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    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    I have a feeling that the Albon to Redbull and Gastly to Torro Russo avatar switch in the game will not happen for F1 2019 as it requires tinkering with some architectural software visuals that's not worth the change at this time in the game's life cycle. Expect a posting to this effect following the summer break. This is a non-change that everyone should be able to live with - no problem here!
  2. FOneFanatic

    Trading in F1 2019 FOR F1 2018

    Past car's performance is worse off the father back you go. I drove some time laps on 2017 the other day on Sepang International and couldn't believe how slow the cars were!
  3. FOneFanatic

    No car behind you bug

    You're the last person in the race, yet Jeff announces that the person behind you has a time penalty and and not worry about that car catching up with you. Happened more that once already. Don't know how important this one is, but I thought I'd report it 🏎️ just the same.
  4. You have the expertise in Formula One, so why not extend the open-wheel line up with an IndyCar game.
  5. FOneFanatic

    Codemasters should do an IndyCar game

    Thanks bud! I did not know that. But the past is the past. Now is time to get back into the arena and do it one more time!
  6. FOneFanatic

    Anyone use mirrors in cockpit?

    The look back view via the controller is OK with me. But yeah, they should have the mirror reflection work, after all, this is F1 2019!
  7. FOneFanatic

    Your first F1 game

    Ubisoft?! - They were horrible!
  8. FOneFanatic

    Multiplayer Racing Is ******** ?

    There's a lot of male machismo in this game, being the pinnacle of motor sport and all, that's to be expected. But based on my skill set, I hold back on initial corners until the energy of male hubris has been expelled by crashing others out, then I drive through the frazzled lot. When faster players catch up, I don't block them but let them through, as you should. Often I encounter others slower than me, but they often stay behind. If someone is able to catch up to me from way back, that person is faster than you and there is no reason to block their charge, but let them go by (ching - safety rating up). Blocking is not racing, it's a drain on your safety rating. It's all about being fair, tolerant and wise.
  9. FOneFanatic

    Ranking System is killing us all

    The point earning spreads are OK, and this from a neophyte to this game. You really have to be an amazing player to have full chevrons of silver to be promoted to Gold, and that means you have to be a veteran at this game, as there are many out there. The game is all about skill and safety, and skill doesn't some easy, as I've learned. But this game is awesome otherwise, hands down!
  10. Codemasters should make backward compatible to PS4 and XB1 one of the classic F1 games, such as F1 2011 that features Istanbul Park, Turkey. I'll pay for such a game for sure! Bring it!
  11. FOneFanatic

    Make F1 2011 Backward compatible for XB1 and PS4

    Nah, I prefer the classic cars over tracks any day. One or two classic tracks like Istanbul Park available in say, in multiplayer and time trials, will not be a bad idea.
  12. FOneFanatic

    Multiplayer Racing Is ******** ?

    Regardless, I've been playing Ranked Online since the game open and I have a Safety Rating of S, though my skill set points are only in low Silver, and I'm grouped with only S safety rating with folks in Silver skill set and the game play is awesome online! To improve your safety rating you must give cede to drivers who are faster than you when being overtaken (this is the main cause of bad safety ratings because there is the tendency to block the over taker, thus casing contacts and accidents). Hold back from initial corners and ones that have a tendency to attract collisions e.g. first corner on Monza. Try to avoid contact at all costs and improve your safety rating and get graduated to race with the pros (me not included) - LOL! Those who crash will continue to crash and will continue to play with those who continue to crash, fortunately!
  13. FOneFanatic

    Multiplayer Racing Is ******** ?

    Drivers who ram are grouped together with other like drivers based on their safety rating. The key to get with a great group of players is to up your safety rating by avoiding ramming or being rammed. The game's algorithms will group you with players who are safe and professional . Also, to those of you who think you can get in and ram someone to affect their safety rating - the game is sophisticated enough to determine pernicious behavior and apply the crash blame culpably! Professionals are lumped with professionals, and immature and punk drivers who like just getting into lobbies just to ram, are excluded from playing with the safe, mature professionals. If you want to enjoy multiplayer lobbies, it's simple: don't be a PUNK!
  14. This is a mighty fine patch for a mighty fine game from a mighty fine group of developers. I know it's hard work getting a game like this running at peak performance, but by golly, you've done it Codemasters! A mighty fine endeavor indeed!
  15. I hope patch 1.05 this is not a zombie patch for XB1 like 1.04, with never materialized on XB1!
  16. This is nice and all, but I'm still waiting for 1.04 to drop on Xbox One! Is that patch forthcoming or what? Update - it's Friday and still no Xbox 1.4 patch??
  17. FOneFanatic

    Assists way too good

    Better to learn without these assists. It doesn't take that long to acclimate to no assists, even if you use assists.
  18. In 2018 with the debut of the safety halo it was agreed that there will be an option to remove the center stack of the halo in cockpit view. In 2019 I see that the option is disabled. Is this permanent? Do we have the option to race in cockpit view without the center stack of the halo obstructing the view?
  19. FOneFanatic

    Day one patch?

    That's the day 1 patch right there. No notes required for the day 1 patch.
  20. Unfortunately, Amazon in the U.S. is not honoring the early release of the Legends Edition as I pre-ordered the edition in on Amazon-US and they're telling me it will be delivered on 6/28. Did I read this wrong or something???!!! Update: I've contacted Amazon USA and they have not clue about the different versions of the game and insist that the game is to be released on Friday. Perhaps someone from the UK should contact Amazon USA about early access for the Legends edition. And I quote "But wait, there’s even more to this! The drivers’ likenesses have also been added to the Career mode, and you can experience all of this when this edition is launched with three days early access on June 25th 2019 on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X and Windows PC (DVD and via Steam)."
  21. What would be cool is if they can capture the characteristic driving patterns of Senna and allow his driving avatar to compete in a Ghost team in Career mode. That would be taking gaming to the next level for sure!
  22. Question: in the Legends Edition in Career Mode for 2019 races, well Senna and Prost characters be factored into these races? Also, will their characters also be in Time Trials? I need to know this in order to justify spending 25 extra dollars for the Anniversary Edition.
  23. FOneFanatic

    Game pre order in the USA

    Patience grasshopper! All in good time as there is always a pre-order window for F1 games in the US - it just hasn't been announced yet. I'm sure in the US Amazon will field pre-orders just as they did last year!
  24. I would love to see Imola and Istanbul Park circuits in the game for sure. Imola due its infamy associated with Senna's death. But I did not know that about the F1 2013 - thanks mate!