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  1. Striker_703

    No sound during qualifying

    The sounds has been cutting in and out for some time I've noticed. It will happen at the start of the game as well.
  2. Striker_703

    Multiplayer Racing Suits

    The only way we'll be able to have team names on multiplayer racing suits is if we're on a team. We don't have the option to make a team or join a team that I know of.
  3. Striker_703


    Good day everyone. How is your day going? I've searched over the forums for a few days on this subject and didn't find anything. We've all seen that empty space or under the team column. Does anyone know if we'll be getting the option to make a team? And have it show up in that column?
  4. Striker_703

    Multiplayer Racing Suits

    I like the option that we're able to have racing suits. BUT, they all look the same. Why can't we change the colors of the suits? What is your thoughts on this. And what is the deal with this racing suits. I've seen it many of times now, but it's note in the selection.
  5. Striker_703

    Race setup VS Time trial setup

    I was in your same position @PureDriving. From what I noticed from using TT set-ups is tire temp. The tire temp in Time Trails is always at 212f, 100c. In multiplayer and in career the tire temps move up and down. In other words, Time Trail is arcade mode, multiplayer and career aren't. I've been working on set-ups in multiplayer lobbies and it's turning out for the best.
  6. Striker_703


    In the host setting under assist restrictions you can turn off all assist.
  7. Striker_703

    Why is this also in ranked lobbies?

    I've been a member of this forum for a few weeks now. I've read through a lot of threads and conversations, great conversations. There's two bases here. The casual driver/player and the hard core driver/player. It's clear the hard core drivers/players feel that they're not being heard in some areas.
  8. Striker_703

    F1 France is a joke again [R2]

    Have you tested any other track @AORGrzesiu?
  9. Striker_703

    Is Time Trial Redundant?

    Time Trails are just a benchmark for some @ObiWanMaHomie to see where they stand as in time's. TT's push drivers/players to get the best time. It doesn't push you to be consistent. Consistency is for better than outright speed. I consistent driver/player will always be faster that TT driver/player over the course of a race.
  10. Striker_703

    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    I see what you're referring to @BluntRS. That's way outside of track limits.
  11. Striker_703

    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    What of the current eSports Pro's? They use the T-Cam instead of the cockpit view. Are they noobs? Just asking lol. Joking aside. If the did happen to move to cockpit view they'll slow down up to three seconds. Some may not slow down at all.
  12. The only way I'll go HUD free is if I had the Fanatec wheel base with the F1 Formula 1 wheel. I'll have the controls at my finger tips. No need to use the menu. The F2 car are equal @BluntRS. It's a development series just like the F3 series.
  13. Striker_703

    F1 2019 - using leaderboard setups

    I'm use to driving a car from the seat @juujoa lol. A lot of the past sims I've enjoyed only had cockpit, some had hood and chase. I used the bumper/track view in Gran Turismo but it never felt right. The only benefit from using the cockpit view is you see the track as it is. Not looking down on the track as you do with the T-Cam. It's easier to see the track with but you seeing some turns through the line of sight to the apex. I'll give two turns as examples. T14 or T15 pending how you're counting at Sochi there's a little crest at the apex of the turn. Pending on how you take that turn you can either slide through the turn slowing you down or hitting the wall. Spin the car due to weight transfer on off camber or hit it just allowing you to be at the next apex at the best gear and speed. Whilst in T-Cam you know to take the car over a pacific part of the track. The turn on Suzuka going down the straight, in the center of the turn there's a bump. Pending on how you hit that bump the rear of the car will bounce up. You'll notice when the RMP comes up real fast. I just see the track better. Now I need to work on getting faster in these blasted cars. Along with Dirt 2.0. The only trouble I have with getting up to speed there is learning the tracks and calls on the fly. It would be nice if we were able to have a sighting lap. I've gotten within a half second of the top drivers/players in the GT class. Project Cars 2, Assetto Corsa, Gran Turismo Sport. With this G29 it took a lot of seat time.
  14. Striker_703

    Cockpit Cam Halo Transparency 2019

    I really hope that the option will be added to the next update @Akkan74. I've tried using the T-Cam view and it does two things for me. It keeps me looking down at the track instead of ahead of me and it's a major distraction to always look at the car. I pay more attention to the tires hitting the apex rather than driving through the apex lol. The good thing about the T-Cam are the mirrors. The bad thing about that. NO ONE USES THEM!! LOL Oh boy.
  15. Striker_703

    Cockpit Cam Halo Transparency 2019

    I'll have to look up some video. I would really like to see what type of cockpit he was using. Just because the devs aren't responding, doesn't mean they aren't paying attention.