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  1. Hi, I love every codemasters game, but I would like that Grid Autosport would fix two issues I've seen in Grid 2: 1) when you brake and lock your wheels the car still responds to steering input. You can hold handbrake and foot brake at the same time and the car is still able to turn and change direction. The moment the wheels stop rolling the only force acting upon the car is a frictional force opposing the direction of movement. If the front wheels are locked there can't exist lateral forces. The car should move along a straight line until the moment you release brakes. This is well implemented in Grid 1, Dirt 1,2,3 and Formula 1 games. 2) when you use the handbrake to perform a 180º spin, the car sometimes will change the direction of movement also by 180º. This is incorrect. If the wheels are locked and not rolling, there are no forces that could cause the car to reverse direction of movement. It must continue moving in the same direction, at less speed because of friction, but the same direction. In Grid 2 the car can do a 180º spin with the brakes locked and the car still moves forward when it should move backwards (in the worst case it could remain still at 0 km/h if you hold brakes for too long, but never reverse direction of movement). Thank you for reading Codemasters,Pic.