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  1. Will be there a steelbook for the new game for PC?
  2. Hello, is there gonna be a steelbook edition for F1 2021? I'd be really interested in it, I'm from Germany and I'd like to know in which store it's possible to buy it or is there no steelbook edition or a edition with a steelbook for this game?
  3. For the next sports update pls remove Weichai from the Ferrari guys, that looks so bad on the onboard and it’s not Ferraris sponsor anymore.
  4. Please update that, if you update other liveries, you should also update the Ferrari. And please change the front and rear wing design, because they’ve updated it. The big rear wing with the low front wing should be added
  5. @David Greco CM why it’s not possible to set negative toe/toe-out in the front tyres?
  6. @David Greco CM Is it normal that the classic cars had no Grip? I‘m driving the Red Bull 2010 and it’s terrible, feels like if I‘m running 11-1 wings with the modern cars, even I use 4-9 wings. I‘m spinning if I‘m on the throttle, even on 10%. I‘m driving without traction control. But other classic cars are not much better. Even the cars were slower and harder doesn’t mean, they didn’t had Grip. PS: Weight Distribution aka Ballast was between 2014-18 in F1. That’s also unrealistic.
  7. Does the game implement the Coca Cola bottle effect? The effect gives you extra downforce in the rear and the diffusor also works much better and it’s lighter in the outside and in the rear, so you‘ve more grip thanks to the effect. Now every car has this effect, for example the Lauda F1 car didn’t had this effect. Would be nice to add it.
  8. Does the car gets more oversteer if the weather gets hotter and the grip is getting more? You could see it clear with Vettel
  9. It would be pretty nice if that’s possible, because I don’t like the items, or will the second season have the same items?
  10. In the game, it’s not possible to recreate the real onboard cams, because it’s the negative angle is to less to make it possible and you should have the opportunity to set the vertical higher, to be safe, that’s the right camera, even Toms Cam is not so high, but I had my own experience. The easiest example is the Ray-Ban Logo from the Ferrari onboard, in real life with a higher position an more negative angle, you can see the whole lettering, Ingame it’s not possible because you can’t set the the huge negative angle and the vertical higher. That was one thing I noticed sind F1 2017 with the
  11. Theres a hole, which doesn‘t exists in the look a the blue marks and the side pod is no so wide like in real life, look at the green mark.
  12. In my opinion Mugello should be a classic track in the F1 2021 game, if they race there this year. Would be really great
  13. You should patch the Ferrari behind Racing Point, McLaren, because the car was very bad and very unstable. Here is some footage from Vettel: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCRNJR7IxTn/ Even if Leclerc was on podium, but the people who follows him since F2 knows that he loves oversteer and he had a bit luck that Perez had overheating problems and the McLaren lost the pace in the end. So Ferrari should be between McLaren and Renault.
  14. You should remove the Weichai Logos from the Ferrari because they’re not the sponsors of Ferrari anymore and to have a realistic looking car in the official F1 game
  15. In my Opinion the should be Mission Winnow, if it’s just a logo, because you can’t google just with that.
  16. No, I mean in the Item-Shop or Podium Pass
  17. Is it possible to get items from real life drivers? Like Helmets, suits or something like that, maybe from the past? Or is it not possible?
  18. In my opinion you should get the option to customise the calender like in the Grand Prix mode to have more variables and and the chance to recreate the real F1 season calendar. Because I heard from aarava and the new trailer it’s not possible not, which could be better if it’s possible. But it’s still good to sort some tracks out
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