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  1. Haha, maybe. There’s just so much missing that should be there for an F12021 game, but i know i sound like a broken record! The driving model is better this year, to be fair, but i definitely see it as an improvement/iteration rather than a big new feature.
  2. Yeah, just saving seems to stop the pit issue - you don’t even need to leave to menu, just hit save then carry on.
  3. 😂🤦‍♂️most of those made me laugh a lot 👍
  4. Yeah this is needed in my experience. This pit issue is new this year for me - seems to always happen if I don’t do a mid session save, but for some reason that actually stops it happening.
  5. Agree, it’s pointless in the manner it was intended if you don’t take over one of the existing drivers. You could have the option of coming in as yourself if you want to jump into the real season, but you should come in on zero points as any other new driver would in this scenario. Both should be options.
  6. Agree with most of that, but it seems most of my game is missing somehow if there is indeed “lots of good new stuff” in F1 2021! 🤔
  7. Well they couldn’t really talk about all the existing features they’d removed, or all the actual 2021 F1 stuff that wasn’t in the game, so they weren’t exactly left with a lot they could talk about!
  8. Agree with everything you’ve said, and yes, it does become a little pointless if it’s not updated swiftly after each race!
  9. Have been asking for telemetry for years and years. They’re not interested. I gave up.
  10. They’re actually much easier in the wet this year i find. On the same difficultly at the same track i can beat them in the wet where I can’t in the dry. i run a wheel and no assists but I suspect assists would hurt your ultimate potential pace in the wet so maybe this could be the difference?
  11. Didn’t Codies confirm a couple of years ago that how they appear to be using ers when you watch them through cockpit cam, is not how they actually use ers?
  12. Pretty much everything about this game must be quite embarrassing for those involved. I can’t believe the devs for a moment thought this was a worthwhile edition with the lack of content compared to other releases, but i imagine their hand was forced.
  13. Well each to their own opinion, but honestly without the team performance matching real life, we may as well all be playing F12020
  14. I have to disagree with this. I like that the weather is random and rain may come on different laps. If it always came at the same time to make it “fair”, then all that would happen is that people with more time on their hands would just run each event twice - once to figure out when it started raining, and then once with a perfect strategy cause they knew it was going to rain on lap x. I think it is fairer overall for the weather change to be random - luck of the draw plays a part, but it’s not biased towards people who just want to run and rerun the event multiple times.
  15. Performance patch has to be the top priority now, both in terms of overall car performance and team by team relative performance. This, along with the new tracks, and (hopefully) 2021 updates to the existing tracks (Spain, Abu Dhabi), are critical for us to feel like we’re actually playing the 2021 season. Up to now all they’ve done is released 2020.2 with bolt on story mode instead of some other features (classic cars, short tracks, champ mode etc).
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