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  1. FOneFanatic

    Way too much rain!!!!!

    This is one way they choose to make the game challenging and improve your skills.
  2. FOneFanatic

    Singapore Track update will be needed

    Yes please so that the game keeps abreast with what's happening in the 2019 season, which if far from being over! I'd like to see this in the next update for sure, or evern NOW!
  3. FOneFanatic

    Suggestion, restrict cockpit view

    It takes a really long time to develop the speed and skill in the cockpit view required to properly negeotiate corners, I guess that's why most players shy away from it.
  4. FOneFanatic

    Singapore Marina Bay Ferrari Set up

    What is a good setup for the SF90 on Singapore? Will a balanced set up work?
  5. FOneFanatic

    Suggestion, restrict cockpit view

    If I understand what you're saying is to have as an option for certain lobbies - the cockpit view position. If this is so YESSSSSS. The cockpit or helmit view is the view racers race with, as they have no choice. So in competition events everyone SHOULD be restricted to Cockpit view, not a combination of this and other views that I call "cheat view" including the T-CAM which is a form of cheating because Like Chase View, the ulitmate cheat view, you have a purview of upcoming corners and can anticipate turn-in in more naturally than say, the cockpit view where line of site of the upcoming corner rumble strip and massive callibration skills are called into play to sucessfully negeotiate corners. The default view for all online e-sport racing should be cockpit view IMO with no assists - this would be reflective of how F1 drivers race. IMO there should only be two views in the game - the cockpit view cockpite and T-cam view with the only the Cockpit view for all competition races.
  6. Again, cuando? This post is over two weeks only for pete's sake!
  7. FOneFanatic

    Cockpit Cam Halo Transparency 2019

    I don't see the need for this. The current option to remove the center piece from the halo, which obstrucuts the view of cars farther down the tarmac, especially in the rain, is sufficient. I had made this same case sometime last year for an option to make the halo invisible, but it was shut down my the Codemasters, who instead opted for the removal of the center stack only. Also, I beleive that since this is an officially sanctioned game, that the FIA has a weigh in on features of the game like this, and I'm sure they probably turned it down. As it stands now, I'm totally comfortable with the removal of the center stack, as the remainder of the halo in that configuration doesn't bother me at all.
  8. FOneFanatic

    Game is STUPID

    Monoca of all circuits require patience and plenty of practice. Insead of complaining about the game being stupid, try practicing on the same in Time Trials. Then when you understand the nuances of the track, try the Grand Prix again.
  9. FOneFanatic

    Highlights reel

    I for one don't see t he relevance of this feature in the game. Who uses this to begin with?!!
  10. Hmmm..I wasn't aware that we can shift from 1st down to neutral without being at a low speed. I have to try that!
  11. FOneFanatic

    First Career Season in 2019 - quick question

    Here is one invaluable website- the best imo, for all things pertaining to F1: http://www.formula1-dictionary.net/index.html
  12. FOneFanatic


    Noooooo....please stay! I hope it wasn't the constant harping and carping in this forum that finally did Faya in!
  13. FOneFanatic

    First Career Season in 2019 - quick question

    A setting of 80 is very high from my perspective, as I'm still a novice at this game. My advise to you is to lose the traction control entirely. It should take a week or two to get acclimated without it, or even sooner. You seem to be on the right track otherwise- just practice, practice, practice. Running endless laps in Tme Trials focusing on the basice of cornering and braking is what works for me when it comes to training.
  14. FOneFanatic

    First Career Season in 2019 - quick question

    What is your difficulty set to?
  15. FOneFanatic

    About patch 1.10

    I think this patch was devoted to customization updates at just under 400 Mb. I guess Codemasters are trying generate a little extracuricular income. I did spend .89 cents on a badge - LOL!