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  1. A key feature that should be in next Dirt, would be the ability to save full replay videos to your hard drive in avi or mp4, so you could then edit the video outside the game and post it to youtube or other video sharing site.The implementation in Dirt 3 was rather poor with the limited length and terrible quality the videos were outputed at.I want the video at the native resolution you play at, in my case 1080p so it looks as good in the video as when I am watching it in game.This feature would make it a lot easier not having to bother with screen capture software, or external recording cards
  2. Also what I would like to see in future Dirt is the way you could use the same car and buy a rally or trailblazer package to use it in different events; this was a nice aspect of Dirt 2. Speaking of Dirt 2 I would love to see Rally Croatia back, that was a gorgeous looking course with the green landscape and white gravel roads.
  3. That's one of the main reasons why I don't care about "authentic advertising" or "real world tracks and cars" in racing games. If the developer has to pay licensing to a company to use their logo in a billboard advertisement in the game it doesn't make sense to me. I'd rather make a completely generic game (http://maniaplanet.com/trackmania/) get it to where it's super popular and then see if anyone would pay to have their logo in the game for 10 years at a time. Nothing in the game would be built around anyone's brand, company, or personality. So if they don't renew or they go out o
  4. Might be a good idea with the kickstarter, but the problem probably is not just money, it's also people to do the work, they can't just hire a new team of developers to work on it, and the guys already there are working on other projects, so re-making Dirt 2 would take time away from those. Lack of available devs was already said to be the reason why Dirt 3 conversion is taking so long. So it might not be as simple as just throwing more money at them, although it might help a bit.
  5. How many countries would you want though? It's not the official WRC game remember. As I said, as many as possible, it's always more interesting to race different tracks and each course in each country presents different challenges. After watching the above videos posted by Thierry, it would be cool to have Argentina with the water splashes. What I would like is more variety as far as the race courses go, in Dirt 3 it was quite limited. I would rather have less car choice and more course choice if I had to pick one.
  6. It would be great if in the next Dirt game there was an option to "save game" after each rally stage. Sometimes you just want to play one or two races and not 5+ rally stages without a save that can take a while. The inability to save often is one aspect I really disliked in Dirt 3. --------- Then of course as many others have mentioned there should be much more focus on Rally and having as much courses in as many different countries as possible. Also make a career mode that only include Rally style events, no gymkhana or Baja buggies or other stuff that should be in a separate career mode, if
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