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  1. kalamazoo123

    Update on Anti-cheat measures

    Another new account Mike? 😂
  2. kalamazoo123

    Cockpit Cam Halo Transparency 2020

    Totally agree, but has been suggested multiple times since the halo was introduced. I can only assume they can’t (don’t see why), or don’t want to, do it.
  3. kalamazoo123

    What are your favorite driving tracks?

    My favourites are Hungary, Monaco, Brazil and Catalunya in that order. Also loving Netherlands this year. Really don’t like Canada, Russia, or France, not really sure why, just never enjoy driving them at all.
  4. kalamazoo123

    Weekly event Hungary

    I don’t think a little variation hurts. Luck of the draw then.
  5. kalamazoo123


    What i’m seeing here, is that we’re all stronger or weaker at different tracks. That tells me it’s not an AI issue at all, it’s down to our own strengths and weaknesses at different tracks. Also influenced of course by setups and driving styles/preferences.
  6. kalamazoo123

    AI setup (Straight line speed)

    I think the AI use fairly low wings, but not really low. I took a low downforce (custom) setup at Spa and had no problem on the straights - could pass them or keep them behind. Conversely i took high downforce at Hungary and was much faster than them through the corners. Keep in mind though that engine wear will play a big factor in your straight line speed and im not convinced the AI suffer from it.
  7. kalamazoo123

    Where is the logic to this

    Give it rest... honestly who cares??? Much better they’re working hard on important updates (i see patch 1.06 just dropped) 😊
  8. No, i race on PS4 with T300 and F1 rim and have not experienced this.
  9. kalamazoo123

    F1 2020 Podium Pass Saving

    Is it the constant pop up top left “communicating with online services” that you mean? That really annoys me too, so distracting and totally unnecessary when i’m playing career! Yes, i know i could switch my PS4 offline but really shouldn’t have to do this every time i want to switch between career and multiplayer.
  10. kalamazoo123

    Is it worth 50 pound at minute

    It was in a bit of a state at release, but since patch 1.05 it’s all working as it should. Haven’t seen any bugs since then. on PS4
  11. kalamazoo123

    Pressure should be on to add new tracks

  12. kalamazoo123

    Pressure should be on to add new tracks

    Why say you don’t care in the middle of a long rant (not your first in this thread)? 😂
  13. kalamazoo123

    Multiplayer unplayable. My experience

    Can honestly say I haven’t experienced any of these bugs and multiplayer seems to be stable and working well. It is pretty unplayable though due to the volume of morons who want to ram you off the track rather than race! Some things never change.
  14. kalamazoo123

    Pressure should be on to add new tracks

    This thread is hilarious 😂 I cant believe we’ve actually got someone arguing for more colour customisation over additional tracks - in a racing game!!!
  15. kalamazoo123

    Pressure should be on to add new tracks

    You’ve basically just said... “I don’t agree with you so shut up”! Thanks for your valuable contribution 👏