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  1. F1 2020 was able to recognize my Simagic M10, Aiologs Handbrake and SQ Shifter , Thrust T-lCM pedal along with a Ignition button box. F1 2021 does recognize the later but the wheelbase. Through testing of my wheelbase and not yours along with gaining insight from others the GIMX is a no go. Maybe for consoles, but not for what I'm trying to active with my settings.
  2. The main reason I got the title was for the CO-OP.
  3. What? I haven't seen any Accuforce or Leo Bodnar sponsorship.
  4. No. There's not point of buy a small piece of hardware for a machine base title to have your Direct Drive wheelbase supported. The Leo Bodnar Simsteering v2 and the Accuforce are supported. If they would have released the support info before preorders were allowed many people wouldn't have ordered. Plus by using GIMX pending on your wheelbase you don't get all the information that base offers. The only true solution is have the wheelbases supported.
  5. The full game release is in two days @Nightfire1964and that's going to be a lot more people not being able to enjoy the title. The one's that pro-ordered the DELUXE version are on a time limit. A response is needed within the day to be frank.
  6. @Hengz @LucaProg don't play the game, we can get our money back if they don't get this resolved in time. If you got it from Steam we have two weeks to get our money back, but we can't play it for more than two hours. Just to be on the safe side I would just un-install it. I've already tagged a moderator in this thread and so response on the issue along with no response from @CodeMasters themselves.
  7. If you see this image which that has the M10 highlighted it's seen as a keyboard and not a wheelbase. The other Icons show wheelbases.
  8. The Simagic Alpha is seen as a keyboard which means you'll have to bind the controls every time you start the title, which is a major issue. This problem didn't occur with F1 2020. @BarryBLcan you pass this along to the devs asap. It really needs to be addressed before the 16th.
  9. I agree. There are a great deal of issues that needs to be rectified before the full launch of F1 2021. I wonder if I can get my money back?
  10. A lot of Simagic and Simucube wheelbase owners are going to be very upset once they noticed their wheelbases aren't in the list of supported products. When I started F1 2021 up today I was very annoyed to see that my wheelbase the Simagic M10 isn't supported along the Simucude. Not good. The Simucube wheelbase has been out for some time now and the Simagic wheels bases M10 bases have been out for more than two years. The title will pick up Aiologs SQ shifter and E-Brake. This issue needs to be fixed ASAP. I'm not happy that I must bind the controls every times I start the title. It needs to be
  11. I remember the first ToCA. I loved it. Just bring it back brand new and classic.
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