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    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    1.       First and Second Free Practice: It would be great to have more sessions to go out and test the car for the weekend, there isn’t much running before you have a race in career mode, because qualifying you are trying to save the tyres.  If you don’t want to participate in FP1 and FP2, simply skip them, or, make it an option in the race setup menu that you can disable them. 2.       Helmet Design: Let us design our own helmets, put some cool pre-installed logos on, ones that are already on the car. The standard helmets are very boring. 3.       Choose Car Number: This is an obvious one, with the new 2014 rules, let us have a choice of number before we start our career. 4.       Contract Offers: Due to rights and such, I am sure this might be something on the difficult side to ask for, but it would be nice to see other drivers around the paddock moving around too. 5.       Safety Car: I must admit, I have seen the safety car a little more often in F1 2013 than we did in F1 2012, but it could still come out more often.  It could come out as a default when there is a major crash, when there is a heavy down pour, and even start behind the safety car when the weather is very wet..  Also, crash damage could surely stay out for longer on the circuit.  Having control over my car behind the safety car would make it a lot more realistic. I cannot spin up the rears or anything without backing off completely, and then the computer wants to take over my car anyway. The way I see it, if you want to mess around behind the safety car, then that’s your choice, if you pass another car, give us 6-10sec to let him back passed again, if you touch another car, give a penalty, but those of us who enjoy the racing like in real life, let us have control, we won’t muck around anyway. 6.       Sighting Lap: I have suggested this before, and I know others have as well, please let is drive out the pits to the grid before a race, so that if the weather is touch and go, we can decide for ourselves what the conditions are like. 7.       Pitstops: This is another I know plenty of players want, control over our own car in the pitstops, it’s been on previous versions of Formula 1 games, so I can’t see why CM can’t do it. Also, allow us the choice of a quick tyre change in practice and especially in Qualifying! (This will also give us the opportunity to practice driving into the box for the race.) 8.       Weather: How the rain comes is not a problem, it’s when the AI pit that is unrealistic, they always ALL pit on the same lap for the same tyre! Have it be more random, with a handful of teams taking a gamble on a different tyre or earlier lap. 9.       The AI: The AI have certainly improved from F1 2012 to F1 2013, with more aggressive overtaking and defending, but it could still be better. Also, the AI tends to get in the way when you’re on a hot lap in qualifying, or when you’re lapping them. I have noticed a trend that they speed up into a corner of driving slowly on the straight to let you through, there needs to be some sort of “off-line” in the corners as well.  Also, have the AI take more chances with pitting when the safety car comes out. 10.   Test Days: Like in the real F1 season, have a test days before the season starts and during the season as well where there can be a handful of R&D challenges, team-mate challenges, and generally tracking running, again, if a player doesn’t want to, or wants to end the session early, simply let them skip it. 11.   Penalty System: The penalty system, as I am sure many would agree, is flawed.  Penalties are given and sometimes not given for the stupidest of things. Also, if there is an incident, let it be investigated first, let the driver get a chance to try and create a gap before awarding the penalty.  Same goes with “Illegal Overtakes”, 6s is often way to little, it means you have to slack off a lot to let the driver through again. Make it that we have 3 or 4 corners to let him back through.  Also, with control in the pitlane, there can be penalties for speeding in the pitlane, early release and so on…