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  1. Hey wir sind die International eRacing League , ab Oktober oder noch besser ab sofort suchen wir einen oder zwei Kommentatoren , wir fahren immer Samstag 22Uhr mit spannenden Modi, haben circa 30 Fahrer auf gutem-hohem Niveau. bei Interesse lasst einfach mal einen Fingerzeig da, für Fragen stehe ich gern zur Verfügung! Liebe Grüße!
  2. I absolutely agree to that topic . its also sad that nobody talked or informed in the beta phase about that! MAKE IT HAPPEN Codemasters
  3. woodyinho44

    25% Ranked Lobbies are dead

    with an a rating you can wait hours to find a ranked lobby on 25% distance, they not exist , and there is just two reasons , people can't invite friends & just multiplayer cars available. @Faya and if its even just the first , fix it please . there is no ranked 25% ranked lobbies anymore now.
  4. woodyinho44

    Assists way too good

    The Assists areaway to strong this year, especially tc medium and abs , you can see clearly in rain , the difference is way to extreme between the on and off , with abs you cn put brake pressure to 100 and balance to 60 and just go through corners like there would be no rain at all. try this with no assists and you will see its impossible even when you a pro. the brake zone for people with assists should be much longer cause in their settings the the lock would come really early. same for tc medium , there should be longer accelerating zones .
  5. woodyinho44


    Hey buddy, read the topic of this threat, assists was not the discussion, it only about the possibility to invite friends in ranked lobbies man.
  6. woodyinho44

    After Patch 1.04 PS4 - f1 2018 is back

    engine revs not hearable in unranked lobbies if you start out of the pitlane
  7. Guys this kinda patch is just an 100% fail, the only thing that improved are bugs over bugs White screen in rainy lobbies like fog or something, fanatic cal elite lc brake doesn't work anymore , cars have sometimes no engine sound anymore , if you cut a corner and the lap does not count the game doesn't show anymore on the screen , same if you did a new fastest lap. just a few things, after 5 years i start to ask myself if there are any people at codies who try their own game before release patches and stuff... its just nerve-racking , disturbing and boring from now on, just a clear no-buy recommend for people who ask. GP2 Game GP2
  8. woodyinho44


    you all misunderstood the theme of this thread, it is just about to make sure to invite friends in your ranked lobby cause nobody plays anymore otherwise. you will never get clean racing or anything cause sometimes even an a or b rating driver gets dirty in a special situation.
  9. woodyinho44


    just allow to invite friends again, thats it. nothing more. if anybody who would be in there could invite just 1 friend every lobby would be full... it has nothing to do with assists and so on.
  10. woodyinho44


    Guys you need to allow to invite friends again to ranked lobbies , sometimes i am still searching minutes to find a lobby with only 6 players then, half of them unfair. please do something. ranked Lobbies are dead
  11. woodyinho44

    Multiplayer Ranked

    but now there is no action anymore , and with action i mean clean racing cause there are always 5-7 people in each lobby , wow... Ranked lobbies are killed ! good job
  12. woodyinho44


    that would be a great solution !!! another one would be that they get banned when they don't match at all.
  13. woodyinho44


    if you don't play multiplayer i understand your opinion man but let me say, if i wanna play with my friends or if you wanna play with some people from your online league, it absolutely su*ks if you can't use the official cars and it su*ks even more that you have to play in unranked lobbies then , so your don't improve safety rating, you don't improve skill rating. I wanna see that career dudes if somebody tells them that u only could use fictionary cars ^^ last years game the ranked lobbies was the absolute thing online, now they crashed it. thats it! and one last point, which also was shown in 2018 title, you don't have the guarantee even if somebody has an a-rating that this one is a fair driver, thats also the truth, so anyway, nice idea but its difficult in reality. so please @Faya it would be awesome if there would be the same matchmaking like last year. friends invitable ( if the rating is not matchable just kick them automatically) & and officail cars. payed for an official game so would be nice to use the official stuff in every part of the game cheers guys
  14. woodyinho44


    Guys first of all congrats to that amazing game but... its not cool that nobody can use the official cars in ranked lobbies, let the people chose what they wanna drive. but even more worse is the fact that i can't invite my friends to ranked lobbies, so if i wanna play with them like most of the time i have to go for unranked and get no coins, no rank , no safety rank. i think you gonna kill the ranked lobbies with that, really sad that this conclusion is the only way to fix the problem when people invite D Drivers ( safety rating ). i think seriously this one have to be fixed.
  15. woodyinho44

    I miss official Cars in online racing/ranked lobbies

    But nobody play unranked lobbies though, there is no reason for me why not to use both at the same time, costume or real one, let the player decide please