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  1. kalamazoo123

    F1® 2021 | Pre-Season Testing

    Or an upgrade could prove ineffective, but open up another avenue of development that would see benefits when further parts are developed. Could also close off another avenue if this one was pursued. There is so much more they could do with R&D if some real thought was put into it...
  2. kalamazoo123

    F1 2021 game

    Agree with this. F12020 was a great game. If we get the new tracks for this year, updated liveries and roster I’ll happily buy F12021. The other additional tracks from last year and customisable calendar would be nice bonuses.
  3. kalamazoo123

    Jeddah Street Circuit Layout?

    Doesn’t mean it’s a good/correct decision in your opinion. There you go, I just corrected it for you. You’re welcome
  4. kalamazoo123

    Classic cars in F1 2021

    Would rather have classic tracks than classic cars. Realistically i think all their focus this year will be on the new tracks needed to represent the 2021 calendar.
  5. kalamazoo123

    New Safety and Medical cars

    Well according to a lot of people here the old safety car still hasn’t made it into the game... I joke of course, and i expect we will get the new cars - should be a pretty simple skin change as we don’t get to drive them or anything.
  6. kalamazoo123

    F1 2021 need 4 new courses & 3 new location

    I really don’t get it... I’ve played loads of online, and it’s not a mess! I’ve never been disconnected. It works very well, race after race after race no issues at all.
  7. kalamazoo123

    F1 2021 need 4 new courses & 3 new location

    Ive been playing F1 2020 and online works well on PS4. As someone else said there has been a lot of whining, but that’s just it - whining for no real reason, some people just never happy
  8. kalamazoo123

    F1 2021 need 4 new courses & 3 new location

    Absolutely disagree! Online worked well in F1 2020 and after the first couple of patches the major bugs were sorted. Top priority for F1 2021 is the new tracks. If this means nothing else changes in this year’s game apart from roster update and livery skins i’m happy.
  9. kalamazoo123

    Sick of the constant panhandling (1.16)

    I’d actually pay money to be able to opt out of it all! Maybe that’s been their plan all along😂
  10. kalamazoo123

    Game release

    Didn’t see anyone moaning?
  11. kalamazoo123

    Track situation for F1 2021

    My hopes are already very high that we will be able to use the official F1 game to race on actual tracks that real F1 races on this year. It’s ok for us to have different expectations, but i really don’t think mine are unreasonable 😊
  12. kalamazoo123

    Game release

    Yes i expect so. I’m ok with this tbh - i’d rather have a complete game this year with all the tracks being raced on.
  13. kalamazoo123

    F1 2021 - Ray Tracing?

    I really doubt it - far too many other priorities this year which will eat up dev time (main one being actually including the tracks that real F1 is racing on).
  14. kalamazoo123

    Track situation for F1 2021

    I really hope not! To have an F1 game and not be able to race the tracks they actually race 2 years in a row would be an absolute disaster. It’s bad enough we didn’t get all the tracks that were raced on in 2020 (though understandable). In my view the main priority for F1 2021 has to be giving us all the tracks so that we recreate a proper 2020 & 2021 season. Even if nothing else changes (apart from team personnel updates), and the release is pushed back, the tracks are an absolute must.
  15. kalamazoo123

    How many times can this game crash??

    There were some issues at launch definitely, but after the first patch a couple of weeks after launch can honestly say it has not crashed since for me on PS4, not once.