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  1. FOneFanatic

    What's your favourite F1 Track

    Yea, it's very hard to pick a favorite F1 circuit. I happen to like all of them with the exception of a couple that I didn't like that I've come to master over the years and grow found of, to include Jose Carlos Pace and Hermanos Rodriguez. Second to SPA for me is Baku!
  2. FOneFanatic

    What's your favourite F1 Track

    SPA I would have to say is my favorite F1 circuit!
  3. FOneFanatic


    The next big piece of technology coming to the next gen consoles is called Ray Tracing and its advent is definitely going to revolutionize computer graphic rendering in a huge way. Rumor has it that Xbox Scarlett will feature dedicated hardware to handle Ray Tracing. But don't expect to see any of this technology in 2020 with the release dates of the next gen consoles scheduled for late this year. But we'll sure experiencing this new heights of graphics programming with the next next major regulation change scheduled for 2021 - new regulations, new console technologies! https://wccftech.com/xbox-scarlett-dedicated-ray-tracing-cores/
  4. Well then say just that!
  5. The game is playable now on PC, XB1 and PS4 - what are you talking about man?
  6. Unless it's part of some classic segment of the game, it don't think so, given the eponymous yearly naming convention of the game. But nice try though!
  7. FOneFanatic

    Haven't bought F1 since 2016

    Adding VR to a one-year game cycle would be tough to execute for Codemasters - I think!
  8. FOneFanatic

    Is this the final version of the game?

    By now they've already shifted focus to this year's release, with two new tracks and all. Any updates beyond January will be livery updates for the Australian GP, if natural conditions extant in that region allow.
  9. FOneFanatic

    Is this the final version of the game?

    Yeah, I can see some really cool liveries coming for the start of the Australian GP at least, which to me is still cool, as hey, making money however small, is still the design of a business. Looking forward to the January patch for sure.
  10. FOneFanatic

    Setup Guide Now LIVE

    So BarryBL, for all these components to work and emulate real world physics, you must code for air atmospherics in the game, yes? Drum roll please!
  11. FOneFanatic

    Setup Guide Now LIVE

    I've only glanced at the items, but this is very useful information indeed. I just need to understand the theory behind the setups in order to create my own. Mentioning which tracks require certain settings is also very vital information. Very helpful posting, at least to me, indeed!
  12. FOneFanatic

    Unfair points allocation - again!

    As of this posting, and with 143 views, I presume that the culprits have made note of my game-tag and are ensuring that I cannot enter a multiplayer session....GRRRRRRR...to say the bloody least. Can't Codemasters management do something about this clandestine abuse?!!! I cannot enter a multiplayer session as of this posting!!!!! There are some pretty vindictive ******** out there for sure!
  13. In this race I started last (9th) due to track cutting and had 1204 points. Now look at the finish and the skill lever of those I came out ahead of - one of them is solid gold for Pete's sake! Now why in the world would I loose 7 points at the end of this race? When in a previous race I racked up over 20 points and I was ahead of just one full slate silver skill level?? Is someone purposely messing with my points in multiplayer mode?! This has been happening for quite some time now and needs to stop immediately ! Don't you folks have nothing better to do with your time??!!! PLEASE!!!!
  14. FOneFanatic

    Merry Christmas and all the best in 2020 F1ers!

    Someone moved this to the 2nd page - GGGRRRRR!!!!!
  15. Celebrating or not, I would like to extend a very Merry Christmas to all anyway, and wishing you all the best in 2020. This year saw Codemasters introduce their best F1 game to date and we all look forward to another amazing iteration of F1 2020 - bug free of course (just a prayer - LOL). It's been a pleasure folks! Enjoy the very sweet Christmas music so fitting to the occasion.