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  1. totally agree to all your words man . even without abs u break less but harder , so all people who drive like 58 Breakbires and 100 Pressure should have huge problems with the temps using ABS but they dont have actually. ABS on is way to good this year , i would say it improved the same way like ABS OFF, but i agree if you put it off and drive it well you should be faster than someone who has turned it on, otherwise it makes no sense to turn it off guys. its the same like TC everyone who can handle TC OFF likes to have that advantage in pulling away getting out of the corner. Same should be for ABS off , but it isn't, you can break and turn , and still breaking, so it just can be faster, there should be some regulations!
  2. I absolutely agree to that topic . its also sad that nobody talked or informed in the beta phase about that! MAKE IT HAPPEN Codemasters