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  1. Hello! Decided to finally give GRID 2019 a go, and did the first race. Once I got that done and sorted out settings, I decided to give the career a go. But I can't buy a car, because I can't hold button 8, because there isn't a button 8 on the Fanatec McLaren GT3 rim. Anyone else willing to confirm/deny this? P.S I made a fancy excel spreadsheet for DiRT Rally 2.0, mapping the numbered buttons to what they are on a Fanatec Hub. I've then done the same for what I can for the GT3 rim on GRID. Sadly my Fanatec hub is back in Germany awaiting repair!
  2. carrot1401

    DiRT Rally Championship

    Don't worry boss, I fixed your typos!
  3. carrot1401

    DiRT 3 GFWL Problems FAQ

    Hey :-) I still go back to DiRT 3, mainly for outbreak at Battersea (still don't understand why this mode wasn't in Showdown but o well!). Be good if you could try and get some sort of update this week on an ETA; I'll really looking forward to welcoming more people into the DiRT family!!!
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    Recording to a seperate drive/SSD is also highly recommended. Downside with FRAPS is that the movie sizes are HUGE (yay no compression!) which can really hit upload times. I recomend using something like Handbrake to compress as well :)