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  1. Hello, I would like to understand what the hell happened to f1 2021? feels like a déjà vue with f1 2014... So you stripped classic cars to work on other things, what other things? the game looks worse than 2020, the RT in this game is a joke, DLSS is ghosting like crazy even if you put in 2.2.10 or 2.2.11... the shadows... what the hell have you done to the shadows in this game!!! and rain effect, why there no reflection like in 2020? So you spend everything in making a silly fictional story... would have been better to release all the tracks at launch instead!!! and not get rid of c
  2. .... Are you guys happy with that ? You feel good making us pay for something fake ?
  3. I think what's wrong is people like you, this is suppose to be an authentic experience. What kind of dipshit is happy with a half ass job that is not representative of our passion... go away from F1 please, sheep !
  4. Wow some shed light. When I read this, I think that the PC version could have quality cockpit. They talk about an HD DLC for PC, can the cockpit be part of that ?!
  5. exactly you can only have one or the other reallybesieds the graphics engine they do use is hardly a bad engine it just doesn't seem to support both very well once they move onto the next gen systems that may change Are you guys freaking serious ? what kind of sorry excuse are you making up ? Grid 1 is much older and it had good cockpit ! Forza got 700 cars all with unique cockpit, forza horizon a open world with over 200 cars have got unique cockpit. What's the matter with you guys... do you just accept any shit given to you ? you never expect the most possible !? Shift 1 and 2 had amaz
  6. Yes it's very fishy :/, you would think cockpit would be one of the stuff they showcase 1st with this game, since they took it out in Grid 2 and we all wanted cockpit.
  7. In the formula one games races can go for 50+ laps, even endurance races in this game are nowhere near that length. Well in grid 1 they had LeMans type race, if that's present in this one it would make since to have pit stops. If they only have short race like WTCC or touring in general I guess yeah you don't really need pit stops. If they offer anything higher than 35 laps, you would definitely need pit stops and if not than I understand. To be honest I am more concern about the cockpit, may be weird for some, but I like quality cockpit, for me this will determine if I make a purchase
  8. Practice and quali, but no pit stops... It surely not impossible to have pitstops. There sister dev team (f1 games) have got pit stops very nicely nailed. So why not tap in that to bring it to Grid Autosport... it baffles me. About the cockpit I try not to be sceptic and wait for an official confirmation, but since they are still not talking about it, my expectation is very low...
  9. Yeah how about we always excuse everything ! a car is a also a cockpit, I like to have a quality cockpit ! and what a poor comparison or reasoning for that matter... Sorry but at 130-140 on the highway nothing is blurred out when I drive... and when I am in the city at 30 to 50  (just in case, I talk km/h) I have no idea where the blur takes place... In any case my eyes would take care of any seight elements, I don't want a game to simulate anything apart from quality details and texture. It's so sad how a lot of you just defend this... ffs. I will repeat myself again, if I wanted low res
  10. .... I can't begun to explain you how just ignorant you are. Seriously, if I wanted a poor quality cockpit, I would have just waited for moders to do the same thing they did in Grid 2.
  11. I beg to differ about the cockpit detail, I like them, they should be in there. Also F1 games from Codemaster have got a cool pit stop with animation, so I also beg to differ on the limitations...
  12. Hello like the title says, I would like to be reassure about the cockpit cam please. From the video they shown, the cockpits are just a blurry black shadow view.... just like moders had to do for Grid 2. If that's the case, I don't find this acceptable. Please Codemasters, make a trailer or screenshots for the cockpit. I would also like to know if there is pit stops and will they be animated ? your system dev team have all the materials for it, so there isn't any excuse for it not to be present.
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