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  1. 3 hours ago, BarryBL said:

    Add it into the profile section. As long as there is a method of contacting you if you are successful, then we can work around it. It should be able to now be changed.

    Thank you, I updated now my PSN Name on the application.

  2. 1. 90 years Ferrari Logo on Car/Overall/Gloves/Cap

    2. The Vettel logo on Vettel‘s helmet 

    3. An option to change the color by the number of the customization car, because a black number doesn’t looks good on a black car



  3. We need an option to change the color by the number because it’s not looking good if black on black, so give us an option to change the color to white or make it with the scale of of all colors. For me it’s important because if you have a customization car, you build a structure and the number destroyed it, because it’s not in the right color.

  4. I don’t believe the game is developed for 2 years if it’s not possible to make the own tyre choice and F2 should be removed because it doesn’t makes fun and it’s irrelevant. They should a DLC for F2 to save money and save storage. It was for me clear, that F2 wasn’t a good idea.