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  1. Tr3voRR

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    Can you tell us if we get an update on PC version once the Next Gen version is out to be on the same level or are we getting screwed on PC? I would like to know because games like Fifa and Madden hasve already said that the PC will not get the next gen treatment... and will be current gen...
  2. Tr3voRR

    Dirt 5 PC Next Gen

    Hello, could you please tell us what is the deal with the PC version? Will we get an update once this game is released on next gen or are we getting the short stick?
  3. Tr3voRR

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    This will be the third time I try to participate, 2018 and 2019 I wasn't one of the lucky ones, third time is a charm! maybe this time will be my lucky time.
  4. Fxx and Pagani from Season 2 dlc has got no rain effect, all the other season 2 dlc works as intended. I have yet tried every single car.
  5. I tried the game after the new update and most cars I tried had the rain effect back to normal, some of the new cars from season pack 2 has zero rain effect (fxx and aston so far). All tried on PC, at max settings, at brands hatch in free play and on time trial (so same condition for all cars). If the visual effect is back that's great, it would be better if it was on all cars as intended. 4 months for this to be fix or corrected... that's a problem! and it's not even 100% since some cars hasn't got the effect... such has the new aston am pro and the ferrari fxx (so far).
  6. Rain effect seems to be back with most of the cars with the latest update, I say most because the new FXX has got zero rain effect on the windscreen, the Pagani has got zero effect as well, the brabham has got the great rain effect, didn't test the aston yet, the 599evo has got the great effect and I didn't test the new ford gt. So now all cars should be tested to see which one doesn't have the great rain effect.
  7. Please for the love of everything great in this world. Just look at the video I posted of the race in brands hatch and YOURSELF go play Brands hatch with rain and you will see the freaking downgrade! GO SEE for YOURSELF so you can stop talking about different specs, variation of rain between tracks and all those excuses. Thank you.
  8. Yeah I didn't brag... I don't know why you're making stuff up. Please stay on topic. I don't complain, I am pointing out a dowgrade they did to us all, you complain more in your post than anyone else.
  9. Awesome nice job Boris, no excuses for them now.
  10. 4k is not a gimmick, not only you get a crisp image with popping details but it also helps to get rid of aliasing.
  11. It's not out of proportion, we had the game one way and than changed for the worst. I am not going to start talking about money, but I purchased it based on how it was presented and now it's different from what was presented and how it was at launch (and not in a positive way). This is also the Grid forum and not the F1 forum... so yeah stay on topic please. Downgrading the game few months after launch is indeed a disgusing thing to do, specialy when they don't mention it! trying to pass this low key as if we wouldn't notice and than act supprise... I don't want to start "conspiracy" theories, but I have a feeling they downgraded it for stadia and receiving a nice check for it from google, filling up their pockets at our expense. That's just a "darker" tought on the matter. I just wish they would acknowledge this, say something about it and revert to what it used to be.
  12. Hello, please do not start talking about the spec used or the platform used etc. I play on PC, I play all setting max out since launch. At launch it looked amazing and now it looks very bad as seen in the videos in this thread. Now you could give us the reason you downgrade it instead of making it out as if we messed up something on our side. It used to look so good and I would really like to know why you downgraded it. Is is because of Stadia?, surely it can't be for optimization because all it needs is to reduce the graphic option or make an option to not have rain. Please, why the downgrade? If yourself are not aware, could you please ask them why? I am trully gutted, It used to look so good.
  13. I can tell you 100% it's not like that anymore... (it looked great when it was like that). They don't even say anything as if we wouldn't notice...
  14. Lol that made me chuckle, who downgrades their game visualy once it's been released 😕 I have never seen such a thing, surely it should go the other way... What a shame... it looked impressive when it was launched.
  15. Nice finding a video of it thank you, I don't get why the hell they have done that... Am thinking, maybe it's not even since the release of the season 1 dlc but the release on Stadia... they downgraded it so there would not be any comparaison video to show how **** stadia is, and google probably paid them to do that. There is no reason to downgrade your game, specialy on PC since you can change video settings for people with lesser hardware.