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    Is F1 2019 Toro Rosso gameplay ?

    Is the 2018 game
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    Maybe is only for theater mode (replays)
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    Official TV Graphics confirmed!
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    F1 2019 Images

    F1 2019 is being shown in an event, this are the images that are leaking to Twitter. Will be updating with more images if I see them. Theater mode + Super License and Leagues: New office (Sponsors in Helmets??): Multiplayer Customization: New meeting room?: Cockpit Cam (HUD update, improved graphics and ¿more info in steering wheel screen?): F1 Legends Edition includes: - Senna and Prost - Their cars - 8 invitational events in the career - 2 themed multiplayer liveries Main menu? (thx to @AORGrzesiu for commenting it): Open Career?: Different HUD color depending on the car: F1 2019 Gameplay Onboard in this channel: (F1 and F2) https://www.youtube.com/user/f1fanatic2
  5. Thanks for selecting me as a beta tester for this years game, will be helping as much as I can :D
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    F1 2019 Images

    I think you can save the replay to edit it later or to save it, and in the career you will be able to watch the replays of the races you have done in the career (Don't now if you can see all or only the ones you save)
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    I hope they implement it, I think it would give the game a more attractive and realistic look.
  8. From the gameplay they showed in an instagram story the HUD is the same one of F1 2018 and the MFD isn't in the steering wheel (Is the same one as F1 2018) sadly :(
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    F1 2019 Season Mod 2.1 HUGE UPDATE!!!!!

    You can continue with the one you have
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    F1 2019 BETA TEST

    If you have been selected you will receive an email
  11. A lot of bugs were found and reported by me and a lot of other people, we were reporting all bugs we saw and discused them in the forums. Obviously not all of them can be fixed, because there is no infinite time, but we would report every one we saw and codies worked to fix every one they could. If you don´t now what happend in 2018 Beta don´t judge all the people involved in it, because there were a lot of people that helped in all the ways they could to find and report all the bugs they saw. Not all the selected people cared about reporting bugs, but that will happen in all the betas, because it´s imposible to know what each one intention is apart from the text written in the beta sign-up.
  12. I'm currently using the Logitech G29 and it's pretty good for what it costs
  13. For the clutch just use a button on the wheel or automatic in game. Don't need to buy another pedal for the clutch. I think the clutch in the game is represented as On/OFF and not as progressive so using a pedal will be the same as using a button, but I'm not completely sure about that.
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    F1 2019 BETA TEST

    There are no news about when it will start and who was selected to play it. Betas are at the same time for all platforms if I remember correctly.
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    They told that to all the retailers, but GAME accidentaly leaked it
  16. The steering wheel has 2 paddles at the back for shifting, the right gone gears up and the left one gears down, if thats what you meant. The peddals are a must have, pretty much obligatory if ypu want to use a steering wheel. Driving without assists only makes you faster if you know how to control the car, I recommend you to go from all the assists to no assists progresevely. With time and practice you will improve a lot. I currently play at 95% difficulty with traction control and anti-lock brakes only. Hope to have helped you :D
  17. You have to be picked by Codemasters to play the beta
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    At the end of the F1 2019 trailer an F2 car appears, and in the leaks that occurred months ago a part of F2 that occurred in the career was shown. So pretty much is confirmed.
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    Sony doesn't like crossplay, so I don't think so
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    Informacion sobre F1 2019

    -ESP- Ya se puede reservar en Instant Gaming (PC) y Amazon (PS4, Xbox y PC) -ENG- You can reserve it on Instant Gaming (PC) and Amazon (PS4, Xbox and PC)