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  1. What about the Project Cars 2 announcement? https://twitter.com/BandaiNamcoUS/status/935161568429473792
  2. My vote goes for silver- red 206 WRC ;) What? A Red 307? :D 
  3. 1) Castrol livery is made by the team 2) no 307 or C4 Did that mean: No 307 generell, or no 307 for the launch of D4 with hope to an DLC? :wink:
  4. For the german translation: Please don't translate this time the Word ''Heat'' into ''Hitze'' :D 
  5. That's sound's quite promising enough for me^^
  6. @KickUp And with Peugeots quite friendly licence, will ther in near future maybe the 206 or 307 will find his way in DiRT4? :D
  7. @bogani @KingOfCoins  Yeah it was technically a disaster, but on the other Hand a beautiful WRC from the past. What I would love to see again in the series ^^
  8. Sleeping with medication is always interesting. Dreamed there is a Demo of DiRT4 with an Australien Stage and the Peugeot 307 WRC :D 
  9. Apropo RX, @KickUp a little wish for the German translation for DiRT4. The word Heat would better be better transmit to ''Lauf'' or keep it Heat. In DIRT Rally it was translated in Hitze , was in english hot means.
  10. I think Paul mentioned that it wasn't actually the NfS stuff that was the problem with licencing that particular vehicle. I'm not really into the RX stuff, but maybe it being a full Audi works programme this year will help. Actually, is the game strictly the 2016 WRX season? Ahh ok, good to know :)
  11. Need for Speed is no more under the Sponsor Section on EKS site... So maybe? :D 
  12. Will there be a little goodie for owner of DiRT Rally in DiRT4? Money, an special livery or something :D 
  13. So Abarth is back with the124 Spider and will start 2017 in RGT class. Would love to have some modern RWD cars in DiRT <3
  14. Maybe Grönholms Fiesta for the ''Modern Hillclimb'' ? Like in DiRT 3
  15. Peugeot 307 WRC Peugeot 206 WRC Subaru Impreza S12 WRC Skoda Fabia WRC Suzuki Swift S1600 That would be my list ;)
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