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  1. Agree with most of what you say. The F1 Game series has definitely gone downhill (in terms of quality content) the last few years. It now seems very much like a “milk it for all we can” approach, as opposed to the obvious passion for F1 that shone through when 2010 was launched. It’s a job for them, so i get it in a way, it’s just a shame that we don’t have someone at the helm anymore who’s passionate about bring fans a real F1 experience. On a side note, it will be absolutely hilarious if CM advertise sprint races as a “shiny new feature” in F1 2022. I don’t think even they would ha
  2. Or shell out for a new pad... Like someone else said linearity setting will help to offset the impact. You still have less range of motion to play with though. At least you can get it to 100% now though and not top out at about 170mph!
  3. Just no! Please don’t spend any more effort on this cheap Eastenders rip off. It has zero believability in terms of actually being and F1 story. I want to create my own stories through career mode. They should spend the resource on improving that using some of the ideas generated through this forum. Absolutely no need for breaking point 2.
  4. You can check in throttle settings like someone said, it will be pretty clear in calibration if it’s not reaching 100% and if not that’s the issue. I think increasing saturation may help it get there sooner if that’s the case, but you will loose finesse to control the amount of throttle.
  5. I would love to see most of the ideas here in game, but honestly i think you’re all wasting your time... I’ve played every CM F1 game (from 2010) and been on these forums for each one. There have been so many good ideas over the years, like all the ones above, which CM just flat out ignore year after year after year. They either can’t do them or they’re just not interested in making career mode more immersive.
  6. May not be the issue here but if you’re playing on pad check the throttle button (r2 on PS). They always seem to wear out (on PS at least) and even though the button works it doesn’t register the last 25% or so of movement. Most games not an issue, but big problem for racing games!
  7. Much of the same stuff i guess, just more... Sprint races, and track updates missing are the obvs ones. Still nothing like real life car performance, was worse at launch but they had already seen half a season this year so no excuse. Still tracks missing they have raced on this year (and last year for Istanbul). F2 still late (not that i care). Some of the tracks late. That really did bother me as it put me off starting a career - given 2 of the tracks come right at the start of the season - and now i just can’t be arsed. Features taken away that were previously i
  8. It’s incomplete. A big disappointment this year compared to previous versions.
  9. I definitely wont be rushing out to buy on release again. Feel like i have been well and truly stung this year in terms of tracks releasing late (yes I know we knew but it doesn’t make it ok), and other real life 2021 stuff just flat out being ignored (sprint races, track changes, Istanbul). People complain about multiplayer, but they couldn’t even produce a good core base game this year, so that’s a bit irrelevant to me to be honest. I’m sure i will buy F1 2022, and probably all future F1 games for that matter, but they will likely be 6 months after release 2nd hand based on this ye
  10. Yup, this... the game has many issues, but the wheel works fine for me
  11. Lets be realistic here, they can’t even get F2 done in time each year, so this is just a non starter. And i agree with others, things like getting the actual F1 tracks right and in the game are far more important to me.
  12. The new track looks awesome, such a shame we can’t experience it in game!
  13. I think it is fairly realistic - seems to me like any contact will cause a bit of wing damage, but it takes a more serious contact to cause any major damage so seems about right for the player car... BUT... the real problem is that the AI don’t seem to use this setting (even when you have selected it). Compared to the player car their cars are like tanks and it takes a major knock for them to have any damage. Sim damage should be sim damage for all cars and it just doesn’t seem to be. For this reason I don’t use it.
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