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  1. Hi Sorry to bring this topic up again, but my best score is gone as well from the leaderboard now. Can you get it back for me? Screenshot of proof is up, I sent it before. Thanks
  2. OMG, thanks a lot for your help guys. I got a score and the game seems to be finally working now! What happens with my best score and do I need to reconnect something (accounts etc) again because of the boot @BarryBL? And do you have any idea why this happened? I know what to avoid next time if I get the same thing again. Thanks a lot, I will try it definitely. Thank you very much guys again, stay safe!
  3. OK, I had a chance to borrow my friend's account and everything works fine on that account. So, there is something to do with my account. What is the next step? Also, I will say it again, I do not want to lose my personal best time in the event if reset or something like that is needed.
  4. What do I need to do with UEFI 1G? Where can I check if I have ASMedia drivers installed or not? I'm not that professional, sorry about that. Fanatec has been always connected to the USB 2.0 ports. I can't use the front panel for the keyboard or mouse both, because my keyboard has 2 USB wires. I will change the 1070 PCI slot tomorrow or later today. How should those things help?
  5. Just checked my connectivity settings. All seems to be good and working fine. Yeah, I guess I can create a new account and borrow. I'll try that if I do not find another account.
  6. Yes, MSI motherboard and GTX 1070. I bought 1070 later. I have an MSI B150A Gaming Pro motherboard. I reinstalled windows and it has version 2004, but nothing helped. I think it must be related to my Codemasters or Steam account. I do not have an opportunity to try someone else's account to test it. I'm starting to feel hopeless now. ☹️
  7. Hi, I reinstalled my game and still the same problem. The score screen says the goal is Passed, but everything else is 0 (fastest lap, etc). The best score is also "-" still First time launching game after reinstalling I had a black screen right after I launched the game. Closed the game from Task manager and reopened the game again. I do not know if it related to the main problem, but might be helpful. Also, it felt like that game was not running so smoothly that it was before. I'm thinking to reinstall my windows now.
  8. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. I was trying to improve my time as usual, but in the middle of the event, the game crashed (froze). I was frustrated and went away, but when I came back 2 minutes later and sat behind the wheel again, the game suddenly started running again. It was a good run from me and I thought I will finish it to get a better score. I finished the race and it showed me that my score was 0. After that, I went to the leaderboards in the game and it showed my score as "-", so it had been reset. I tried to do one more run, but the sc
  9. OK, the crash happened again, but the game kept running somehow. I finished my run and it showed 0 score. After that, my best result was reset and now whatever time I do, it shows 0 score. I verified files and ran both DirectX 11 and 12, but it did not help. The best result is still on at the Esports table and I hope it does not get removed. I'm 11th: https://prnt.sc/uxrzms Please help me because I do not want to lose my best score as I would qualify for the Challenger series at the moment and also I want to keep improving my time, but at the moment it is impossible because of the bu
  10. Hi, I was doing my best run in the F1 Esports event and I was improving my time by 1.5 seconds. The race got finished and I was really happy with my result, but then suddenly this happened: https://prnt.sc/uxd86v It is really frustrating because I have a very good chance to qualify for the Challenger series as I made it to the Pro Draft last year. It needs to be fixed somehow because it heard that it is a common problem. Some results get saved, some don't and mine sadly did not. Problems like these remove all the enjoyment you get from this game, because the happiness you get
  11. Well, that's interesting but ok. I'm sure that at least 90% of people took it as fun and did not take it seriously, because the event was wrong. Thank you for your answer though.
  12. Hello, when Esports qualifiers started a week ago, there was a wrong rallycross race at first, which was Hell with RX2's. Then I thought that I will give it a go with no practice because it is not the track and class what it should be according to the calendar. Soon they changed back to the original calendar and in week 2 same track and class is back which is Hell and RX2. Is there any way to cancel that first time? I find it is unfair that I have this first original time, because the calendar and the qualifier itself were not synced, later it was. I have a chance to qualify in TOP 2, but
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