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  1. There is no general failure with Racenet right now.

    If you are getting the events crashing/exiting after loading, it's detecting a problem with your install, normally detecting files the game is checked and doesn't like.  This can include renamed/backed up files in the game folder. 
    Re checking your cache will not help in this case, you will need to know what is extra in your game folder, or delete the whole thing manually and redownload.
    Sorry but you are wrong.

    Every single time I try to play an online event I get a racenet failure. Usually the first event goes fine, but the second one I try to enter I get kicked out with the failure to connect to Racenet.

    I've checked the integrity of my game files many, many times without an issue. It's not the install

  2. right now we have the adjustment for camera shake, but the fundamental issue is that the horizon still bounces around, which is very jarring. Your neck acts as a natural damper and your brain can compensate for the movement. Right now is really hard to drive bouncing around with no compensation. There was a mod that fixed this awhile ago, but it's too out of date now. There should be a slider to go with camera shake with world movement.

  3. Been fighting this error since around the Germany Update. I'm well above the specs and I can play intermittently, 2 or 3 reboots makes it work until I close the game and open it again. 

    Its the only game that throws this error to me. I've submitted 10+ error logs. This needs to be fixed.

  4. Still an issue with the new update. I have updated to W10 as well. Can get maybe 2-3 races in, then during the race my screen goes black and I can hear the audio as I crash, but can get the screen to come back so I have to kill the game in the task manager. After that error 41 until I restart the PC. 

  5. Been getting Error Code 41 ever since the Tarmac Terrors came out. Works sometimes, then boom I get it every time I start a race (hit enter to continue). I have almost 100gb free on my C: drive and that's the lowest free space, so it's not that. I verify cache constantly and it is all validated and I run with a crossfire R9 290x setup, so it isn't Nvidia. Only fix is to reboot, then it works for awhile.

    Frustrating that I can't play.