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  1. Striker_703

    F1 2019 Dedicated Setup Site

    A team who help you work on the set-up's? As in other drivers 'Wheel and Pad' and so on.
  2. Striker_703

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    The patch notes states that the AI was re-balanced in the wet @KrazyLurt
  3. Striker_703

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Wasn't the pace of the AI in the wet addressed in the latest patch?
  4. Striker_703

    F1 2019 Dedicated Setup Site

    @Soupy1985do you have a team?
  5. Striker_703

    F2 feature race stragety

    So you're more worried about the AI? The AI can be programming that way. So you're concerns is more of a tech, programming issue than a user issue. Your beginning statement clearly states otherwise though.
  6. Striker_703

    F2 feature race stragety

    You're correct that the feature race you can choice between two compounds and the sprint race you only get one. SO how missing the point? It's the same the real world. So how is that missing the point?
  7. Striker_703

    F2 feature race stragety

    @ojhowells the Formula 2 championship is a SPEC series. All the cars are the same. It's another development area for Formula one drivers. F2 within F1 2019 will follow the same REAL WORLD rules when it comes to this spec series. GT Sport has the Super Formula 19 which is similar to the F2 cars. You can use any tire compound there on that car. From Comfort Soft street tires to the rain tires that you can now use.
  8. Striker_703

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Oh I did forget something, thanks for clearing that up. I'm gathering you didn't watch based on you last paragraph. I put the AI at a comfortable level that I could keep pace with. If you would have watched any of the streams you would know this and when I raised the AI. Which brings up the point of me raising the AI level again another five points. I noticed after the at the AI level of 80% which I was comfortable with at the time I was keeping pace, so I raised it ten points ran more test. Kept pace and so. I done the find your AI level. Seen I was keeping pace so I raised it fine points to challenge myself. The test only shows that I have the skills to run in the wet really at level 80 at one time and 90. Only time will tell how I get along at level 95. Zoom Zoom
  9. Striker_703

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Hmmm? Ok so, you took the time to pick through I typed on this thread, mainly within the AI area. Question. Did you take the time to watch the whole test or all of them and pay attention to what I was saying? And further more, I never said or stated anyone was slow in the wet. I said that they didn't have the skills to run in the wet, which is a BIG difference. Ummm.... Did I forget anything?
  10. Striker_703

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Yes indeed I raised the AI five points. In order to challenge myself to become a faster driver. Once I got comfortable with the characteristics of the simulation model and how I'm setting up the car where I'm as well comfortable I raised the AI from 80, to 90 and now 95. During the find your AI level test I noticed I was keeping pace and in some cases out pacing the AI. So to challenge myself I raised it. What wrong with that? You all never challenged yourselves? @Marty_K_I speak and type how I do. If you don't like. TOUGH!! How can you get faster if you can't challenge yourself? How can you get better in anything? Hmmm
  11. Striker_703

    ToCA Race Driver 3 Online

    I remember the first ToCA. I loved it. Just bring it back brand new and classic.
  12. Striker_703

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    Where are you trying to send the data? It's been awhile since I've wrote C# but I don't see a log. As in txt. or database. You have the pack to catch the data, send it but where is it going? To keep the data from the event pack you must save it somewhere within the app or a database.
  13. Striker_703

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    No angle @Chazzb92, just laying out the facts. It would be nice but they don't have to and can't to be frank. Company policy 👈
  14. Striker_703

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    @Chazzb92their job is not to answer every remark. They see and take notes. The community forum is for the community, not for the employees. That's just the way it is when you work for the company. Now they can message privately, but that's it. And if that may happen. What ever is in that conversation IS PRIVATE. Hence the word 'PRIVATE'
  15. Striker_703

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    I just tried to make a league. Asking for realistic car performance, as in the team cars Williams, Ferrari and so on. That would be nice. Here's the issue though. How is that possible when the only car that's currently available is the Multiplayer car? Just saying. Do you think the On-line Championship will be added anytime soon? It would be great to have a whole field with your friends.