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  1. Does the rubber-banding work the opposite way like if you are going slower & then like towards the end of the race. You take off and start going faster, will it make you unusually fast? 

    No if the game rubber bands when you're behind it will just slow the AI down so they're easier for you to catch. That's less noticeable than suddenly having a higher top speed and more grip.

  2. Well to be that good with auto gears means you'll be one heck on an opponent when you get manual gears down. Don't worry about downshifting until you're below half your revs you can use most of your toque curve to keep the tires spinning and achieve faster drifts. And yeah fraps I can definitely see holding you back. Good to hear you're pushing yourself that's what I've been trying to do with only countersteering as it's still possible to drift with 0° on th wheels or even turning into the slide.
  3. Smooooth man your lines are supper smooth. I would just say try shortening the gears and using 4th. Your angle seems limited in most corners due to running out of revs. Wouldn't be surprised to see you pulling 11+ mil in 4 with your lines and more angle. Maybe a little closer to the clips for style. I definitely need to get smooth mid corner I'm getting there but I started out wanting to do super aggressive entries. I was close to your score in my first vid with the RX7 and a couple of collisions. I think there's room for us both to get higher scores.
  4. I agree CM hasn't gotten using a wheel right so I use the controller for the GRID games but I often drift Forza 4 with my MS wheel in cockpit view. They want to straighten because that's how the real cars work. You have to use the throttle to keep the car rotating because the tires have so much grip. Try the setup I used at the beginning of my video with a controller and use 3rd and 4th gear sometimes I go 5th on the long sweepers if I'm carrying enough speed. The real cars aren't just e brake and go anymore and I'm glad the games are following. It takes skill and practise to drift at a high level or I would have stuck with trying to get into stage rally and the DiRT series for practise. Drifting is just way more fun when you start getting it right.
  5. You guys done any tandem in GAS yet? I'll post my footage from a random lobby I maganged to get someone to tandem in Monday.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SP4ucOMb04g This was my first test vid. The audio level is a little high but it was a pretty good four lap session. First my view then the replay. I nail the entry cones to the second turn in second session both laps with the second lap pulling it through the entire corner.
  6. I agree with the penalizing system. It's also worth noting going off course hardly affects your score. It can be more beneficial to go on the wrong side of the entry cones off track than to hit them. I agree there should be a party mode that allows 12+ people to drift on track at once I would love to run some tandem trains. Physics are spot on to real world as far as feel goes. I did notice doing tight figure eights in 2nd gear didn't handle right but that's nitpicking. Brands Hatch is amazing for big Japanese style entries I love going in two gears too high and throwing it 90° to the entry clip less than a foot away before putting the power back down and drifting out of the turn. I would say I disagree with the S2000 for C2. It's just not a good drift car. Would rather see the Soarer make a return. As far as C1 'famous' cars are concerned. We gotta get Danny George's NB V8 miata. There's nothing else like it and I doubt he would be anything but thrilled to see his car in a game. Tyler's camaro is a good pick too. I'd say either Taka Aono's 2AZ 86 or one of the many BRZ/FRS/GT86's at the pro level in FD and D1. I got some good tandem footage but my home internet is down after a storm so uploading has been delayed. Still having too much fun in the FD3S great job codemasters!
  7. Audio levels still need work, but here's my first raw capture footage. C2 drifting 10mil points over 4 laps did ok. First set is my view then the replay camera plus me being surprised at how close I got to a couple of entry clips. It is low quality video but I'm on a budget. Real race car gets priority. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SP4ucOMb04g&feature=youtu.be
  8. All off for me as well as all HUD off and helmet cam only. It takes some getting your fingers used to actually using the triggers as more than buttons. Once you get used to looking ahead your movements become smoother and you don't need assists keep your overdriving in check.
  9. Diff only matters for turns and accelerating out of the turn. Ideally you want the most lock you can stand without spinning tires. It varies by car. It's not really wider through the turn you want to be tight on the apex. It's going from the outside rumble strips during braking to the apex out again to the outside rumble strips smoothely. You'll carry the maximum speed and be faster down the straight. Now some complex strings of corners don't follow that rule but any time you're going from straight to turn to straight you should be using all the track.
  10. Make sure you're looking plenty ahead. Remove as much HUD as you can stand it just distracts your eyes. How good are you with tuning setups? Like he said you can never discount practise but there are plenty of things you can do to be faster out of the box. Make sure you're using the whole track on corner exits that's something that's hard to do in games with the unnatural perspective but it can be done. If youre comfortable with your lap time lap after lap you can go faster. If you don't spin you're not trying.
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