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  1. kalamazoo123

    Patch 1.13 Any news?

    No, it really wouldn’t
  2. kalamazoo123

    Ai give you no space

    I don't agree with these last couple of posts. It’s frustrating people asking for change about an element of the game that I believe is spot on but we all have different opinions and thats fine. I’ve said what I believe and i stand by it. I have no interest in getting into an argument on a game forum so i’ll leave it there. 👍
  3. kalamazoo123

    Ai give you no space

    That’s interesting... i’ve played all of the CM F1 games (2010 onwards) on PS3 & PS4. I have played them all a lot, like 100’s of hours each (almost all offline in career), and i have literally never, ever experienced this once.
  4. kalamazoo123

    Ai give you no space

    But it’s not your space if you’ve just divebombed from miles back up the inside! No real driver would behave like this and not expect contact, so why do we want to. I’ll say again, in my experience, if you’ve made a clean pass, and you’re ahead at the turn in point, they will not turn into you. If you’re speculating and don’t quite make it to this point, it’s up to you to realise this and back out. Also, if there is one that’s really hard to call and the AI turn in (doesn’t happen much in my experience, but let’s just say) then just view it as a racing incident. It happens in real life, and we’ve all said we want the AI to make more mistakes, and if this happens we could be at least partly at fault (at least we could have avoided the incident by being more careful). So just accept the odd one as racing. Surely it’s not all about pass everyone at all costs and win all the time? If it is, like i said, just turn the damage off and AI down and have your fun. The AI are brilliant in this game at having a good race, it’s probably the single best thing about the game compared to other racing games, and this year they have got better by not just giving you space when it’s not earnt.
  5. kalamazoo123


  6. kalamazoo123

    Ai give you no space

    I didn’t say that, and don’t think it for a second. I do absolutely believe though that the are a big improvement this year, and i get really frustrated when i see people moaning about an improvement because they still want to drive like demolition derby and expect the AI to jump out of their way! If you are struggling, maybe turn the AI level down a bit, and pick your spots for overtakes more carefully, like real F1 drivers have to. You don’t need to sling it up the inside at every corner then blame the AI for the inevitable contact. You also have the option to turn damage down or off if you really do just want to drive like that.
  7. kalamazoo123

    Ai give you no space

    Well i think that says more about your driving than the AI!
  8. kalamazoo123

    Ai give you no space

    The AI are more aggressive this year and will not just “give” you the corner like they used to. You have to have your nose clearly in front before turn in if you’re going up the inside otherwise they will take their normal line as they’re entitled to and you should be backing out. We see it all the time in real F1 that the defending driver will turn in unless the one trying to overtake is clearly in front. The game does a brilliant job of this with the AI this year in my opinion, a big step forward. It does require a change of attitude from us though, the AI will not simply jump out of the way like they used to just because we are trying to pass. Whenever i have had my nose infront before/at turn in point, they have not turned in to me, but sometimes it is hard to tell without watching the replay and i think we all have a tendency to blame the AI for every incident when sometimes we should have backed out of it.
  9. kalamazoo123

    Time Trial vs One Shot Qualifying Lap Times

    But thats the point of hotlap ERS mode... it is supposed to be optimal ERS deployment across the whole lap.
  10. kalamazoo123


    See my previous post. Almost everyone is using rake (ride height of 4-6) or similar. Personally i always set front lower than rear as this feels better to me.
  11. kalamazoo123


    This is not the case. I don’t really know what someone thought they saw or knew when this thread originated, but it has since been proven totally incorrect anyway by the fact that all the best TT setups used by the top guys run a “normal” rake, i.e. front lower than rear in ride height. In most of the top guys setups they have the front 2 clicks lower than the rear. This is what you’d expect to see of course. It doesn’t really mean a great deal without real values. I mean we could run 11 front, 1 rear and this could still mean the front is lower if the base values are not the same. Anyone who was talking about a bug with front ride height higher than the rear making you faster hadn’t really thought it through and had also paid no attention to what was actually being used in the game by those setting the fastest times. They were either trolling, or just wildly incorrect.
  12. kalamazoo123

    Question on Braking

    Yeah fair point on Monza turn 1. I do brake at about 120m there. With lockups i agree it doesn’t really cost you anything in regards distance and it probably should, it does unsettle the car though and if you’re not dead straight it’s hard to control.
  13. kalamazoo123

    Question on Braking

    It totally depends on the corner. I can’t think off the top of my head of any corners on any tracks where i brake before the 100m board, but there are many on every track where you can brake later, and many where you might brake this early but not as hard as you would for others (for various reasons). Are there any particular corners you think you could improve?
  14. kalamazoo123

    Disappointed at F1 2020's release date

    I’ve played them all and the first 3 games had more than their share of bugs. Way less features and later release didn’t stop that!
  15. kalamazoo123


    Really? Just because you can’t invite your friends to ranked lobbies 😂 Just play the game and enjoy it, play unranked and invite your friends all you want if this is what’s most important to you! You already have the option to do this. What’s the obsession with being able to do it in ranked? if you don’t enjoy it play something else that you enjoy more. It’s a game.