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  1. paul5555

    I hope that's a joke...

    There is more to say for those of us not German
  2. paul5555

    Rear Lights still not fixed in F1 2020?

    Hope you all watched real life wet qualifying for the Styrian GP today (Austria). The bright rear lights created some gorgeous imagery. If only Codemasters can do this in the game, please?! Would make for awesome wet races Here's just one example photo from today showing how bright the lights should look
  3. paul5555

    Rear Lights still not fixed in F1 2020?

    Yes, there are many issues that need to be fixed. Problem is that I fear the rear lights issue will always be considered "trivial" and therefore won't ever be fixed. Every year a new version will be launched based on the old one still with the rear lights not matching real life That's why I hope it can be moved up in priority once other issues are fixed. In the meantime I am put off buying the game.
  4. paul5555

    Rear Lights still not fixed in F1 2020?

    If they are working they need to be brighter. Equal to the main rear light. They're pointless if you can hardly see them. Try watching the real thing and see the difference. But anyway it seems like they are not working at all for some on F1 2020 based on the comments
  5. paul5555

    Rear Lights still not fixed in F1 2020?

    I should have explained better. When I said they were never fixed in F1 2019 I meant exactly that. They did work but only intermittently. When they did work they were way too dim to see, which is not like real life. The rear wing lights were introduced to aid wet weather visibility so they should be very bright. In fact even when I watched the real life official Virtual Grand Prixs the rear wing lights were mostly not visible. On occasional cars you could just about make them out. I've never seen them as bright as in the 2nd picture from Czar90. That said I haven't seen them working at all in any of the many F1 2020 youtube videos I've watched about the game. So there is clearly an issue. It seems most people are not too bothered though. I have an attention to detail so I notice this. I suspect they won't be fixed again this year.
  6. paul5555

    Rear Lights still not fixed in F1 2020?

    Any thoughts anyone? Those that have played can you confirm the issue?
  7. paul5555

    F1 2020 Michael Schumacher Edition GIVEAWAY

    Not me then but good of you to offer up the prize
  8. paul5555

    F1 2020 launch summed up

    We have to consider COVID19 as the staff would have been working from home. So some bugs would be understandable. I personally would prefer the game to come out now rather than it be delayed until September ish. I do understand your frustration though. I am sure they are working hard to fix bugs.
  9. paul5555

    F1 2020 AND LOGITECH G920

    I haven't got the game yet but I remember this happening in F1 2018 game too. There are posts about it from the time if you search. I wonder if the issue has come back. Example post for ref
  10. paul5555

    F1 2020 launch summed up

    You're not happy with the game then I presume?
  11. I haven't bought the game yet but from videos it looks like the rear wing lights on the F1 car still haven't been fixed in F1 2020. They were never fixed in F1 2019 either. The LED lights on the top of the rear wing are meant to flash whenever the main rear light flashes at the same intensity. You can see this clearly when watching real F1. It bugs me that Codemasters work hard to simulate real life F1 yet leave this out. Is there a technical reason they cannot fix this or has it not been raised before? You can see an example of the rear lights on the Mclaren here and the Ferrari from pre-season teating here Does this bug other people as much as it does me?
  12. The rear wing LEDs not working correctly on F1 cars. Never fixed in 2019 and doesn't look like it has been in 2020 either from early videos I have seen. Only a minor issue but it bugs me so much as it doesn't match real life.
  13. paul5555

    F1 2020 Gameplay by Content Creators

    Can someone check/confirm if the Rear Wing LED lights work correctly in F1 2020? They should flash at the same time/intensity as the main rear light. This was never right in F1 2019 and never corrected either. It really bugs me. I know it's a small detail that won't bother everyone. The few gameplay videos I have seen only the main rear light was flashing as far as I could tell.