgrades you want to make your car as suitable to you as you want.
  2. By the way, when does the r and d regulation change whisper occur? I am at Italy and have received no messages yet. Next thing is, I get hit with the cheese: no messages and then regulation change occurs in Russia or Japan..
  3. How about make r and d parts more expensive? Tom97 just started his driver career at Red Bull in Silverstone season 1, and the upgrades were off the charts in terms of costs. One major upgrade cost like 2000 r&d points...
  4. I am at Hungary in the first season, and we are just ahead of Haas in the development chart, 3rd worst team in the grid. Mick Schumacher is already fighting for points with me, and he is just at 83 pace LOL. I finished 2nd there and he finished 6th... I imagine if I continue to push the aero and chassis developments, we will start to be easily best of the rest... I believe so. We are still 3rd worst team on the grid, and as I said above, in Hungary, Mick Schumacher and myself were easily fighting for points. I have always believed that your car needs to suit your driving style
  5. So far I know that you can increase tracton by doing the following: -Decrease/unlock the on throttle differential. -Softening the rear anti roll bars. In regards to tyre pressures, you need to find your balance among them... High pressures will give more grip, but without management will lead to you overheating the tyres and that would mean that the tyre does not provide enough grip. Keep on pushing and this will definitely lead to more tyre wear. Too low pressures will lead to lesser temperatures, but at the same time less grip, and due to this, you may be required to warm up yo
  6. Setup changes do not have a bigger effect on race pace than your driving style. Not applying the brakes fully, avoiding high amounts of steering lock, avoiding wheelspin and avoiding slides will make your setup better in race trim. I ran a time trial setup in Vietnam for My Team and I play on 105% difficulty on a pad with no assists, and I still got 6th place in the 50% race. Tyre pressures are where you could start. Lower pressures are recommended, but be aware of the following in this game: Higher Tyre Pressures: Higher tyre temperatures, lower wear and better grip.
  7. It did help in getting better traction. However, I found out that using overtake out of the loop solved the problem and I am now matching the ai in the first sector. I gained 1-3 tenths by using 5-10% of the overtake just out of the loop. Now I can compete with the ai, but I must not let them get out of drs zone.
  8. I may try to run the rear toe at that setting. If it can give an easier time applying the throttle, then it could be worth a try. I lose at leaat 0.3 in the first sector at Silverstone and it all appears from the exit of the Loop complex...
  9. Interesting. That could be the reason why I am losing at most 0.5 of a second to the ai in the first sector. I have had to run rich fuel almost the entire lap to keep up with the ai. After some driving adjustments, I was able to keep up with Hamilton when playing as Bottas. I also lowered the front wing by 1 click in the 2nd stint. However, I need to check where else I am losing time. It still requires me to drive 100% all race long. Funny that the Red Bulls and Ferraris cannot keep up with me once I get ahead of them, but once they are in front, they do similar pace to me.
  10. I play on a 105% difficulty with no assists and on the pad. My goodness... The most overpowered track in the game, I have seen so far from the ai. It’s arguably worse than Suzuka in F1 2019. I am now at Silverstone in My team. Today, I did a practice race in Grand Prix mode as Bottas. Hamilton was at least 0.6-1.0 quicker than me. Albon and Verstappen in the Red Bull were somehow matching Hamilton’s lap times whilst the Ferrari drivers were just within 0.1-0.3 of me. I am forced to find some pace, and that is considering I run 3 front wing and 6 rear wing with 1 front ride height and 3 rear ri
  11. I think if you skip the formation lap when you are in the race, it will give you cold tyres. In My Team, I have the formation lap on, and everytime I start the race, my tyre temperatures are below 65 degrees. Now, skip the formation lap, and at the start, you will probably be swarmed by the ai. Safety cars can literally drop your tyre temperatures to less than 80 degrees, which is why I normally stay a bit far from the car ahead to keep tyre temperatures at least around 80 degrees. I just had a My Team race in Austria, and it was extremely hard to keep up tyre temperatures on the hard tyre dur
  12. He/She can, but they must have extra money. When negotiating with your driver, you will have to pick the low risk option, as that option will be a higher salary than their demand. Since you offered a low risk option with a salary higher than their demand, they will have extra money, and they can spend that money on perks.
