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  1. FOneFanatic

    Omline Services Login Error

    Im thinking there may be maintenance taking place on the Microsoft server side of things, as Codemasters would have alerted the group of it was on their side. I’m getting a connection code 22 error on XB1
  2. I'm finding the classic cars in this game extremely difficult to control in the rain and I'm thinking to myself that these cars were nowhere this difficult to drive IRL. Knowing that driving assists such as traction control where banned from F1 since 2008, can we have a list of classic cars in the game that used whatever sort of traction control? I'd feel much better using these where applicable for the cars that once utilized them.
  3. FOneFanatic

    Patch 1.10.1 | Xbox Only |Patch Notes

    What was stabilized ?
  4. FOneFanatic

    Patch 1.09 and Patch 1.10 | Patch Notes

    Adding the MDF to cockpit view, finally, is a major plus for the game. I just hope you have it positioned just right, if not, being able to relocate said feature on the screen could be a plus also.
  5. FOneFanatic

    Is Mugello being added?

    Being that these are ad-hock tracks on which FIA approved F1 races are being run on in ad-hoc manner this year, these new tracks will have to be scanned and included in some kind of supplement to next year's game. Istanbul Park has to be included in some playable fashion, be it just for Grand Prix, Multiplayer and Time Trial modes, in next year's version, and they they had better be on their way with this effort now. Or we can have in F1 2021 the 2020 season with these tracks.
  6. My lawyer has advise me based on this game EULA that Microsoft is out of line for cutting off my access to multiplayer due to a communication violation of its Xbox live policy. This is wrong Codemasters, as they are interdicting on the games functionality which has nothing to do with multimedia sharing, as they claim $&#%*^..to say the least!!!!! This screen appears when I click on ranked or unranked race in multimedia in the game.
  7. FOneFanatic

    More Cancelled GP Races

    I didn't think adding new improvised tracks would be possible post game release, after all this is a strange F1 starter year if any! At any rate if for the business of F1 they have to add tracks to the calendar not in the game, that can be overlooked as the FOM is trying to recoup business lost due to CV. That said, if improvised tracks do make it onto the calendar, they should be included in F1 2021 as "improv 2020 tracks in multiplayer and Time trial mode.
  8. FOneFanatic

    More Cancelled GP Races

    There is talk of reviving Mugello, Imola and Hokenheimring. So this begs the question, if these impromptu tracks make onto the calendar as a stopgap, will we see them in the game and will this case a delay in the game's release date??
  9. There is talk of reviving Mugello, Imola and Hokenheimring. So this begs the question, if these impromptu tracks make onto the calendar as a stopgap, will we see them in the game and will this case a delay in the game's release date.
  10. FOneFanatic

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    So can someone tell me why there is no Xbox 1 disc (Only for PS4) for this game this year in the US only digital copy????
  11. FOneFanatic

    Multiplayer Game points abuse continues unabated!

    Yeah, I know that , but my point is that the MS Admins have at their disposal the ability to apply penalty points (something they mentioned they have the ability to do for the Forza Multiplayer Lobbies) and I'm sure they've singled out my game-tag and are apply those penalties willy-nilly out of sheer spite. In the rear instance when they don't know that I'm on, the points system works as it should. I'm telling you that MS admins are the the culprits here. Can some look at my sessions via the database and see if the points that I've earned are the actual points and have not been tampered with post application? I have a couple of other videos to post when I get in today. Run some SQL man!
  12. FOneFanatic

    USA - Circuit Of The Americas

    Absolutely! Every F1 track is unique in it's own right and each requires a different approach. Adjust your approach and viola, you're seeing the track in a whole new light. One way to learn a track is via time trials - an amazing learning tool in the game.
  13. FOneFanatic

    I am not a rookie anymore

    What you're asking for is doable on a personal profile basis that will require data to be stored externally to the game, and that means more unnecessary work for an annual game. The game mirrors what actually happens in the real world, where individual skill is retained at the person level and each driver is required to port that skill into the new season. I don't think Codemasters cares much about your game-to-game career stats as much as they care about individual skill that's already tracked in-game annually.
  14. Video # 1) I started 8th, finished 7th and was ducked 3 points! Just look at the racers I'm ahead of! There should have been no point deduction here. Video #2) I started 7th, finished 5th and earned only 2 points - and look at the skill-set of the people I finished ahead!!! Can someone stop this game abuse on my points. It's the employees at Microsoft tasked with overseeing the multiplayer sessions that's up to this, as they have the ability to apply penalties at their discretion when warranted and in my case these penalties are NOT unwarranted! The have access to the copious database of driver stats and they monitor my gaming sessions primarily to harass my game. If these folks have nothing better to do, I'd like to get them a small cage with a couple of hens to tend to- that should keep their spare time occupied! In the odd moments when they're don't catch my sessions, I earn copious points. This is how I know someone is up to this! 5-29-2020_1-44-08_PM-swffnoep.mp4 5-29-2020_1-44-08_PM-e0rqoniy.mp4
  15. Will the XB1 disk version be made available for pre-order on Amazon USA, as I don't see it listed as yet. Also, please don't say that you'll make available only the digital version from the Microsoft Store! That will be most unacceptable, as I need the DISK!