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  1. No need for that man. Behind the guys working at CM there're also their families and beloved ones; i mean devs at CM are also workers who must bring money home each month in order to survive, and to feed their little ones too. I'm totally amazed at the lack of info this year when there's just 3 weeks to go, and I don't buy the crap that this is because FOMs approvals and all that. But from there to wish they all get the sack..., that's totally uncalled for. Relax bro.  CM was once that dev that brought us legendary tittles like colin and TOCA. They will be great again, just when they fi
  2. The first post in this thread by Community Manger justbiglee on 26th March has not being updated since the 26th March. The complete lack of any info on F1 2015 since then has obviously seen the demise of this thread. Thread should be closed until with get the "F1 2015 has been delayed" announcement from CM later this week.
  3. Game is surely gone "Gold" this week.Otherwise F1 2015 is delayed (the one positive "feature" of  F1 2015 was the game releasing early to coincide with the season with weekly updates) and which has been hyped since 2014. Codies going to be even a bigger laughing stock if this is delayed. Really hope the Company closes later this year,CM name has fell from the Premiership to non league the past few years. (Slighty Mad Studios are already hiring for Pcars 2 and other projects so hopefully some Codies devs will get work)
  4. 1. Steve Hood did not leave Codemasters to further his career(gone to Dovetail to work on train sim and Microsoft FSX which was released over 9 years ago).Was pushed out or knew CM were in huge financial trouble. 2. There is no new game engine just an upgraded version of the inept and outdated "Ego Engine". No way CM have invested on a new gaming engine with no new games in the pipeline. New Dirt game while a good drive is still using the old game engine hence the last gen graphics and no appearence on consoles. 3. This forum is still in Beta and pretty much unmoderated after how long? 4. FOM
  5. Have CM even got a next gen (xbone/ps4) engine?Are there any screenshots from other games CM are currently working on? Begining to think we won't see an F1 game this year especially with Steve Hood gone. The silence out of CM is deafening.
  6. If F1 2015 is released it will be the last of the series from Codies.Sad to hear that staff have been laid off but to be honest thought Codies would have folded last year. Huge decline since 2008 in the quality of CM games.Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and OF Red River and the final nail in the action shooter genre the disaster that was Bodycount cost jobs and studio closing a few years back. Codemasters Racing has also failed to reignite CMs fortunes,with F1 Race Stars,Grid Autosport,Dirt Showdown and F1 2014 all flopping. CM have been 6 to 7 years behind everyone else's tech with the s
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