  13. Does anyone notice the racecraft difference? I feel that all the ai drivers behave the same in terms of aggression. I seem to only notice the pace difference. But racecraft? Can anyone give some noticeable differences? I mean I have watched youtubers, and on some tracks the ai get stuck behind traffic. Racecraft is defined as how efficient the driver can overtake, and if that is just based on that definition, then I do not see any differences among the ai. As such, I feel racecraft is useless unless you have good pace.
  14. Does anyone know how the simulator facility works in terms of improving the 2nd driver’s pace? If I buy spec one, how much does it improve the 2nd driver’s pace, and how often does it boost his/her stats? I’d like to give Mick Schumacher a nice boost after the team literally screwed him over in France. Man, do I wish we could also control the race strategy of our teammate..
  15. Yea, I want to focus on durability first, as I do 50% races and I do a lot of running in the practice sessions for the programs. I can be happy that I always complete the programs because I need that for my sponsor goal of XXY. My durability is at spec 2 already. I do plan on stopping car development by the Singapore Gp to prepare for any incoming cheese regulation change. Mick Schumacher is at least beating the Haas drivers and the Williams drivers in spite of us being the 2nd to bottom weakest team in car performance. So I can’t complain haha. I will ignore the powertrain department and focu
  16. Yes, cause I am at France in my first season in my team, and I wanted to buy a facility upgrade for the aero, and then I noticed that all of my departments had at least “Spec 1 resource point generation”. My Durability, which was the department I complemented on the start of the game, went from “Resource Point Generation 1” to “Resource Point Generation 2”. I was like WHOAH! Thanks guys, that is a huge boost for us.
  17. Speaking of improving facilities, I got randomly a spec 1 resource point generation for all departments for free. I don’t know how did I get the improvements, but it must have come from an answer to an interview question. Anyone know or had this random improvement?
  18. If you invest in a Personnel facility. Will that facility consistently increase the respective stats of the second driver? Like if I purchase the level 1 simulator. How will that affect the second driver’s pace?
  19. I did a 50% race on 105 difficulty on the pad as Russell today at Melbourne in preparation for My team. I spent the first half of the race behind Latifi because of this. Not sure if my wing settings were to high, because I was running 6 on the front and 9 on the rear. I had to get extremely close, like 0.4 to get any chance of closing him down on the straights. I only got past Latifi when he pitted first, and I stayed out for another lap. Damn, is the dirty air powerful and it makes exit speed even more important now. Whenever I was behind Latifi, it was a lot easier to slide, and th
  20. This is correct because if it is an average then Hamilton is the highest followed by Vettel. Leclerc would be at 80 if we did the average. I am sure we will be getting more explanation on how the stats were given because some stats are quite controversial, mainly pace..
  21. Is this real? Stroll has same pace as Raikkonen? You mean to tell me that one of the fastest guys in the last 10-15 years in his career has the same pace as Stroll? I get it Raikkonen is the oldest driver on the grid, but there is no way he should be level with Stroll on pace. Same goes for Sainz.
  22. Russell has been screwed over here. His pace is slower than Stroll, and Albon is just matching Stroll. In my opinion, they gave Stroll a lot of pace. They should nerf his pace to 80 or even below. Although this depends on how much impact “one point” has. If an additional point in pace gives like 0.3 seconds in lap time then that’s quite fair for Stroll in comparison to Perez. I expect Sainz to be near Ricciardo, maybe 86 or even 87. For Ferrari, that’s tough... I am interested on how much awareness they will give to them. If Verstappen gets 84 on awareness, then I expect similar for
  23. That awareness of Bottas! 99 higher than Hamilton. Russell and Ocon have slower pace than Stroll? Is this real? I believe Ricciardo’s racecraft should be even or closer to Verstappen. It feels a bit too low for Ricciardo based on the definition of the stat... What’s the logic of giving Bottas 99 awareness? I simply don’t understand if it’s based on the definition of the stat.
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