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  1. Auduns

    forklift truck steering

    First of all, you are all embarrasing yourselves in this thread. OP for not thinking through his way of communicating, and the rest of you for not answering constructive and therefore fuelling the discussion. Second the central pivoting point of the cars in the EGO engine has been known for years and is still apparent, though it's highly improved since the first versions of DR1 and earlier titles. It is not noticeable from within the car, but is easy to see when using chase cam that the cars pivot around the center point. On gravel this is hardly noticeable since the car will slide alot, but on tarmac it is noticeable. Third, please everyone, before you post anything, read through it and try to see it from the other side, is there anything in your wording that can be perceived as offencive, and likewise, when you read a post, please try and reread a few times, to see if the person is trying to get a message through thats just obscured by bad wording. Thanks
  2. Auduns

    Monaco - Ice and snow

    Hello Against better judgement, I just need to vent this out here: Have the devs of this game ever diven a single meter on a snow and ice covered road with proper winter tires? It doesn't feel like it, Monte Carlo should not be like Bambi on the ice, against contrary beliefs, theres is actually quite a lot of grip on ice and specialy snow, even on summer tires, and specially with studded winter tires. Yes it's more slippery than dry tarmac, but it is quite frippy, and you will normally get a gradual slip, much like on gravel. And before you start, I'm from Norway, I do know how it feels on snow and ice 🙂 There, rant over, phew, good to get it ofmy chest 🙂 Brilliant game Codies, and I mean it, it's imposible to get everything perfect, but you nearly got there....