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  1. Why forum just removed my elaborate response why FrostBite isn't meant to be used for games with sophisticated physics... can I post now forum please? Edit incoming... As a long time BF4 player and casual BF3/BF1 player I can assure you that engine isn't meant for accurate physics simulation... if DR will get frostbite it means it's no longer DR and I'm 100% it's not viable to just fuse two separate engines together, even though there's probably still remains of Operation Flashpoint in Codemasters engine which EA had their toes in too. If EA will kill DR I will hat
  2. Wow that was a wild ride to read... I guess I'm back after another year. Got DR 2.0 in Humble Bundle, didn't had much time to rally and did some upgrades to PC in the meantime... now I'm obviously hungry for more cause 2x23" and center 24" isn't enough 😄 Anyway... if it was posted already sorry, skipped some pages of some rumbling! Just wanted to say we as spectators shouldn't be worried about the weight, just look at those jumps of rally1 spec car: Hope you lot are all fine 🙂
  3. I'm back, got my wheel out of closet. It was all in dust even though wrapped in foil. Hello everyone I knew, and Welcome everyone I didn't meet yet!
  4. That could be a case if it would be only about present WRC. But we didn't see a Toyota in Codemasters game for long time and I dont think we will anywhere soon.
  5. The Division 2 - bugs reported in closed beta are still not fixed. That's over 4 weeks.
  6. That's why I think it's bummer you are all still using the discord. I was hoping it would be only for the time when forums were dead. Now forum is half dead.
  7. I hope that if Irish is in DLC it would be a rougher kind of asphalt. Still wishing to see rallies like Barum someday...
  8. With this livery: (video from the same place where DR 2.0 Poland stages take place) and this: R.I.P. Janusz Kulig, 2 weeks ago was 15 years since his ironic tragic death. Everyone always be catious on train tracks trespasses. Even if they are guarded.
  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/atojsm/ffb_issue_lack_of_textureroad_feel_ffb_force_ffb/
  10. Set your software to 900 the game will lock it in right angle depending on the car you drive.
  11. @KevM well compared to DiRT4 obviously. It was impossible there. Also with an AWD, not RWD.
  12. All right, I think no one asked the most important question yet : Can you do donuts this time?
  13. Agreed. Bummer we need to replace the base ones eith customs instead of having few plain ones to replace instead. That wouldn't really take much space so it's either licensing again or something that I can't think of.
  14. According to this https://www.hotcars.com/rally-racing-top-15-cars-from-the-90s/ It was subbie 99wrc
  15. That's two generations back. 2015 was before areo changes and I'd say that's the moment we can call a new generation.
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