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  1. For me the setups reverted to default on location change, felt it very clearly between Monte and Germany, in Monte I have low geared setup, and when I started Germany, the gearing was back to normal.
  2. Arrrgh!!! Just finished the first service area, and were to start on Ransbysäter, and Dirt just went black, had to ALT+F4 and league reset to start. Well, well, have to start over again....
  3. Ohh, I like this one, crank up the "sunday driving" skills :smile: 
  4. Arrgh, usually doing okay in Finland, today everything just went pearshaped. Spins, punctures, crashes etc on every stage, managed to scrape in an eleventh in the end, to no credit of my own....
  5. Oh yes I did, my last stage was royally messed up :smile: 
  6. How in Gods holy name (and all that) could I not be last after the shitty round I did, think I was off the road several time on each stage, and the last stage alone I got three resets, losing 45 sec alone. In between all my offs, something quick must have happened :smile:  PS: FloatingGrass, not trying to put you down here, have also noted that we usually have our little competition down the scoreboard, which I enjoy very much, just didn't expect to beat you in this event.
  7. Juhu, I'm first in Sweden :smile:  Well, also the only one to complete sofar, expecting to drop considerably during the event. Very happy with my 5th in Monaco
  8. Just wanted to pop in with my Steam ID: Audi75. Enjoying this league immensely, like the setup. Thanks SkyRex 
  9. As far as I'm aware Petter Solberg is doing the World Rallycross Championship again next year. Both his rallycross DS3's are currently up for sale (as is the team trailer) and there have been rumours that another rallycross team will be picking him up... but then I have also heard he is building a new rallycross DS3. Irrespective all the Solberg plans for 2016 I have heard involve rallycross!  As far as I know Petter bought 3 new team trucks this year, and the one put out for sale is one of his old trucks. As for Petters involvement in WRX nest year I do not know, but he hinted about som
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