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  1. Dam shame. Old things most often fall from  grace with most Corp`s  that want new and better stuff !! Well hear this. New is not always best. I grew up in the age of Gas sucking, big ass V8 engines, Stuffed Under hoods that read things like Corvette,  Mustang, Hemi Cuda , Firebird Trans-Am and so many more bad ass, now North America`s works of steel art that when found in barns or restored or whatever then put up for sale.  God could`t afford. Then the people in the know see $$$ and all of a sudden&n
  2. Still one of the best I have played. And I go right back to pong. LOL . All the best to you all. Cheers.  
  3. I would love to join a club that knows how to spell clean. I race the way we do it for real. If you want to take out other drivers you get black flaged real fast. So where do I find you? I have Grid 1 Driver also NFS Run- Shift Forza4 -Horizon and NFP Hot Pursuit. Thanks and have a good one.
  4. Ya you got me there. Don`t want to be rubbin all that much in open wheel racing. What the heck was I thinking? Have a good one and keep your stick on the ice. LOL
  5. Rubbin Is Racing. Is there any other way?
  6. Will we ever see any more downloads for Grid other than the 8 ball junk? It sure would be nice to carry on playing one of my most liked racing games.
  7. Will there any new addons for Grid, the best game I have raced.
  8. Get well soon. You are the man.
  9. Indy car is a great form of racing. It has a huge fan base and what can one say about open wheel racing at 200 plus MPH. It should be done.
  10. Custom, XBOX 360 Controller, No assists. Automatic Tranny.
  11. The only thing Hamilton can drive his mouth. With luck he will crash and burn.
  12. New to the game but ya the kind of off your head only in Japan race was ok. Maybe they could have made room for more of it.
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