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  1. Prozhai

    Hungary last sector

    Why is the ai so strong in hungary last sector, tried many different setup. But ai pace still too strong in final sector
  2. Prozhai

    Monaco problem in career mode

    I also feel like AI doesn't have engine wear, they were able to use high electrical deployement without the need of conserving it
  3. In Monaco in career mode, I was in a Mclaren driving in 25% race. First few laps my tyres feel like no grip as I start the race on a used tyre. However, same thing happen to the cars in front of me, they start on used tyre, they were able to keep their pace throughout the first few laps and pulling away from me by 3 seconds per lap. I was driving using a pad. Anyone with similar issues? Is this a pad or a setup issue? No issue during qualifying.
  4. Prozhai


    Tried Mercedes in Austria, no problem at all.
  5. Prozhai


    I think I'm running with Mclaren, so I have the issues. All 3 races before Baku were fine. I lost a lot of time in the Baku middle sector.
  6. Prozhai


    Ai too op in baku in both race and qualifying. Anyine have similar issues?
  7. Prozhai

    Pre Load

    Thank you very much
  8. Prozhai

    Pre Load

    When will it start?