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    DLC Wishlist - Cars and tracks

    Some tracks I think everyone could enjoy Road Atlanta with FD keyhole section for drift Long Beach street circuit with FD section for drift Suzuka Circuit with D1 section for drift
  2. Shinny1337

    Bought cars over loaned cars

    Here's what my solution will be once I have enough to buy my first used car. (Less than ten MP races so far) Loaner cars until I know the lobby is good and clear of bad drivers and if the opponents are beating me in the loaner. I get it's probably different for those who want to get points for their clubs, but using the loaner even when you own one can get you cash for repairs and minimize damage done to your owned vehicle. Just my two cents.
  3. Shinny1337

    Grid Autosport Drifting

    On the 86 note I think they should do a retro drift pack. All the old school drift cars when the pro stuff started taking off. Taka's 86, Grunwald's Porche etc. As far as drifting being ridiculous I would agree that it kind of was in the early 00's but it's really leaped as a sport and having done road racing and drifting I can say drifting definitely requires skill and it 10x the fun. That's why I want to push games to tandem it's so much better than points drifting.
  4. Shinny1337

    Is GRID Autosport Really Hard....or is it me??

    I would also say that GAS seems to have taken the approach that you shouldn't be winning with the beginning teams. The objectives they give to finish mid to rear of the pack are acurrate if you're on the right difficulty. I play on Very Hard and get a little above where they want. I would say go all assists off and really learn that finger control. It'll be super rewarding when you surpass their objectives and start fighting for top fives and eventually wins. And if you really enjoy it there's still higher difficulties to do it all over again in! Basically this game gives you a chance to actually strive for a goal over getting all the trophies you could ask for.
  5. Shinny1337

    Tuning Question

    I have ride adjustment for time attack from the very first race I did on Xbox. The drift car has the downforce slider in it's place hence my assumption. This is in SP I haven't used MP yet. Perhaps it is a glitch in the MP section I'll have to check this afternoon.
  6. Shinny1337

    Grid Autosport Drifting

    No way man, if anything it needs to be more tandem focused than it is now. Points drifting isn't near as fun as doing tandems and they could make tandem work in the game, even SP. I think they need to bring back drift battles though. 1v1 is great when you're feeling competitive, but I'd like to be able to run tandem trains again.
  7. Shinny1337

    Tuning Question

    Drifting doesn't have a ride height adjustment. I assume that's what you're in? Ride height is adjustable in most of the regular cars as far as I know but I suspect that stuff like open wheel and prototypes will have downforce adjustments rather than ride height. Which is pretty spot on you wouldn't actually adjust much of the height in a pro level car for any of those series. At least not on the level of touring and road going cars
  8. Shinny1337

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Ok so I'm finding the AI to be a tad too easy on Very Hard. It also apprears that drifting scores are scaled to what you get if you get above their default score for the difficulty. In the Oakley car I won scoring 2.8mil at most. In the Razor car I could score 3.5 mil and the AI jumped to 3.0mil~ however in the semi finals I messed up both runs and scored 2.8mil again. I thought I was done but no the AI were all down to 2.6-2.8mil then back up to 3.0mil when I won the finals with 3.5mil. It took me the ten minute practice session to tune and win on very hard. The time attacks I placed 9th in muscle and 5 in tuner in the Oakley cars. I only got to do the muscle in the Razor car and won that event. So that's about 20min of practice and tune and 8 race laps to win on very hard. Can you guys add an extreme difficulty or something. I'm playing with all assists off locked to interior full damage no flashbacks and no HUD. It should be harder than that. Also could you get the split difference command to work in time attack to tell you your lap time differences to the next car? I'll post more when I get a chance to run with my MS wheel see how that goes. I do like the handleing and physics it feels like I can put the car where I want it and run all the way out to the grassline without going over.
  9. Shinny1337

    Grid Autosport Review

    Guess no one wants drifting modes to be realistic, but it's getting closer. I wish there was only 3-4 turns rather than a full lap. I'm glad that they do have specific lines laid out. I'm disappointed in the lack of emphasis on tandem drifting. Your crew chief says ok switch it up your chasing. You then jump out in front and can still score points. I'd rather see the lead run be scored by line, angle, and fluidity. The chase scored by proximity, angle, and fluidity. Even if it was still full lap courses. Maybe their AI wasn't good enough or maybe they didn't want to make that leap. Question for you though. Is constant counter steer required for drifting? I went back to GRID after doing drifting irl and Forza 4 and was disappointed to see you could do most drifts with the wheels pointed straight ahead. It was the game that got me into drifting and at the time was amazing. Just hoping they've tweaked how the cars behave in a little more realistic way.
  10. Shinny1337

    The Ultimate Racing Soundtrack

    Haha guess that works out with me being an American. I'd also add SSX On Tours ST even though that's a different kind of racing.
  11. Shinny1337

    GRID3 "a must have" features list.

    As far as deleting tuning and upgrades I would think it should be a lobby option like it was in DiRT2. Some people like trying to find setups that get them an edge. As far as upgrades if it's like GRID A then the lobby could be say touring cars then class 1-5 everyone would be on the same class level and the level would be adjustable by the host.
  12. Shinny1337

    The Q&A Thread

    That's really good to here. I think there was a big disconnect between real drifting and games for a long time as developers were like the public in that they didn't 'get it'. As someone whose done autocross rallycross track days and drifting, drifting is by far my favorite for fun and I hope it translates into the game. You guys will be giving it the best shot at that since the offical D1 game on the PS2.
  13. Shinny1337

    The Q&A Thread

    Ok quick last thing. In drifting for GRID it was very easy to drift with no counter steer which isn't how it works in the real world. Is modulating countersteer required for drifting in GRID A, where sustained no counter steer would spin the car around?
  14. Shinny1337

    The Ultimate Racing Soundtrack

    I can't say of any songs in particular because all my favorite racing game soundtracks just fit the racing. I loved NFSU and NFSU2 soundtrack. DiRT2 was brilliant as well. Midnight Club3 was a good one. I think it just takes finding songs that fit how the game feels. From late PS2 on I've just always disabled music because most go for what's in at the time rather that what goes with their racing. (Except DiRT2 obviously)
  15. Shinny1337

    The Q&A Thread

    Q. Is drifting going to be like both the previous games or have you (hopefully) gone to a more tandem 3-4 corner setup like real life? Points drifting can be fun, but it doesn't have the same draw real world drifting does. You guys had some of the best drifting AI I've seen in GRID1. If you focused that down to real world length track sections, only awarded points for the correct line angle and fluidity, and worked the AI to run tandem you would have the best drifting in any game ever. I really hope you guys have given the same attention to drifting as you have the rest of the game. I don't want it to be another after thought like it was in GRID2