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  1. cybernet

    Bug with Legends edition?

    Thanks Faya, I will. haven't had a chance yet. But I'm really surprised by the lifespan of the code. Basically barely a week? Why is that? EDIT: my bad, it's actually 2029, not 2019.... Yeah I'm not thrilled at all either. Shame because F1 2019 is overall a quality game. And using the Prost/Senna rivalry could have produced something really fun and special. Also, I think now next step in the series would be adding classic tracks. We all miss dearly some of the legendary tracks that defined F1. Most of the modern tracks are not even interesting. Hopefully Codemasters will listen.
  2. cybernet

    Bug with Legends edition?

    Indeed, i found the flyer thanks... Code said to be expiring by 30 June...***, so I overpaid this Legends edition and can't even try it now.
  3. cybernet

    Bug with Legends edition?

    Thanks. Really? Is this confirmed? Why would they do that since the game bought was the Legends edition and I don't even see on the screen how to redeem?
  4. Hi, I bought the Legends edition back in June but never actually bothered to play the Prost/Senna mode as it's apparently pointless. But I just tried to access it today in the menu and it's actually pointing me to the Playstation Store to buy it?!? Is it a bug given that I have the full Legends edition of the game with the hard metallic case? Thanks.