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  1. kalamazoo123

    Why persist with the contract system?

    Agree with this totally, hurts the immersion for me. I guess the conta point is that it’s a game, and many “gamers” want the opportunity to progress through teams. Personally i would much rather have a more realistic career that reflected what would actually be likely to happen. Maybe and idea for future games is an option around whether we want a “realistic” career or the standard version.
  2. kalamazoo123

    AI in qualy is just pathetic

    Yes i know that, but it does add a unpredictable element to the AI. You have to be careful around them. In this scenario you are right, they could behave a bit better when trying to let the player past when being lapped, but overall i’m all for more unpredictable AI.
  3. kalamazoo123

    AI in qualy is just pathetic

    I kind of agree, but it’s not that big an issue, and also i don’t mind some variability/unpredictability in the AI. They should not be perfect all the time as others have said multiple times. I know it’s not exactly the same thing, but you do all sound a bit hypocritical... “We want the AI to make more mistakes”.... “but i’m gonna create a moan thread if they make one that affects me”.
  4. kalamazoo123

    AI in qualy is just pathetic

    Thats not a brake check! You were lapping him! You should have known he’d get off throttle mid corner. That’s what they do. Not ideal(yes it would have been better for him to let you past on the straight), but thats what the ai do when being lapped. You’ve played enough to know that. It’s definitely not reflective of the way the AI behaves in normal racing. It’s a known problem when lapping them but hardly a big deal, just be careful coming into corners directly behind them when lapping them and you’ll be fine.
  5. kalamazoo123

    Wing changes

    No, they don’t. Not when light green (low) damage and possibly even yellow. Like OP says, the only way to make sure they change it is to damage it more. Even when set to “Y” on wing repair on MFD. This is crazy... “auto” should mean change if heavy damage and “Y” should mean Yes, always change!
  6. kalamazoo123

    AI in qualy is just pathetic

    I actually find them quite good in qualy... if they’re not on a hotlap they get out pf your way and don’t overtake you if they’re behind you. They seem quite intelligent in this sense to me
  7. kalamazoo123

    Safety car

    Well i don't use flashbacks so that may explain why it works fine for me when others are complaining. Also probably a random element, like the rain. Some moaned they had it loads, some never did. It should even out eventually but you’ll always find extreme examples.
  8. kalamazoo123

    Discussion Thread for Patch Notes for 1.18

    Makes sense - I don’t use flashbacks
  9. kalamazoo123

    Safety car

    But... it does come out. I’ve had plenty in the races I’ve done.
  10. kalamazoo123

    Discussion Thread for Patch Notes for 1.18

    We’re working on it doesn’t mean they will change it. They’ve probably looked at it, decided it’s working as intended (or to a point they’re happy with at least) and moved on. Personally i don’t get what the fuss is about. I’ve had 3 or 4 safety cars so far in my career (100% races, up to Singapore so far), so it seems to be working perfectly well as far as i can see, which is probably the same conclusion CM have come to when they have looked at it!
  11. kalamazoo123

    Brake Checking - AI and Online

    It is a problem, but only when you’re lapping cars. That doesn’t happen that often so not a major issue and easy to avoid the problem once you know to watch out for them slowing down on the racing line in corners.
  12. I don’t know. Thought about this a lot when setting up ride height. I used to spend time trying to find the lowest ride height i could run without producing excessive sparks (especially through fast corners) as bottoming out should stall the downforce and result in loss of downforce/grip. After playing about with this a fair bit though, best i can tell, the sparks are just a visual (and there is also an audio) effect, but bottoming out doesn’t seem to make any noticeable difference. Makes the ride height part of the setup pretty redundant (like most of the rest of it). Interested to know if anyone has any other thoughts on this?
  13. kalamazoo123

    AI vs Full TC on rain

    No, they are **** in the wet! They were majorly nerfed and went from being a good challenge to fairly easy in the wet in my opinion. Clearly they are still to fast for some people! but given some of us can now beat them easily in the wet (playing on same difficulty as in the dry) - it is clearly a matter of driver skill levels and adapting to wet conditions rather than a problem with the AI
  14. kalamazoo123

    AI vs Full TC on rain

    So turn the difficulty down!!!
  15. kalamazoo123

    Help!! I’m slow this year, and can’t figure out why!

    Hmmmm not sure about this... While i’d love to think that all those people that are way faster than me in TT were only faster because they are using assists.... they’re not. The leaderboards are dominated by non assist users, so there is clearly a way of being faster without them.