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    F1 2021 need 4 new courses & 3 new location

    Absolutely disagree! Online worked well in F1 2020 and after the first couple of patches the major bugs were sorted. Top priority for F1 2021 is the new tracks. If this means nothing else changes in this year’s game apart from roster update and livery skins i’m happy.
  2. kalamazoo123

    Sick of the constant panhandling (1.16)

    I’d actually pay money to be able to opt out of it all! Maybe that’s been their plan all along😂
  3. kalamazoo123

    Game release

    Didn’t see anyone moaning?
  4. kalamazoo123

    Track situation for F1 2021

    My hopes are already very high that we will be able to use the official F1 game to race on actual tracks that real F1 races on this year. It’s ok for us to have different expectations, but i really don’t think mine are unreasonable 😊
  5. kalamazoo123

    Game release

    Yes i expect so. I’m ok with this tbh - i’d rather have a complete game this year with all the tracks being raced on.
  6. kalamazoo123

    F1 2021 - Ray Tracing?

    I really doubt it - far too many other priorities this year which will eat up dev time (main one being actually including the tracks that real F1 is racing on).
  7. kalamazoo123

    Track situation for F1 2021

    I really hope not! To have an F1 game and not be able to race the tracks they actually race 2 years in a row would be an absolute disaster. It’s bad enough we didn’t get all the tracks that were raced on in 2020 (though understandable). In my view the main priority for F1 2021 has to be giving us all the tracks so that we recreate a proper 2020 & 2021 season. Even if nothing else changes (apart from team personnel updates), and the release is pushed back, the tracks are an absolute must.
  8. kalamazoo123

    How many times can this game crash??

    There were some issues at launch definitely, but after the first patch a couple of weeks after launch can honestly say it has not crashed since for me on PS4, not once.
  9. kalamazoo123

    Do I upgrade to a wheel

    I would absolutely recommend upgrading to a wheel in terms of enjoyment and immersion. It makes the game so much more fun. I’m not sure it would make you faster though if that’s what you’re after - most of the very fastest people seem to use pad. I have a T300 with F1 add on wheel and the T3PA pedals and would definitely recommend it.
  10. kalamazoo123

    Have patches improved ai ?

    This is absolutely not true. The AI have taken a big step forward this year. And this on top of the fact that they were already easily best in any racing game i’ve played on PS4.
  11. kalamazoo123

    Have patches improved ai ?

    Agree with this. Not noticed ‘unrealistic’ trains at all. I don’t think the AI has changed from the patches tbh, but I definitely think they are a big improvement over previous games from release.
  12. kalamazoo123

    [PS4] what do you want, a medal? Trophy

    Yeah i am. Wont be online for a few days but could do it one night next week. Add me if you want - psn id is kalamazoo123
  13. kalamazoo123

    Hanoi dropped from 2021 calendar

    😂How can you say good riddance if you’ve never drove a single lap around it? That’s the very definition of prejudice! I actually find it quote a fun track to drive, good variety in there and i think it would have made for a good race.
  14. kalamazoo123

    Multiplayer - what's the point?

    I agree to an extent. Random online races will always be a bit of a lottery, and there are a lot of people every year who either don’t know how to race, or value winning more than being clean (then there’s also a very small amount of people who just want to wreck you for the sake of it). I have found it to be much better this year though. With a safety rating of S i have mostly found relatively clean lobbies with people who actually want to race properly. It’s not perfect, I agree the penalty system needs work, and people are still generally too aggressive, but overall i do think it’s much better this year.
  15. Nope, neither of above, just enjoying the game. Played about 75 ranked races, not seen a single cheat. Edit: not seen a cheat in terms of unrealistic speed or anything like that... seen plenty of cheats in terms of ramming people off to gain places! Won about 25 of them, so definitely not the quickest, but not slow either 😀
  16. kalamazoo123

    Understeer in 'slow' corners.

    This is a good point... I actually have the same problem with the wheel. You get so used to gently turning it through the fast corners, sometimes i find im nowhere near full lock through the slowest corners unless i really focus on it.
  17. Well i care about TT, and i’m sure others do too so no need for sure a big generalisation (that’s actually nothing to do with your point anyway). As for ranked matches online, I haven’t found any issue. Played plenty and sure sometimes there are a few guys a bit faster than me, but not by much, and nothing to suggest they’re cheating.
  18. kalamazoo123

    Understeer in 'slow' corners.

    All of these suggestions Make sense except sliding the front toe to the left... Isn’t increasing the front toe (i.e. moving it to the right) supposed to increase front responsiveness?
  19. kalamazoo123

    How does custom car perform in TT?

    Anyone got any ideas? It’s top of leaderboard at Monaco on PS4... is it same as Merc, or better?
  20. kalamazoo123

    How does custom car perform in TT?

    Yeah i know, that’s pretty much the same on PS4, on most tracks, but like i say the actual time doesn’t look odd, so i was just wondering how fast that car is.
  21. kalamazoo123

    Lack of AI mistakes and crashes

    I think that’s exactly how it works unfortunately. The AI damage sensitivity doesn’t seem to change when you change this setting, only the players. Ridiculous design decision. Also, it’s so frustrating when you have contact with the AI no where near your front wing, and it breaks! Drives me mad. I want to play with simulation damage, but it’s just not worth it at the moment - it’s more like and unfair random damage mode
  22. kalamazoo123

    How does custom car perform in TT?

    Can’t remember assists sorry but the time was not out of sync with the other top times so looks legit.
  23. kalamazoo123

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    I suspect Ferrari wont sign it off...
  24. kalamazoo123

    Damage model

    What would be the point of having rear wing damage in the game though? I mean, a better animation when you trash it In the barrier would be nice, but if you do this it’s race over anyway. The teams can’t repair rear wing damage in a pitstop so really wouldn’t add anything to the game in my opinion. Front wing damage is another matter, and it is frustrating how sometimes your front wing can break from contact that clearly didn’t touch the front of your car!
  25. kalamazoo123

    Update on Anti-cheat measures

    Another new account Mike? 😂