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    Lost of sound while driving

    Has anyone lost sound coming from the car during a race or testing on the PS4, or any platform? I was doing some testing for a up coming league race and I lost sound coming from the car for about a lap.
  2. Striker_703

    Lost of sound while driving

    This issue started in F1 2018 @lucsus1989. They known of the the issue. Will it be fixed on the next patch. We'll just have to what and see. I wounder if they do any testing after the Gold copy has been sent out.
  3. Striker_703

    This is how ERS should work like in real life

    You're correct @inspiretheworld. A true representation of the ERS system is not in F1 2018 nor 2019. Drivers only change the setting when attacking 'making a pass' or defending 'from over take in DRS zone or else where' iRacing and Assetto Corsa has the ERS system down, but look at the demographic of Assetto Corsa and iRacing. Their all sim-racers. Laying out the facts.
  4. Striker_703

    not change the front wing

    First and for most the damage model in the ranked, and eSports lobbies are set to reduced, that may have something to do with it. The league I'm in even has race lobbies damage at reduced. Some wanted things easy, so you get what you asked for. Simple as that.
  5. Striker_703

    not change the front wing

    Just got done watching a replay of a race and this very subject come up. Pending in the type of damage and the severity of the damage the AI will decide if the wing need to be changed or not @advanceapple. Even though you asked for it to be changed. Pending on where the damage is on the wing and if the AI feels it won't slow your pace, then it stays on. Knowing this now I wonder if the AI is keeping track of the drivers performance.
  6. Striker_703

    This is how ERS should work like in real life

    @Punitionthe graph you've done doesn't represent the way ERS is truly used. Lando Norris has stated that CM got the ERS system wrong. The it's done is to cater to gamer's not sim-racers. @amphobiusgave prime example of how wrong the ERS system in F1 2019 is wrong. We all know that's this is CM true first stab at simulation, but if they're going to do it it must be done right. No shortcuts period. And have the ERS system in it's current state is a shortcut. The aerodynamic model needs to be worked on as well. I've been watching video of some races and some have stated not using any down-force 1-1 and the car still gripping turns at high speed as if the DF is set to 5-5.
  7. Striker_703

    Penalty System / AI Mistakes / Incidents

    The penalty is off or something lol. I got a 5 second for the AI hitting me in the weekly. Is this Gran Turismo Sport?!
  8. Striker_703

    F1 Esports 0 Points

    They're aware of the user base on PC aren't receiving points. It's being worked on. You have gained points, the points aren't posting.
  9. Striker_703

    **** codemasters

    Most of the trouble when it come to servers is on the user end, your end of the connection. SO if you want a better on-line experience get a better connection. Try building a server and you'll understand. 😎
  10. Striker_703

    F2 in leagues

    It would've been nice for them to add them when we got to option to use them in un-ranked lobbies. I hope they're working on multiplayer version.
  11. Striker_703

    How to register for the Esports event?

    You have to register either in game or on the website@F1XL Roland. https://f1esports.com/
  12. Striker_703

    It's time for telemetry

    I agree with you 100,000,000,000%, but you have to look at the demographic community here @SturmDesTodes. The truth is, they're more GAMER'S than SIM-RACERS on consul and this title was never meant for sim-racers until 2018 when they finally decided step towards simulation. Which upset all the gamer's, and still upsetting the gamer's. iRacing, Project Cars, rFactor, Race Room, Assetto Corsa took the gamer out of the equation from the start. All of them seen how the industry was changing and moving, they followed suit. Some are that than others. At the moment the Formula franchise of CM is still for gamer's Project Cars has something similar to this but not in this much detail.
  13. Striker_703

    It's time for telemetry

    After messing around with the rs Dash I'm finding out it works in every section of F1 2019, even on-line ranked and un-ranked lobbies. It shows if you're using the 2019 car or multiplayer car. I have yet to try in with the F2 or the classics. I'll be testing it with a classic live during the weekly event race. It shows the play but only in the form of 'player#' as to when that person joined the server, in Project Cars 2 it shows your name or G-tag. Just form the short time using the rs Dash, I can see where I need to improve and on which track. Only if there was a way to log all the data, not just bits and bytes. I wounder if MoTec would do something? I still have that software.
  14. Striker_703

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    I'm going to give it a try. OMG I was all over the place at first. It's hard to judge since I haven't used a pad in a few decades. I don't know. Though a lot of people I run with say that the pad is faster due to the assist.
  15. Striker_703

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    There may be a major issue when it comes to pad drivers using the assist to wheel drivers not using assist. I finished my third league race tonight and come to find out I'm the only wheel driver in the field. Now saying that the field was 3 seconds faster than I during the race.
  16. NOOOOO.......... STOP............ How many of these threads will there be? Some people are having trouble keeping up with the AI in the wet and some aren't. To many threads on the same discussion.
  17. Striker_703

    It's time for telemetry

    What code are you using?
  18. Striker_703

    It's time for telemetry

    Nice work on coding the deltas @inspiretheworld. Do you have both deltas?
  19. Striker_703

    It's time for telemetry

    With the little information I get from the G29 @dwin20 the rs Dash has helped me sort out a better set-up. Even though F1 doesn't have a large set-up tool, It's very similar to the set-up window in Gran Turismo. The rs Dash helps out a lot. Whilst using the MoTec data logger in GT6 in think. The windows in there gave a great deal of information to. The SBT graph helps a lot to. Yeah we can go on feel how a set-up has changed but data tell you where you gained the most at. I'm going to set it up later to work with PC2 and see what I can get along with using another set-up for PC2. I can't remember the name of it at the moment. I'll have to visit the forum or get my laptop.
  20. Striker_703

    ToCA Race Driver 3 Online

    I remember the first ToCA. I loved it. Just bring it back brand new and classic.
  21. Striker_703

    It's time for telemetry

    Changing of the tire pressure, camber, diff, suspension. I didn't make any changes to the areo. I used these two pages the most during testing. They gave me the most information. These two windows allowed me to how the tire reacted to the change in camber and tire pressure. This window allowed me to see how the car reacted to the change of the suspension. The main thing I was focused on was the G-Meter 'The Circle Graph' and the steering, brake and throttle graph. The SBT graph showed me where I got more comfortable with set-up and why and the GM graph showed me how much the car is moving. I'm still trying to see if any of the data is stored anywhere. It would be nice to overlay your progress. I'm thinking about doing a stream to show this app can be used to set-up the car, along with understanding the car better. Key word 'Thinking'
  22. Striker_703

    Jeff turns into an american 😂

    It doesn't sound. It's sound like a recording from a phone. Plus the voice said she. I never heard Jeff say 'She'
  23. Striker_703

    It's time for telemetry

    I'm so, SO upset with myself. I just got done working on a set-up for Melbourne that I carried over from 2018. Mel is not one of my most like tracks in turn it was hard to get a feel of what the car was doing. I used rs Dash whilst working on the set and the results. Shocked to say the least, I improved my time on this track a great deal. I'm normally half-second off pace when I had the AI set to 80% and the same was for 90% when I moved it up due to some testing of the AI. Here's a screen shot of where I'm at current with the AI after practice. I'm sure I can get another second out of the set-up. @Hammerpgh62 is the app done in JAVA or C#?
  24. Striker_703

    2 years in development? Byebye credibility.

    The only thing that is the same in the user interface really. The cars do feel different.
  25. Striker_703

    It's time for telemetry

    LOL. Funny that asked I was thinking of doing a stream on the app. What do you guys think?