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  1. adamgbr44

    Predictions as to what Patch 1.11 will bring us...

    Dude ! Yes ! What you just said is EXACTLY what I say. I mentioned in a thread a few days ago about AI realism - it just doesn’t happen. TBH i cant imagine they’ll EVER fix this. Seeing AI spin in the wet, or make a mistake would bring more realism and excitement. Seems to be so difficult for Codemasters to “code” into the game.
  2. Bottas crashed in FP1 today... Drivers make mistakes.... It happens... But for some stupid reason we never see the AI make mistakes in practice, quail or races to bring out yellow flags or red flags... (only when they have mechanical failure) they’re glued to the track and racing line on the game. 🧐🤷🏼‍♂️ We need to see more... is it so hard to code this into the game ?? It’ll make it more interesting and bring more excitement to the game ! What’s so hard? @RedDevilKT @Hoo
  3. adamgbr44

    Career is dead for me...

    Awful idea sticking to online ! Haha Went back to Career
  4. adamgbr44

    Career is dead for me...

    Its really no fun anymore.... Smashed out of P2 by Kimi but he gets NO penalty - if that was me i’d Have a grid penalty... 😒 Interviews don’t reflect what actually happened. (Kimi crashes me out but I’m asked if it was because of the upgrade on the car.... 🧐) I want to be able to be fuming at Kimi !! Give me that option. Big one for me is AI mever make mistakes or errors in dry or wet faces. They’re glued to the track. career needs to feel REAL. If there were more 1st Lap carnage or drivers losing front wings or AI ACTUALLY getting penalties for incidents and not just grid penalties for changing gearbox... 😐 maybe I’d play career, but I’m done with it now. I’ll stick to F1 online until this game has more realistic races and authenticity. Online races feel more real due to the the amount of human mistakes & crashes...
  5. adamgbr44


    Hey guys, I’ve not yet tried it yet. But can anyone tell me what the difference is between “Simulation Damage” and “Full Damage”. In season mode I always run full as I assumed that was the more realistic. But I’m hearing different things. Cheers all!
  6. adamgbr44

    Codemasters are planning to fix safety car?

    Well... I guess I was proved wrong today... my race at Hockenheim produced a.... SAFETY CAR on lap 6 into the GP. The only reason was Ricciardo caused a pile-up. 91CD8756-20AC-4DD4-AFD7-512D3AB456CF.MOV
  7. adamgbr44

    Codemasters are planning to fix safety car?

    Can’t imagine this will ever be fixed dude. Simply because the AI never cause any incidents, crash for it to warrant a SC. If they made the AI more error prone maybe we’d see it often, but don’t get too excited. I’ve had the VSC at least 4 times.
  8. adamgbr44

    Dirty online racers in F1 2019!

    I could not agree with you more - I started a thread on this as didn’t see this one ! It’s ridiculous the amount of idiots you get. They don’t understand fair racing. If they don’t like it - why do they even do online racing. People like myself, and you clearly, race fair. We need specific lobby’s where we have people who want to race fair and not be idiots when they lose position and get angry. Makes it less fun. I stopped playing online for today as every race someone decided it would be good for them to smash me. It ruins the race as fun. I’m up for creating a lobby for people like yourself and others who want fair racing. My gamer tag is ansjones__
  9. adamgbr44

    Idiot racers online

    I may speak for a few.... but does F1 2019 not have any fair racers ? It’s ridiculous the amount of people who deliberately shove you, and crash into you JUST because you’ve overtaken them... or... they’ve been leading the race and with 3 laps to go you overtake them and they get so annoyed they decide to ruin your race and theirs by smashing into you.... it’s pathetic and boring. Does anyone understand the meaning of sportsmanlike ? Or “fair” racing. I come across it way too often in these lobby races.
  10. I like your suggestions. There’re a lot of them! I think for most gamers, we want to see more AI mistakes at the start of a race (not just us as human), mid-race collisions etc... especially AI in the wet... look at Germany... so many cars crashes or lost control! - unsafe release penalties would be great! - “Under investigation” would be ace - I’ve always thought that. Generally, I just think more realism. Practice Start in pit-lane would be a cool option! Mechanical failures for the human! We never have our cars get random mechanical failure - yet it happens to ALL cars in F1 (apart from Williams who have been very reliable). The reality is.... we won’t get any of this in next years game... it’ll probably be... updated Helicopter or a little more realistic driving.
  11. adamgbr44

    SC Bug, No AI mistakes

    Dude - You said it right. It's not a PROPER racing game without all of the above. Codemasters always fail in this department.
  12. Hey @Faya I hope you guys read these things because it’s super frustrating for gamers like us. 1. AI: How can it be that a AI car spins you out (they don’t get any penalty) you end up cutting the track and YOU get a time penalty for “corner cutting” it’s utterly stupid. makes the game less fun to play with stupid coding like this. 2. AI: They never have any incidents (crash into each other, lose front wings) and make a mistake, it’s like they race “perfectly”. All they ever get are “mechanical issues” - we as the Human player never retire for mechanical issues. 1. Penalties: Fix the penalty system please !! If they (AI) crash into you - they surely must get a penalty!! The game doesn’t recognise AI mistakes, only human mistakes. 2. RAIN - I lose at least 3 seconds to the AI ALL THE TIME in the rain. They never make mistakes or slide about it’s like they’re glued to the track. FIX THIS PLEASE 😩 3. NEVER SEEN SAFETY CAR. It really sucks. You have these patches but fix - Helicopter speed but nothing in career mode - ever - it’s so sad to see. Makes us gamers not want to play. MORE AI MISTAKES, INCIDENTS, CRASHES, SAFETY CAR would make the game feel more “real”. Video: Toro Rosso threw me into the wall and they got NO PENALTY. IF WE (the human player did that) we’d get a time penalty or drive through. 2FAFE8C5-BF7F-47CE-AD71-00F0BFADE39D.MOV
  13. Hey Faya! I may speak on behalf of a lot of other fans, but I’ve noticed over (2) seasons now that AI hardly ever make mistakes or crash and cause incidents. AI are also amazing at driving in the rain - without crashing 🤷🏼‍♂️. Given what we had at the German GP with so many cars crashing or causing incidents it would be amazing to see more AI errors - would make it feel more real and spice up GP’s and seasons. Hope this can be fixed !
  14. adamgbr44

    SC Bug, No AI mistakes

    yes Yes yes ! And I'm not the only one who notices this. It's so poor from Codemasters. S/C has never been deployed, no AI cars have EVER crashed or made a mistake and the worst part about it.... they are incredible drivers in the rain. It's like they're immortal. Crazy.... This is the reason why I didn't play F1 for a few years until they fixed all of this. They still haven't.