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  1. @David Greco CM why it’s not possible to set negative toe/toe-out in the front tyres?
  2. @David Greco CM Is it normal that the classic cars had no Grip? I‘m driving the Red Bull 2010 and it’s terrible, feels like if I‘m running 11-1 wings with the modern cars, even I use 4-9 wings. I‘m spinning if I‘m on the throttle, even on 10%. I‘m driving without traction control. But other classic cars are not much better. Even the cars were slower and harder doesn’t mean, they didn’t had Grip. PS: Weight Distribution aka Ballast was between 2014-18 in F1. That’s also unrealistic.
  3. Does the game implement the Coca Cola bottle effect? The effect gives you extra downforce in the rear and the diffusor also works much better and it’s lighter in the outside and in the rear, so you‘ve more grip thanks to the effect. Now every car has this effect, for example the Lauda F1 car didn’t had this effect. Would be nice to add it.
  4. Does the car gets more oversteer if the weather gets hotter and the grip is getting more? You could see it clear with Vettel
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