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  1. This issue existed with F1 2019, Codemasters ignore this issue hoping it will go away on its own. As an IT professional I can say with authority that the name "codemasters" is an oxymoron for this comapny, they are harldy masters of Code, Maybe they should hire some of the staff at Assetto Corsa, they know what they are doing.
  2. SCast

    Time trial - Fastest Laps

    Could the root cause of this issue be located in Microsoft's X-Box account management or with Codemaster's interface with X-Box accounts? I might have missed it but I have not seen anyone report this issue on the PS4 or PC platforms.
  3. SCast

    Time trial - Fastest Laps

    We can continue to report on this all we want but I suspect supports "fix" for this issue will be the release of F1 2019 with crossed fingers hoping the issue will go away
  4. SCast

    Time trial - Fastest Laps

    Did support do anything? I still have the problem. This time I tried Modern F1 set a faster time at 130.142 in a ferrari at Silverstone and when I select Find Me it still points to the same user xXxNGWxXx at 130.191 in a mercedes. If I scroll down to the 131.4xx times i see my username at a time set weeks ago, XBOX1 Silverstone 130.142 my user - tireironghost
  5. SCast

    Time trial - Fastest Laps

    I havent checked in a while and yes, I am still having the problem. XBOX1 Silverstone - Classic car time trial Low 130's for track time