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  1. kris12topher

    VRM Season 1 : Signups are open

    VRM (Virtual Racing Masters) is a PC league that is starting up for our first season! Here is some information : -We will use Multiplayer Cars and you will be able to create 10 fictional teams - 50% length races -Short qualifying (18 mins) -Races on Saturdays -Races start at 8 PM GMT - Regular corner cutting stringency - Reduced vehicle damage - Assists ARE allowed We will introduce a season calendar once we get a substantial amount of drivers. For more information, join : https://discord.gg/f3qve5b
  2. kris12topher

    FRL Season 2 : Signups Open [PC]

    The second season of the F1virtual Racing League starts in July! 11 seats are currently open FRL is a PC racing league and will be running on F1 2019 right off the bat with the first round kicking off on July 13th, giving drivers time to adapt to the new game •All races are on F1® 2019, the official videogame of the 2019 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™ •Races will be 50% Length •Reduced damage will be enabled •Regular comer cutting stringency •A point will be given to the driver who sets pole position •All times are in German time (GMT+1) •Races are on Saturdays •Reserve drivers score half points that count only towards the constructor's championship Here is the race highlights from our race in Austria a couple of weeks ago. FRL Season 2 Discord : https://discord.gg/EfaAJtr
  3. Hello everyone So this happened a couple months ago. My career mode just got to Season 10 and FP1 at Monza. I try to load into the session and the game crashed. As my game was modded I thought that was just another regular crash and relaunched the game. The moment I pressed the button the select career mode (view driver standings and character) the game freezes then crashes. Since then I've verified game files twice already, uninstalled and reinstalled, etc. etc. Even now when I try to load up that save on a vanilla game it crashes. And, when I tried to load into multiplayer with that same character/save, the game crashes. Since then I've gotten around the problem by making a new driver, but I still want to get back to my old save. Platform : PC
  4. Us at FRL need a 2nd commentator to commentate alongside our current one. Our current commentator is currently a race steward as well Requirements : Must be able to record/stream if primary commentator is unable to Should be able to attend all races Will be required to make steward's decisions with fellow commentator Must be able to make the mid season switch to F1 2019 immediately Must be on PC What is FRL? FRL stands for Fv1rtual Racing League , named after the founder who's name on Instagram is Fv1rtual. He posts clips of F1 201X games sent in by his followers. We started FRL just over a month ago and we have been growing throughout the season. Race Highlights for FRL Season 1 Round 5 : We would like another commentator to provide two opinions on events that occur in the race, and help with stewarding and broadcasting. If you'd like to join FRL as a driver or commentator, feel free to hop into the Discord below! https://discord.gg/vPVsFdQ Top 5 Moments of FRL Season 1 Round 5